Why would you study for the CCNA today? What is the value? What do you get from the CCNA? How is it so important? First of all, Cisco is a reference in the networking industry. I'm gonna give you some links. You can read the story and everything but Cisco today is the reference.

When you know Cisco, You know pretty much everybody else, Because allegedly t are the inventors of, I don't know the routers or wheel, T invented the router. So that's that's what t say. I'm not sure I don't know about it. That's not a up to discussion, But there are a reference today, Because when you master Cisco technology, When you are cisco certified, You know just enough to work on pretty much any kind of vendor or any kind of devices.

So you are universal, You know a lot of things. You master networking, You know how to configure Cisco devices, But you are going to find your way around any other vendor out there. That's why cisco is the reference and getting the CCNA today can do a lot for you.

Certification now is almost as important as a degree as a four-year degree, So I have none I've known people that have no degree at all, But t are just good at what t're doing, Because companies now understand that knowledge. It's not in college anymore. You don't have to do four years of college to be knowledgeable in something you can certify yourself. You can take a quick class online and just sit down in your basement.

Do a bunch of labs and just become good in whatever you want in in programming. In you know name it you can do all of that without without going to school, I'm not hitting on school here, But I'm just telling you that if you didn't have a chance to go to school, You can still earn good money. You can still have a good career just based on the exams or the certifications, Or just the knowledge in general, That you're doing so with physical. You learn networking in-depth and you start a career.

The guy was a bartender and one day at night he was really slow at the bar. He started talking to one of his customers, So he's like here: what do you? What do you do in life? The guy was like I'm a network engineer and the the bartender was like. You know.

How did you, How did you become a network engineer? What can I do to become a network engineer and he just showed him he he was the kind of cool guy who's not trying to pretend to be special. Just like me, Because that's why I'm sitting here my my my philosophy is that if I can do it, You can do it too, I'm not special. I don't.

I don't have like special skills. I wasn't born a genius like I'm just like you just a regular dude. I do dumb stuff all the time, So I'm just a regular person. So if you, If I can do it, You can do it to that.

That's what he said. The network engineer told the bartender he's like . This is what you have to do. This is your road to become a network engineer. You can do this search, You can do this exam read this and that he gave him basically just the CCNA and all the other stuff.

So when the guy, Who was a bartender, Was talking to ElI the computer guy, That was, I think it was around four years later, And the guy was the senior engineers of something at Cisco. You see how his life changed. I'm not saying working as a bartender is bad. Some people enjoy it.

But if you have ambitions to become a network engineer, You can go from anywhere to become an engineer and that's that's something. That's very doable. So with the CCNA. You learn computer networking and you build a career. You also acquire knowledge to get a better position or a better pay or higher pay.

The CCNA pays well in general. I have a course here on cabby trainings, Where in which I'll show you, I give you five reasons why you should consider starting a career in the IT today. So one of those five reasons was the money, The IT the IT industry in general pays well and the CCNA, Particularly for someone who's trying to get in the industry with a CCNA. You can get a good position. It's not an entry-level certification, Though, But with a lot of work, A lot of dedication you can go. You can bring yourself from a certain onto level position to becoming an engineer.

I mean very quickly and . That's something that's something to consider. Let's, Let's take, For example, I'm going to search. I live in Denver right now, So let me search for the average CCNA salary in Denver.

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This is what it is almost 73 K and that's the average that's the average you can get if you get a job with the CCNA as a network engineer or you know an entry-level network engineer or something like that, And if you are a guy like me, If you are always above the average, You will definitely get way more than this with the CCNA, When I, When I got my first certifications and started in AIT, I literally just tripled my income, So I went from 25k to 70, Something because that was something that I wanted and I saw the change right away and it was just awesome to me. That's when I was like wow, I cracked the code. Now. What I have to do is just know more and more and get paid for my knowledge and that's how I started.

Learning all these things and you know bringing my life all t were around networking. Of course I enjoy it and I hope, By the end of this you're going to enjoy too, If that's, Who you want to be so, To give you an idea, I'm talking about the US economy here, But I'm from Africa. I know people from the Congo.

I know people there are. I have friends in Europe in India and so on. T still make good money depending on the economy.

T are in. T'll still do well compared to all people. So if you have a CCNA, You have value to provide to employers to provide to your clients and you're going to be rewarded for it. Let me just give in on the let's see: what's the average salary in America yep, So the average salary in America is 56 K, But if you have the CCNA, You make 73 k average.

Of course, If you are above the average, If you are an overachiever, You do way more than that and the 56 K is per household, Which means that you know it's a whole household, Pat mom, Maybe the kids, But you make 56 K average and that's something To have in mind when you're studying for this, It will keep you motivated. It will keep you focused whatever you don't know you like. I need this money. I need this money by next year. This is what I want to do.

What I want to earn. Next year, So you will never be destructed if you will think like that, And also the system will help you have an understanding of computer networking to better do your job, You may be a manager, You may be a developer or you know any any kind of Industry, If you are interacting a lot with networking people - and you just want to be a good at networking - the CCNA is the way for you to go. You might not pass the exam if you don't want to, But you will still have the knowledge and the understanding.

So that's all for this lesson . This is the value that the CCNA brings to you. It's a good certification to have, And what I like about certification is that it's being updated very often to match what the industry need to much what the market is.

So that's why, When you get certified, You know that these skills that I have now are valuable. In this current economy, You don't learn from relay or something very old. You learn new things, Cisco DNS Center. You know Jason ansible. You learn things that are being used right now in you know, In the world of air of of the IT, And you just go out there make some good money.

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