With the recent changes to the Cisco certifications, A common question and concern that I keep seeing is the CCENT worth it. That's what we're talking about in today's article . If you are looking to improve on your IT training, I highly suggest using Evedumps. We offer free article training and you can access their premium labs and their premium practice exams as well.

It's the Cisco's certified entry, Networking technician certification, And this is an entry-level certification from Cisco and its really great certification to get you, The skills and the requirements needed to gland an entry level, Networking position and it's even required in other entry level roles in IT as Well before we talk more of the details of the Cisco CCENT, We're going to talk about its current value, Here's some screenshots from indeedcom, Which is a great search engine when you are looking for jobs, As you can see here on the screen. There are over 450 jobs currently requesting the CCENT certification. Here are some of these job titles. Just so you kind of have an idea. There are jobs out there requesting the CCENT right now, And is this going to change? That's gonna be one of the big questions.

Well, The CCENT lose value. Is this just gonna completely go away and before we can really answer that we really need to talk about what's happening. So what happens next February 23rd 2020. The CCENT will be retired, But what does that mean? Does the CCENT just completely go away? Is it completely useless valueless? Well, If you take the exam on February 23rd, 2020, That certification is still good for three years, So February 23rd. 2023.

That is when that certification would expire if you did take that certification exam and passed on February, 23rd. 2020. So if you're studying for your CSUN currently and you're going to take that very soon, Just keep in mind that it is still good for three years after your passing date, Which leads me to, Should you even bother at this point? Should you even go and take it currently studying for the cset? How close are you? How close are you to actually going and taking that exam? That is the big question, Because, If you're really close to actually going and taking that certification and hopefully passing that exam, Then it is absolutely worth it to continue down your path and take the cset certification exam.

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What's the point of that, Though, That is one of the big questions. Why should I even bother keep going and taking the certification if it just retires in a few months? Well, You are gaining knowledge, You're, Getting validation, That you have the skills and you've taken the CCENT, So you're certified. You have a certification that is a verified, A valued certification that people are still requesting and that's not gonna, Go away and part of this again with taking the certification gaining the skills, Gaining the knowledge that you get from the CSAT. It helps you towards getting a job now.

Is it gonna help you advance? Yes, It can help you advance. However, You do have to keep in mind that while it is going away - and you will no longer be able to take it, Companies will still be looking at the CCENT certification as validation to skills. So that's the key point here. This certification is still going to be valuable and we won't really find out how much that value decreases until February 23rd of 2020, But again keep in mind that even after that date, It's still good for three years, Which means that you could still utilize that certification On your resume, And it still validates your skills, Which is a key aspect of getting into entry-level jobs of getting into jobs period, Is having something that validates your skills.

Now, What happens after this? What's the next step right, Because once it retires well, You're, Obviously not going to be able to take that exam again, You won't be able to recertify that exam. So when that time comes, When your CCENT does expire, You will have to look at taking one of the different Cisco certifications like a CCNA or above, Which is great, Because once you pass the CCENT you're already on that stepping stone towards advancing to one of the gher level certifications, So my suggestion to you is to keep studying. If going for that, CSUN go for the CSUN. Take it there's nothing, Stopping you and it's not going to lose that much value, Because it's still going to be a validation of your skills.

As I've said numerous times in this article, If you feel as though you're prepared enough to take the CCNA, You can knock that out as well, But keep in mind that the CCNA is changing as well. I'm gonna link to the article that I previously put out that highlights many of the changes that cisco has just talked about and just released and we're gonna have more articles to come. So you can understand all of these changes and prepare for what you need to do next, But as far as the CCENT goes, It's still gonna have value. Companies are still gonna. Look at that certification as something that shows that you have the skills that it takes to do some of these different jobs out there in the IT world now don't be discouraged that t've retired this t're getting rid of it. I know that's frustrating, But one of the things about IT is there's always changes, Things always evolve.

Things are always just being thrown out into the air and it becomes a cluster at times right. That's expected in the IT world, So hunker down get the CCENT done and over with and good luck to you. I hope this article helps answer. Some of your questions puts your mind at ease, Maybe, And if you have any other comments, Questions concerns make sure you hit me up in the comments below. I always love hearing from you that's it for today's article as always take it easy .

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