Welcome to my channel or welcome back, if you're new here. I'm Tatum, a software engineer, and in today's article, I'm excited to share my experience and tips on how to study effectively for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. I recently took the exam and passed on my first attempt, and I want to provide you with valuable insights that can help you succeed as well.

To begin with, signing up for an online course can greatly enhance your preparation. Personally, I enrolled in the Udemy course by Stefan Maarek, which I found incredibly valuable. The course spanned around 26 hours and covered the exam topics comprehensively. As I progressed through each section, I made it a point to take notes on important slides, definitions, and concepts. These notes proved to be invaluable resources for later review.

While exploring study materials, I also delved into the A Cloud Guru articles. However, I found that they didn't hold my attention as well as the Udemy course did. Moreover, I heard from others that the Udemy course provides better preparation overall. So, I highly recommend opting for a comprehensive Udemy course to ensure you are thoroughly prepared.

In addition to online courses, I found reading a study guide or textbook to be beneficial. Specifically, I referred to "The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide" tailored for the CO2 version of the exam I took. Depending on when you're reading this article, there may be newer versions available. This study guide takes you through the exam content section by section, offering quizzes at the end of each section. The answers to these quizzes can be found in the back of the book. Additionally, the study guide provides practice exams and electronic flashcards to reinforce your understanding.

Personally, I appreciate the physical act of reading and highlighting the study guide. It allowed me to grasp the information in a different way compared to the online articles, reinforcing my understanding with different wordings and perspectives. Combining article readings with study guide materials provides you with a multi-dimensional approach to learning the exam content.

Now, let's move on to my third tip, which is utilizing Whizlabs practice exams. Whizlabs offers a series of practice exams for a reasonable price, typically around nine or ten dollars. I highly recommend investing in these practice exams as they closely resemble the actual exam format. I consistently scored between 65 and 75 on these practice exams, which gave me confidence in my readiness for the real test. If you find yourself within the passing range while taking these practice exams, it's a good indication that you're well-prepared.

After completing a few practice exams on Whizlabs, I revisited my notes from the Udemy course. This allowed me to identify areas where I needed improvement and focus my attention accordingly. For me, the networking sections, particularly VPC and VPN, posed challenges. By reviewing my notes in those areas, I was able to reinforce my understanding and address my weak points effectively.

These are my top tips for passing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. Remember to take comprehensive online courses, read study guides or textbooks, and utilize practice exams to evaluate your progress and identify areas for improvement. I have provided links to the resources I used in the description below for your convenience.

Thank you for joining me in this discussion on effective study strategies for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. Stay motivated, put in the effort, and success will be within your grasp.

As promised, I want to provide you with all the necessary resources to support your AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam preparation. In addition to the Udemy course, I will also link the A Cloud Guru course, the Whizlabs practice exams, and the study guide that I purchased on Amazon. These resources combined will equip you with the knowledge and practice you need to succeed.

Remember, success in this certification exam requires dedication and a comprehensive study plan. By following the tips I shared earlier, including signing up for an online course, reading study guides, and practicing with mock exams, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam.

Good luck on your exam preparation journey. Remember to stay focused, remain motivated, and trust in your abilities. With the right resources and a determined mindset, you can achieve your certification goals.


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