So today I went in and sat for my CCNA security, Exam 200 301 and I'm happy to report. I passed it. You know I took.

I took the exam earlier today and it took me about a little little bit over an hour to complete the process, And I got my printout when I was done. I passed, You probably came, It tells you your score and what score you had to get to pass and what percentage of the questions out of each category that you successfully answered correctly and right there at the bottom. It tells you the categories and the percentages of those categories you got correct, And so the thing that I noticed about the test is that the wording of the questions is very tricky, So it's almost boring the way that t wore the questions. When you see it, Unless you've taken these kinds of tests before you'll be like whoa, You know and t try to trick you on those questions. So you might get a question and have two or three answers that it, Because it's multiple choice, Answers so you'll have four or five multiple choice, Answers to choose from and two or three of them will be worded almost exactly the same and there'll be one word.

That's different in in either in one of them and if you're not carefully reading that question you could you could miss it and think. . This is the answer right here. I know that and get that question wrong, Because there was two other questions that were almost identical.

I mean two other answers that was almost identical, Except for the wording was just slightly changed and that makes a difference. So you know that was one of the major things. The the wording of the question is very tricky. You really have to take your time and pay attention read the whole question, Read the full answers and then decide which answer is.

You know most closely correct in your opinion, So t give you 90 minutes but hour and a half to complete the test. You really don't need an hour and a half to complete the test. Even if you take your time and read all the questions and breathe all our answers and take your time and decide, You should have plenty of time to complete the test. Now the you know the scenario based questions where you have to do kind of a lab lab.

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That was pretty tough. That was pretty tough, Especially if you don't have any experience on Cisco web appliances or firewalls or security appliances. So you know you have to t give you this setup and you have to navigate through tabs and pills that you may have only seen in a textbook. So you really just have to take your time and go through it.

It's really tough! You have to focus when you're, Taking when you're doing the Sims. Whenever you're doing the Sims, You really have to focus and t have drag-and-drop questions and multiple choice, Questions and simulations drag and drop is pretty self-explanatory. You just drag one term on the left to the answer that you think is the right answer on the right like that and and then there's this whatever lives you get, You might get two lives, You might get three, You might get one, But those are the Ones that are gonna take most of the time the lives, Because you have to concentrate and you have to pay attention to what you're looking at, And you got to look for the answer other than that it was pretty simple.

The the the bulk of the questions seem to be in the area of network, Not network security appliances and firewall technologies. So there's a lot of questions about firewalls and secure access. Those are like the two biggest categories: secure access and firewall technologies and other than that, The the the basic questions about security, Concepts and stuff. Those were all pretty easy.

You know t were t weren't trying to trip you up on any of those questions, But the tougher questions t definitely try to trip you up. So you got to be careful and read them all. Most people who know about Cisco certifications know that these exams are going to go away next year and get consolidated into one exam, But I am attending WGU and this is part of their degree program. So I had to take it plus. I was going to take it anyway because I have a CCNA and it was coming up on expiration, So I either would have had to take him a CCNA again or go to another certification, And I thought that would be the best.

So I went ahead and did that now. As far as studying some of the material I use is Cisco, Press books are really good. T t got all the information in them. T got all the information more information than you probably need, But that's what you need, Because you don't know what the subjects are, That t're going to be questioning you also.

This is a good book after you've, You know, Study for a month or so and you've read all the main material out of the the Cisco sir guy this book, And you can go day by day. It's 31 days to the CCNA security and it'll, Give you a structured approach to studying. Basically, That's why it's really such a really good book, And it covers a lot of the material that you definitely need to know to take the exam. You know there's in a Maine, Sir Guy there's so much information in that book and you don't even need most a lot of it because t're not even gonna question you on that stuff. I mean you need to know it for practical matters, But as far as taking the test a lot of that information, You won't need.

This is more narrowed down. So this is a good book and also this book here, Entry level network security book by IP specialist. This is a good book, It condenses it even more. This is like review guide right before you take the test or get ready to take the test. You can go through this book in a day.

You can read it in a couple of hours. It's a very short book and it'll be a great review for right before you take the test, And this is a structured approach to narrowing down right before you take the test and then you have the the actual certification guide. So you know that's it. I'm gonna wrap this article up.

I just wanted to give the good news and give some tips about my experience going through the testing center. I'Ve done this multiple time, So it was no big deal to me. It can be a little intimidating for new people, And I don't know I don't know what it is like. Even when I'm confident I got all the material down and I've done this multiple times before. I still get a little nervous when I go into this Center and start to you know, Sign in and everything and I always remember just go ahead and go to the restroom before you even get ready to start.

That way. You don't go into the testing room. You'Ve got the pressure of the test and then all of a sudden now you got to use the bathroom and you're gonna you're gonna try to hold it because you don't want to interrupt the test and you got that pinging in the back. Here of my no. I gotta go to about you're trying to concentrate on questions.

It's just too much. Just go to the bathroom. Don'T go into the testing center with a whole bunch of stuff in your pockets. Cuz t're gonna make you take it all out anyway, And it's just you know a distraction. So that being said, Appreciate you for coming over to the channel to see what I was talking about chopping it up with me.

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