I'm gonna guide you through the CCNA data center, A perfect way to get your start in the world of data center technologies. Now before I say anything about what it takes to get your data center certification from Cisco Systems with the CCNA data center, Before I guide you through the requirements and all the exam stuff, I've got to answer a question that I have been absolutely getting hammered with. On my social networking sites, And that is, Will EveDumps provide CCNA data center training and the answer is a resounding in fact, You heard it here.

Now another follow-up question that I get is ok. When will the training be done? I'm not so sure, But I can't tell you this: you don't have to wait for the series to be done. Remember its CBT Nuggets, There's always going to be under the article training, An upcoming articles area, And you can start reading as a subscriber those articles as t're complete. For instance, If you look at my Microsoft Project series you'll see that I've got nine of them done and I'll be doing a tenth one later today, By the way, So we could start reading those as t're produced.

I recently met the person, That's responsible for these product pages at ciscocom, And I let them know just what an amazing job t're doing with organizing the many different certifications up there here. We can see our certification tracks and sure enough. We see an entire track dedicated to data center there. It is right here.

Let me get the right drawing tool there. It is data center right here. So what we're interested in is the associate level data center certification, So we'll choose CCNA data center, And this brings us to our overview page notice. There are no prerequisites to the data center certification, So pretty unique right, No prerequisites for this particular sir.

What we need to do is we need to pass two exams introducing Cisco data center, Networking or DC ICN and introducing Cisco data center technologies or DC ICT. This is six forty, Nine eleven and six forty nine 16 respectively, Two exams with no prerequisites and we've achieved the CCNA data center certification, As you might guess, EveDumpswe'll be providing all of the training and more that would be required to pass these exams. The CBT nugget training approach will focus on building an amazing foundation for you, With data center networking and passing these exams will just be a simple byproduct of that amazing foundation level. Training that EveDumpswill provide. Now I don't know about you, But don't you find it a bit strange that all these other tracks here that we can see like routing and switching and security and service provider and article and voice most all the other tracks, Have the prerequisite of the CCENT certification.

CCNP 300-710 Exam Questions

But for data center and for article, That's not the case. Well, In the case of data center, The CCENT or IC and d1 certification is not a prerequisite, Because if we go and look at this first exam, The 649 11 exam - and you take a look at the exam topics - you'll see that a lot of these are Indeed, Covered by the CCENT, So there is quite a bit of overlap, But I'll tell you this particular exam does indeed go into some real particulars on the details of the nx-os operating system. That's right: the nexus operating system and even some of the hardware devices that would run this nx-os operating system.

So there's this misconception out there that, In order to pass 649 11, All you need to do is study CCENT material. Please you hear it heard it here. First, This is indeed a misconception and, In the EveDumpsmaterial we'll be covering the foundation of the nexus operating system, And this is information you wouldn't want to miss for both your real-world data center networking, As well as the certification exam. Now, What about the other exam? The other exam we know, Is 649 16, And when you look at the exam topics here, You won't find any carryover with any other CCNA .

CCIE materials notice we're going to be covering things that are very, Very specific to data center technologies. Things like Cisco's fabric path, Which is actually their implementation of trill. We'll look at things like virtual device contacts and virtual port channeling, We'll cover in depth Fibre Channel over Ethernet and you'll learn what fabric extension is all about and why fax is such an incredibly important technology in Cisco's data center networking by the way, As we look At this structure of the particular exam we see it covers an awful lot and, Of course this will help guide us in the structure of our EveDumpsto make sure we're covering everything that the exams might cover, And we always go that extra step now. Let's conclude this micro nugget with just a quick quick glimpse of why data center technologies are so darn exciting. I think why this is the biggest most exciting area of technology.

That's come along in a while is because it's really gonna redo how we think about even the smallest of server closets. That's a thing: data center technologies - it's not just about Google and Yahoo, And all these amazing data centers that make the headlines it's about a small mom-and-pop shop. This little small mom-and-pop shop has this little server area and t've got a traditional Tower and maybe that's do an exchange and then t've got their database over here in this Tower and then t've got some legacy. Software running over here on this tower just three towers, But still these things are consuming a lot of power.

Their parts aren't all that reliable. It's a real nightmare for this little mom-and-pop. To maintain these three servers. What do t do? T get rid of that, T install one very efficient blade server.

T put VMware as an example of several technologies. It could be installed in this blade server and then t run these services in virtual machines on this one single piece of hardware. This is a small mom-and-pop shop and it works beautifully for them. You can only imagine how awesome this could scale for a massive organization, So data center technologies are coming to a server closet near you, And I suggest you be ready for this revolution with the CCNA data center certification, Compliments of Cisco Systems and when it comes to Mastering that material turned to no other than CBT Nuggets, I hope this has been informative for you and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

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