how to get your Cisco CCNP certification. Many updates have take place in Cisco certification to have a better understanding of this update. Let's talk about ours, The Cisco certification before the state before February 24 2020, The Cisco pyramid include five main certifications, Such as CCENT CCNA, CCNP, NCC ie.

If you want to get our C CNT as your first certification, You just take the 100 - 105 exam. This entry level allowed you to perform in style, Provide maintenance and imply some security walls and a smell to medium enterprise with Cisco hardware. Otherwise, If you prefer to have CCNA as your first certification, Two options was possible. Let's see what was this possible scenarios? The first option is to take the exam 100 -, 1 or 5 or icnd1 and complete with this exam, Which is the 200 -, 105 or icnd2 with the 2 exam. You will get your CCNA water and sewage, Or if you don't want to pass to exam to get your CCNA, You can just pass 1, Which is the 2 or - one.

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Two five and you will you still get the same certification after that you could specialize in one of the following: nine certifications as cloud for crowd technology, Cyber ops for programming, Collaboration for voice and article etc. As you know, Already after February 24, The main exams have completely changed. Only CCNA CCNP CC are left and the cisco period, And now, If you decide to have CCNA certification as your first exam, You only need to pass a single exam. If you want to have another level as your first exam like CCNP or CCIE, It is also possible.

I will explain you a little bit in the next article now CCNA water and switch become simple CCNA and the nine other specialties no longer exist. For the new CCNA, Which is 200 -, 301, The same section are covered with a few additions like network architecture, Network automation, Security services, IP service and wireless. One don't worry, We will cover everything on beta, Jikido and other new added certification is dev net, Which is based on network programming. In this certification - and here we have the print that will be covered in, Like software desires of her development on this application, Deployment, Application security, Infrastructure and automation, Etc, Etc. For reading my article and don't forget to like and share this article subscribe to. My channel, If you are not yet and click on the notification icon to be informative for the new articles, See eunuchs .

Now that you have known about the fact, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable 300-710 Exam Dumps provider like that of the EveDumps.


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