In this short article I'd like to explain to you what you need to do if you want to pass the CCNP Route exam. First of all, If you're interested in the route exam, You are probably looking to become CCNP certified, And if this is the casethere are 3 exams, You need to master - Route. Swithc and Tshoot Route is about OSPF and EIGRP that you already know from CCNA, Where you also learned about BGP -, Which is the routing protocol on the Internet And some other stuff, Like IP version 6.

For example, Love to do the Switch exam, Which is mostly about VLANs Trunkings spanning tree, But there's also a little bit about routing between three lengths and switch virtual interfaces in search And the last exam is Tshoot. And that's where you have to troubleshoot everything that you learned from the switch and route exam, I would suggest to start with the route exam first, Because if you look at the switch exam, That's where you'll find some stuff about routing between the VLANs and its usual. If you already know about OSPF and EIGRP before you move on to the switch exam, So I would do route first then switch and then the complete it by the tshoot exam. Ok, The cool part about the Route exam is that you can use gns3, Which is a Cisco emulator for the route, Looks, And you can do everything with gns3.

You don't need any real hard to it anymore. Just got to gns3net and download the emulator and you can start playing with the routers right away. For example, 3640 router, It's an all the router, But it's one of the road that you can use in gns3 and also all those modules are supported.

So you can use fast internet links, Gigabit serial links. Well, Basically, Everything you need for the route exam. Now, If you want to study there are two things that you need to do You need to do labs because you need to become familiar with the router.

You need to configure all the different protocols and you need to become familiar with the commands And on the other side, You need to understand all the theory. You need to know how and why all those protocols work. So, For example, If we look at BGP the road to protocol on the Internet, You need to understand how it works and why it is different compared to OSPF you be and so on.

Now, If we take a quick look at the lab, There are a couple of labs for OSPF and EIGRP There's plenty of labs, And I offer this for free on my website. If you go to the lab section, You will find all these labs and you can just download them for free and also whenever you get stuck, You can take a look at my article solution. I recorded all those labs and I will show you how I configured them. How you need to do everything You can follow me as I'm configuring, All those routers.

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You can see them on Youtube. Also, You can take a look at the configuration files because I also uploaded those. So if you get stuck, You can take quick, Look at the configuration and see it has to be done. What else do we have here The theory? So if you're going to learn about all the different protocols, You have a couple options. First of all, You can grab a book, And that means that you have to study everything by itself Read through the book, But whenever you get stuck, You will have to Google for answers browsed through forms, And hopefully someone will also your questions.

Also, You can read articles There. There are many instructors that created some pre-recorded articles where t explain everything to you Or you can book a classroom course where you will be sitting in a classroom with other students and an instructor can answer all of you questions. But what is the best solution? Well, I`d like to introduce to you How to master CCNP Route Besides creating all those labs. I also created a single book that contains old topics that you need to know for CCNP Route, And I explained to you in the most simple form I possibly could There is no unnecessary information, No history, Lessons Just everything you need to know for CCNP route.

Besides, Just talking about my book, I would like to invite you to take a look for youself. If you look below, You can find a couple of my sample chapters and you can take a look for yourself. So read the book and see if you like it. If you like it, You can download it right away because I offer it as an ebook.

You need to click on the add to cart button and you need to fill in a one-page order form. Then you will have immediate download access, So you can start studying right away. So take a look see if you like it and if you do, Then I'm really looking forward to help you study and master the CCNP exam .

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