Maybe you have completed a CCNA 200 301, You try to look for a job in the market, But you don't have experience. Many of the jobs of the market are looking for at least one to choose experience for some. We have sent applications, But nothing is coming your way and you're about to give up today we're looking at how you can gain experience without a job.

So I understand the frustration that many of you are basically going through. You'Ve done the hard work you have passed. Your certification, Then you're trying to find a job on the market, But many of the jobs are asking to experience, Which you don't have your volute from that withdrawals. But nothing is coming up. You'Re spoken to friends in many of you are telling you you probably applying for the wrong jobs, Because you do not have experience, And this is the dilemma that many people face.

How do you get a job with our experience when many drugs in the market and looking for someone with experience? What do you do now? If you look at my statement, I'm focusing on you the reason being that you can't change certain factors in the market. You can't change the fact that companies are looking for people with the least one or two years experience. You can't change the description of the position that's being advertised, But if there is one thing that you can change, Is you there is something that you can do to help yourself get the experience that most companies are looking for. I'Ve had the opportunity to chat with colleagues in the recruitment industry to try and understand how do t expect graduates who are coming out of a post without experience to get jobs in the market that are making for experience? Where do you bridge the gap? Most of the basic with one answer: t understand that.

Yes, You do not have industry experience, But at some point during your course here built labs and of configured metric devices, And this is the experience that t're basically looking for t are trying to understand. What is it that you've done at home? What is it you've done in virtual environments or simulators to demonstrate that you have an understanding of Cisco technologies such as AI GRP, Routing protocols? Switching all these elements, T want you to be able to showcase the experience that you have from home. So today we're going to be looking at state ways that will help you gain experience number one packet tracer.

I think many of you have heard about packet tracer. If not, You use packet tracer during your studies and whilst packet tracer might not necessarily be advanced and extensive as working with really pigment poppy tracer is free. All you just need to do is create an account with Cisco, And this will probably be more relevant to my film brothers and sisters in Africa. Packet tracer is a simulator that Cisco provides to help you configure or learn how to configure network devices.

I'm sure many of you abused packet tracer at some point during your career or when you're studying towards the CCNA, So packet tracer is number one because it is free. The second factor about packet tracer, Is, It is portable and can be used any way if he is totally laptop. You are able to take it with you wherever you go, And this is very important, Especially when you are to practice, And you want to be able to set up labs as quick as possible so that you can get into you can focus on the configuration the Troubleshooting and the learning you want to spend too much time trying to troubleshoot and try to get the lab to work. It spent more time focusing on getting the devices to work. So one good thing about packet tracer is the fact that it's visual.

It allows you to visualize in the network and be able to see our devices interconnect and how t are linked together, And this is important when you're starting agenda, Because you need to be able to have an understanding of how your network is set up. How your network is designed and how to get your data to work, So I would recommend you to to to use packet tracer as much as you can create as many levels as possible, So that you can be able to one into your skills and learn the Concepts and how to apply them. Research is basically showing that students who spend more time on packet tracer are confident when t come to the real equipment.

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The exactly someone has done a case study in which other paper on packet tracer and its benefits, I'm not leaving packet tracer, But I'm just trying to give you the pros than packet. Tracer will be able to give you. I was reading on Linton, One of the recruitment agencies put a post and he was looking for for a blood draw. He basically acknowledged that while strimer not had experience working for an organization, But you have set up a home network before and it is that home network experience, That many of the employers are basically looking for because t want to understand what is it that you have Done with networking equipment that can be vital in the role in question, So do not neglect or look down on the experience that you're basically acquired was setting up home infrastructure. It is important that you carry that experience that you obtain, Whilst working with equipment at home or working with simulators such as packet tracer, To be able to use that as your experience.

So an example that I can give you is, You can do the lamp with Eng RP and the second example. You put the leg about 20 grouted, You go for job interview and t ask you what experience do you have? You can basically say a minor term experience working for an organization, But in my home lab I have built a lab that had twenty a ideally routers and in that I created for autonomous systems and in my four tournament systems. I made sure that I implemented route. Summarization I implemented variants to be able to load balanced my traffic, The second one is real equipment.

There is nothing that beats the field of really pigment. As you can see, I've got some Cisco switches and Cisco routers. Many of them are not very expensive. You can budget about $150 and if you go on eBay and Amazon, Usually able to pick up enough gear that can allow you to be able to set up your equipment at home where humans really equipment is going to give you the confidence to be able to Demonstrate your skill set on the market: there is something that comes with working with really pigment. Whilst many might not afford to be able to buy a Cisco CCNA kit, I would recommend that try it by at least one switch or a router, So that you can get a feel of the boot process of a Cisco device so that you can get a Feel of connecting to a Cisco device for the first time this feeling you can't get when you're dealing with simulators, Such as packet, Tracer and gns3, The only challenge with Cisco equipment is, It will be frustrating for you to set it up. It's going to be frustrating to be able to build the lab because it takes setting up.

