We are going to start ccnp 350 401 enterprise. It was ccnp routing and switching it used to be called ccnp routing and switching , And there were three paper route switch nt issued. You may know this. One is for long time it was like this, A ccnp routing and switching course,

This is the ccnp enterprise, And now in this ccnp enterprise, You need to do one compulsory, Which is recommended and which is required and code which we're gonna start from this one encore means implementing and operating cisco enterprise network, Core technology, Encore; , Basically, Enterprise, Core Technology, Let's say this is the abbreviation of encore and then this is your choice which other paper you want to do to become ccnp certified before it was to be three paper to become ccnp. Now you need, You just need to pass to exam. One is compulsory, Which is by the written exam for ccie as well, So this exam is written for ccI as well and also compulsory for ccnp enterprise as well, And t call them encore the second which, When we finish this one, Then we're gonna start nrc. Which is cisco enterprise, Advanced routing and services, So you can do any of these exam to become ccnp certified two exam. You need to pass, , So what t done.

As I told you before, It was ccnp routing and switching. There were ccnp cloud before 2020 ccnp collaboration, Ccnp data center ccdp. There was another certificate for designing. Then it was ccnp, Routing and switching ccnp security, Ccnp service provider, Ccnp wireless.

So what cisco done after february 2020? T combine these tracks cloud, Ccdp, Routing and switching and wireless. T combine these four and t give them a new name, Ccnp enterprise. That's why, If you check the outline for ccnp enterprise, So you may see many topic related to cloud. There is some topic related to designing. There is many topic related to ccnp, Routing and switching, Which is t-shoot switch and route, And also there is a part of wireless as well, So t combine these four track and t give them a new name.

Ccnp enterprise, While collaboration is still there. Data center is still there. Ccnp security is still there, But t make them to paper before it used to be for paper to become ccnp security. Certified now is a two paper and still ccnp service provider is already there, But what t've done t remove these four and t make them a new name with ccnp enterprise. And there are two exam you need to pass now, Keep in mind.

CCNP 300-415 Exam Questions

Exam is very easy, Ccnp and core, Which is the compulsory one. It's so easy. You will get 100 mcqs, 100 mcqs an exam, And you have more than two hour. If you are not english speaker, So you will get extra 30 hour. So it's almost two hour.

You need to take the exam from home either from office either you can go to any nearby center and you can take this exam now. You will get 100 mcqs. As I told you beside this, The price for the exam is 400 and the second paper you can give any concentration exam. T call them concentration, So there is nrc which we will cover this one.

the exam price is a bit low, The the first one 350 us dollar. For this exam. You will get a two certificate if you pass the first one, So you will get the certificate also, When you pass nrc, So you will get ccnp enterprise certificate. So it's up to you, You can give any concentration exam and also in this second exam, You will get 50 50 mcqs. There is no lab.

There is no simulation. If you remember in the old track, Ccnp routing and switching and the route, There were two lab and one simulation also in switch, There were two label in one simulation and tissue was completely tissued. There were many tickets.

You need to do that one to pass the exam, But this new track is so easy and you can easily pass this exam. Some students worry about. So that's why I just want to clear this point as well. So I mentioned this thing. 400, Us dollar to attempt and then the second exam is 340 and 120 minute, Plus 30 minute extra for a non-english speaker.

So you will get mcq's, Multiple choice, Single choice, Question and 100 mcqs and the first one and 50 mcqs in the second paper and you can easily. I also give you the old track here: the routing and switching link. If you go, I already opened that one and also the official ccnp enterprise link and also outline which we will cover. So this is the cisco outline which we gonna cover all of them, Even though we will do more than this. But these are the sum which we will cover, So it means this 15 person is covered.

Architecture architecture is get taken from the ccdp the design one then virtualization is taken from the other track. Infrastructure network and security is taken from ccnp security and automation as well. So t divide them in six category 15 person you will get, You know an exam from architecture, Similarly, 10 percent in virtualization infrastructure. So to be honest, This ccnp and core is like I call student is like a fruit chart a fruit chart.

There are a lot of thing you need to cover, But not everything in detail, Because then in concentration exam you need to choose which path you want to take, Because in concentration exam what t done. Then it's up to you. You want to go to sd when hdmI is also here in the encore as well, And you want to go to enterprise network either routing and switching. You want to go to wireless again, Wireless and also the automation.

So all these things are already here. You know security, Automation, Wireless, You will see wireless category as well in this one. So there is a lot of topic related to wireless as well is here wirelessly related stuff. So it's like a fruit chart, So you will get the test of everything and then you need to decide which test is the best, So you can take their track and concentration exam.

So it's a combination of many topic: layer, 2, Layer, 3, Wireless programming, Services, Security, Automation, So we're going to cover all these things. But another thing I need to mention: there is no prerequisite for these ccnp exam. If you check the old exam, There was a prerequisite ccna. I believe.

Let me see the old trade, Yes valid, Cisco, Ccna, Routing switching. It was the prerequisite to take ccnp routing and switching the old track I'm talking about, But for the new one. If you check out, There is no prerequisite. If you go there, There is no formal prerequisite, It means if you are not ccnp certified again, You can take this exam.

This is one of the question of students, So I let me clear this point as well. So you can take this exam directly. You can start your career from ccnp enterprise directly.

You don't need to do ccna. Also, If you check the new ccna, All the outline which is in the ccna is already there in encore as well. So I would highly recommend no need of ccna.

You can directly start your career from the ccnp enterprise, , That's it and then you can see the outline and we're gonna cover those. So this is just related to the new exam which t call them. Ccnp enterprise, So it's nothing but the combination of four track and t give them a new name.

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