I passed the ccna 200 301 test and you know at this point. It kind of gives me certain ideas on you know where I want to go next, But just to show you you know where to start or where it started.

This is actually the test that you know took me out, , So this is the one I failed right now. If you look closely here, You can see where it says: ccna exam 100-105 and you have 200-105 and you have 200-125 now before t re-introduced the test. It was you can take the first two exams and be considered a ccna certified associate or you can take the one exam at the bottom, Which is 200-125 and be considered a you know, Certified associate as well, So this book took me out.

So what happened was I kind of put it to the side? You know you know I was kind of like man, You know well forget ccna. Well, Forget ccna, You know, That's how that's how I felt after failing to test but. I kind of you know put my I put my you know I put my hat back on and say I put my hat back on and say you know what let me let me get back at it.

You feel me and that's what I did. I didn't give up, I stuck with it and you know after taking this beat down with this massive book and then grabbing another massive book, Which was actually two combined into one. One is volume one and the other is volume.

Two, You see, One is a study guide and one is just you know just giving you the understanding of the actual test, And it has different tests inside you can take as well, But taking this new technology and combining it with the old technology it kind of Gave me a new way of understanding the test. You know it it. It gave me more information, I guess you know it.

Helped me to you know, Combine the new technology with the old technology and understand the difference from you know, Doing a lot of routing and switching as far as vlan and all that and then you know, Adding the security and security and the the wireless and the Automation, You know all of that is. This is really all the only thing, That's really new that t added. So you can see the difference in the two and you'll say well, ! Well, If that's that's all it is, Then I know what I need to focus on you know, And that makes it routing switching re-landing and security, Wireless and automation.

350-801 Exam Dumps

The majority of the test is going to be about that. So that's what I did and it worked, But the one thing that I don't like that cisco did what t did. Was t when you pass the test, T don't give you an actual score anymore. T just give you the the layout of you, Know the different areas that you did good on.

Well, T break each area down and t just give you that so actually having both books really helped me to understand the way cisco or you know the route that cisco was going with it. As a network engineer, It's like , I get it, You know, So t actually did good. With this, I wanna, I wanna say you know big up to cisco, For actually you know designing it the way t did. It really helped me pass.

You know before it was kind of like just taking an old test. It was just so difficult. I was like what is what is this like? Why am I why? Why am I doing this like? What? What does this mean, Or what does that mean or why are t asking me this question? You know it was just too confusing, But with the new one I was good now I mean moving forward from there is kind of like. I think that I'm going to focus more on security.

Now I want to make everything that I do in my it career now is I want to focus on security, So I want to do the you know the security plus that I think that would be my next option and then from there I would say: ccnp Security I prefer to skip skip enterprise. I want to go straight to security and just make that my main focus and from there I think I'll. Do you know cyber I'll just say just make everything cyber from that point, But you know these tests is not it's not as hard as t used to be. So if anyone's telling you you know it's really hard.

You can't do that. You can't do you can do it man, You know you can do it. It's it's not as hard. It's just a lot of information.

That's all it is it's a lot of information. It's just a lot of information and it's not necessarily programming. Until I hear a lot of people saying you know, Cisco is programming and t have devnet, But that's the more programming side of cisco - and I just you know some people need to understand the difference in the two devnet focus more on networking and programming. Cisco is not necessarily cisco is not necessarily programming, You're dealing with routers and switches and commands. You know it's not it's not really programming, Some programming is there, But it's not really programming so .

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