Is it takes running cables? It takes power in the on controlling it to devices, But don't stress because that is the learning process. That is how you're going to learn the frustration that you've got to go through try to build the equipment. It's a frustration that you're going to go through trying to set up the lab. That's going to give you the experience that you basically desire experience that you can basically use on your resume and experience that you can be able to showcase when you go for interviews, So it doesn't matter where you get experience from what is important. Is you attain experience? You be comfortable with the infrastructure that you've been able to demonstrate that you're able to deliver companies are not looking for graduates or network engineers who know the whole spectrum of the CCNA curriculum companies are looking for people who have an understanding and a desire to learn And as long as you are able to demonstrate that you can learn fast, Janus 3, Just like packet tracer is portable, Can be stored in your laptop.

It's easy to let up, But you need to find your own iOS systems. T can go online and in search and usually able to find something. Then we will to help you.

The good thing about Janus 3 is there's no lab that you can't create. There's been significant growth in what Janus 3 is capable of, And in 2019 there is simply no length that you can't really create ingenious 3 tests, Things like syslog, SNMP, Ntp, Radius, Authentication Triple A all. These things were non-existent 5 to 10 years back.

There was no way that she could be able to set up a radius client inside of Janus 3. That would allow you to authenticate your devices, But in 2019, Even who built virtual platforms that are now in that capability by just simply pulling and clicking vice. In gns3, So gns3 is a fantastic -.

The good thing with gns3 is there's so many tools available in the market that can help you in being able to set up I'll, Provide some links below, Don't know. How can you demonstrate that you have the necessary experience that most companies are looking for? I advise or recommend that you focus on specific areas now. Why am I saying this? It is important for you to be able to demonstrate a particular skill set when you go for interviews focus upon a particular area.

It helps you to discern down your skills on that particular subject matter and be confident speaking about it. So an example that you can do is focus on a idrp, Learn everything about eh RP, How it works about autonomous systems, About summarization, About how the matrix for EIG RP is calculated, Configure a therapy set up, Eh, LP, Neighbors and troubleshoot and debug the idea of Equations, When you have done that and you become an expert in your home lab setup in as much as eh RP is concerned, You are able to safely go for an interview and tell the panel that intervene. You that, Whilst I may not have worked in a networking role before, But in my home lab, I just give me five minutes. I'll run it down my home setup and my lab that I've created and the configuration that you basically made. That in itself would demonstrate that you do have the necessary knowledge to be able to be considered for a role.

The second element is when you apply, Or both interviews, Make sure that you let the organization know about your home lab experience. This is one area that most Gardens do a disservice to themselves, Because many do not consider the experience of what you do at home as experience that is relevant for you to mention either a drop into or in your resume, But most of these most of the Employers understand that, Whilst you might not have had formal experience in an organization, But at some point you have worked with network infrastructure at some point: you've configured network equipment at some point, Whether it's an assimilation or physical infrastructure at some point, You've configured devices and you Made things to work, And t want to learn about that. T want to know what is it that you've done? What is it that you know and you've been able to articulate that puts you in a more competitive advantage or more competitive position in you being able to get the job? The other elements that can help you demonstrate that you have had experience in your home setup is being able to articulate the challenges that you've encountered whilst either built in the lab or configuring a level the benefit of being able to do that. Is it showcases that you have attempted to configure network infrastructure, And not only did you attempt to configuration structure, But it also demonstrates that you, When you encounter challenges or roadblocks along the way, You didn't drop the tools down and give up. But you went above it beyond to find how best you can be able to get your infrastructure to work and how you managed to get a breakthrough being able to articulate that demonstrate that you are capable of being able to handle failure in a workplace environment where, If you don't achieve the result that you desire, You still have the tenacity of being able to go and find out, Learn, Come back and implement, And all this can be demonstrated by the experience that you have encountered in your home setup.

So your home level experience is so crucial and significant for you in order to be able to provide the best experience that is required when you basically look for a job, You need to practice with the three tools that are basically mentioned, Whether it's packet tracer, Whether It's real equipment or gns3 practice as much as possible. Try to warn your skills so that we go for an interview. You are able to demonstrate the knowledge that you've acquired from your practice.

Alright. So as we close, just a recap of the three tools that we've looked at, We looked at packet, Tracer, Simple, Free, Easy to setup. We'Ve looked at the real equipment, Though it might come at a cost, But it is worth the cost in.

The last has been genius three saying like packet, Tracer, Free and simple, To set up so if you've enjoyed this article, You know what to do. Please make sure that you hit the subscribe button or like the article so that you are kept updated when we post new content. So in the little we love everything, Networking from certifications, Sharing tips and guidance to help you along the network journey.

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