So in this introductory lecture to the course I'm going to go through seven steps to pass the ccna 200 301 exam and to start with, I'm gonna go with defining the problem. So this the ccna exam, Has had a reputation for having a high fail rate . The previous exam previous cna exam was even worse than the current one somewhere between 70 to 90 fail rate. So what this course is going to do is go through and define some of the problems and how to have more success with the actual exam. So, To start with, Why does students fail the csun exam, So I've got six points here and the first one is vendor certification.

Prep is different. This is true that it's not when you study for a vendor certification. It's not like taking a college course or any other kind.

Of course you really need to prep for it. It isn't a question of just picking up a book or some doing some course to learn a bunch of information. It really requires more of a multi-faceted approach. That's suitable for a vendor certification, So you need something: that's going to going to be based on ccna, Crap and and not be so generalized in terms of just networking knowledge .

The second problem is information overload, And that has to do with the fact that if you get into you kind of fumble into a to a to a article a course - that's got 80 hours or 100 hours. It's a lot of information. Just really a lot. Then you've got a book with 1200 pages and you've got online courses, Maybe on youtube, You're taking as well just a variety. So you call this information and eventually it all just gets dumped in your lap.

Then you have to figure out what to do with it. So you're learning a lot you're, Not retaining that much and you don't really know how to do a review with all the information. So you get into overload and really it's almost disorienting, So you have to figure out how to deal with that in a more effective manner. The next thing is quizzes versus simulation practice tests and a lot of times, There's quizzes that are available, Or sometimes t're called practice tests as well, And a lot of them are really more instructional. Some of them are testing at the level of difficulty.

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it's easy to make up questions on quiz questions. You can make hundreds of them. T really don't prepare you for the exam. T don't use the right percentages, T're, Not t're, Not really geared toward the exam itself.

T'Re not set up with to have the proper time timed length; t don't have the right topics, Just a variety of different problems. That really don't give you practice in what the actual exam is like. That includes how questions are worded as well, So you really want something. That's going to give you some idea of how how ready you are for the actual exam, So it has to really mimic that the actual cisco exam number four would be a review funnel strategy and part of that review funnel is really putting together.

Your study notes in an effective way, So you can find out at some point. What is you don't know and it's a different approach, Because a lot of times students will start from from a to z and go through everything, One or two or three times and t're really reviewing things t already know so part of the trick is you have To figure out what it is, You don't know and spend a lot of time on that, So you're not losing points on the exam number five would be test taking skills, And this is often overlooked by students and it's something where the the there is a There is a way to take a test and there's different techniques. You need to learn to manage your time and to answer questions and learn how to distill them a lot of skills there that you that are required to be effective in your strategy for taking the exam.

You have to learn those skills, And hopefully you don't do it with two or three attempts, And the next thing is any study plan you have. You need to keep it interesting. If you have a book and articles and everything else and you're going through it can get kind of tedious after a while. So you want a study plan, That's going to keep! You engaged keep it interesting for you, So that you're spending the time and really learning, Because if something is interesting present an interesting way you're going to learn more as you go through, Go forward with your study. So what I'm going to start with here is this is basically the seven points I'm going to go through here, As a part of these seven steps.

So to start with, I've got an authentic study, Prep and I've already kind of alluded to that. How it is different from a networking course, Or even a ccna networking course when I first started doing certifications, I did ccna ccnp and ccI written with only practice tests, But t were so well done. That's all I needed to focus my studies on where the studies needed to be, And I actually did it just with practice tests. I did, However, Have experience, So it's something that that you need to experience if you're going to do that.

But it's just an example of how, When you get a study prep how effective question and answers can be to prepare you for an exam but, Like I said you do have to have some experience if you're going to do that, If not, You need to be More multifaceted, So I'm going to go through what authentic study prep is. Then I'm going to go on to the ccna syllabus and why that is so important and overlooked and then on to a review funnel and describe what what a funnel is and how you funnel. All this information you get into something that's really really effective, And it's going to serve you well. When you start reviewing just before the exam, Then I'm going to go on to a simulation practice test and what t look like and all the ingredients that you need to make sure you're getting the right, Practice before the exam, So you're, Primed and ready for It then on to that, After that, I'll go on to test taking skills, Discuss some do's and don'ts, And some of the different subtleties to the cisco certification exams and then the importance of social media as a part of your study plan.

Why you need to kind of leverage that and get engaged with discussion groups and such and then on to a an exam day strategy to make sure you've got a you kind of thought of what you're going to do it on exam day to Make sure you score your best

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