This article is going to talk about studying for the CCNP. If you're studying for that today. So, What's this all about so for the people who have already started working on their CCNP in the current program or you're thinking about starting working towards your CCNP in the current program wanting to know how is this new program change coming down the pipe February? 24. 2020 going to impact you so that you can make the smartest decisions towards how much work you're putting in or which exams you're putting that work into today.

So we're going to talk about what's happening to the ccnp track as a whole. What happens if you don't finish all of the exams for that CCNP before the program change happens, February, 24, 2020 and then how you can make smart decisions where to focus your studies. So some details before we look at each CCNP track because we will look at every currency CCNP track one at a time in detail, At least in terms of how things are being affected on it, So for every single track. This all holds true.

Now sometimes you're CCNP name might change, Because not every track carries over into the new program, We'll mention which ones do and which ones don't, But that new CCNP that you get in the new program will inherit the same expiration date as what your CCNP was just Before the program change happened, And so if I had a CCNP today that expired January 1 2023, It will still expire January 1, 2023 in the new program. Even if I get a different CCNP after the change. Another thing in the new program, Every single CCNP of every track that t have requires now only two exams to pass. One of them is a call the technology core exam.

This is kind of a broad large exam that covers kind of all the technologies in the related track. So if you're, You know security is your track. It's going to talk about all the different security topics within there and then you have to pass another exam called a concentration exam and there's usually many different options. You know four five, Six different options in each track of concentrations and these sort of deep dive into a specific aspect of the track.

Again, If your security, I shouldn't maybe shouldn't use this because I don't know all the concentrations but there's probably one specifically about firewalls, Maybe one specifically about VPNs kind of stuff like that, So we take sort of one decent chunk of you know the type of the Track as a whole and dig deep into that, One thing to the exclusion of other things, And so, If you pass both of those technology core exam and the concentration exam in the new program, That would get you that CCNP much different from today. Where sometimes we have to pass three four or I don't know if there's more, But definitely three or four exams today for the majority of the CCNP tracks out there. So if you pass one or more CCNP exams prior to the change, So you didn't get the full CCNP, But you had already passed at least one or two, Maybe even three exams prior to the change. You are going to get credit towards passing at least well.

You'll get credit for something in the new program for sure you, And I say you may get credits because it's not necessarily a one-to-one mapping in every case. Sometimes it takes two exams to get credit for one exam in the new program. But even if you don't get credit for exam, T do give you these little badges.

So you have something to show for your work prior, But we're mainly focusing on . What's the best use of our time to get that CCNP after the change happens. So the nice thing here is: it is not all or nothing it's not like. If you didn't get the CCNP in this program, You start from square one necessarily there's a good chance that you can get.

At least you can get one of those two exams, Credit for that and leaving you only one left to pass after the program change happens. So to figure this out there is a migration tool for every single track online, Which will show you really quickly. It shows the translation of old to new and again sometimes it's the one-to-one mapping. You pass this exam in the old method or the old program. You get credit for this exam in the new one.

Sometimes it's multiple to one. You got to pass these to these three. Sometimes it's even these four, But you have to pass multiple exam, Sometimes to get credit for a single exam, And usually that's that core exam. If you want credit for that core exam, It usually takes more than one exam to pass in the old that translates to the core exam, Whereas the concentration exams usually is more like a one-to-one mapping all right.

So when you get credit for an exam in the new program, The exam and the new program will have an expiration date, And you know every exam normally is valid for three years, Even in the old program. That's the way it works, And so you need to you know, Get the larger certification before an individual exam within that certification expires out, But once you get the certification, Then you renew the certification. That's the way it works today.

That's the way it will work again in the new program, And so if I pass an exam that has a one-to-one mapping that new exam will inherit the expiration date of the previous exam I pass. So if I passed, If we're talking, Say, Route switch and I pass the troubleshoot exam today and let's say that it had an expiration of January 1. 2023.

The corollary exam is a concentration exam, That's escaping me at the moment, But that would have the same January. 1, 2023 expiration date in the new program, So it just carries right on over. You don't get more, But you'd also don't get less.

Now, When there is sort of a multiple to one mapping again, The most common is is a two to one mapping. The expiration date of the translated exam will inherit the expiration date of the final exam in the group that was required for the mapping. So again, Two to one mapping scenario: let's say that you pass exam one January 1: 2019. You pass exam number 2 February, 1, 2022.

The accredited exam that you will get that relied on both of those two exams will inherit the expiration of the final exam, Which would be three years after February 1, 2020 or February 1 2023. So hopefully that makes sense to you all right now we're going to dig into each one actually before we do just really quickly. This is the the NP migration - I'm going to spell out most of this stuff in the slides. But if you get into here, Just google, This you'll find a link pretty darn quick, But you can go into a particular track and start saying: ! Well, If I pass this exam before the cutover, I actually don't get cried for anything because it's not one-to-one in every event. But if I pass both route and switch , Then I get credit for the core, The enterprise core.

If I only pass T shoot, I get credit for this enterprise advanced infrastructure implementation, Which is a concentration exam in the CCNP enterprise, And so you just need to know . Well, If I put in the work and pass this exam, Will I get something for it? On the other end, Sometimes the answer is sometimes the answer's. No, Sometimes it got passed to sometimes more so as we sort of look at each of these tracks, And you find the track that that you're interested in you can figure out . Well, I have time to pass one exam: what's the best exam to pick, So I get credit for something afterwards or I do have time to pass two exams.

where are the best two to pick so I get the most credit and not sort of lose out on the effort. The last thing you kind of want to do is you know, Put in the effort and money to pass an exam. That, Then, Translates to nothing or at least effectively nothing in the new program. Cisco will remind you. Well you get a little badge from from the exam that you pass, But were you know you're, Probably working for the NP? That's that's the goal.

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You'Re, Looking for you're, Not looking for the seller, Little badge you're looking for that NP, Back to the slide, So we're gonna go through each of the tracks now. So if we get to your track and you're done, There probably won't be too much left for you at the article. You know shoot to the end, See if I say anything interesting at the end, But here we go so for a CC npcloud and we're just taking them in alphabetical order. This certification actually goes away in the new program.

If you achieve the CCNP cloud prior to getting prior to the new program, You will get the CCNP data Center certification. So that's what that's the translations! It's going to happen, So you don't lose your CCNP! You just sort of get a different CCNP that CCNP day the center will inherit the same expiration that you see cmp cloud had moving into the translation, Here's the downside for people who are currently working for this one. This one really got kind of shafted.

Unfortunately, If you do not complete the entire CCNP cloud certification before the change, There is no way to get credit for any of the NP data center exams, And so you would have to do both NP data center exams. If you wanted to see CMP data center and the new program there, So it's an this one, I think, Is the only one. That's an all-or-nothing pass it you get the data center in the future, Don't pass it and it just kind of goes away. All right! Collaboration this one stays in the new program.

It's called collaboration in the new program. So if you achieve your CMP collab prior to it, You retain it in the new program. Expiration date remains unchanged if you're currently working towards the collab NP. If you pass both the C IPTV one and two exams prior to the change that will give you credit for the core exam, If you pass either of the other exams, You get credit for a concentration exam. So if you only have time to pass one exam between now and the program cut over, Make it one of these other exams, Because if you only pass the IPTV one or only pass the IPTV to those, Don't translate to anything and you would effectively not get Much of anything for your efforts there all right data center, This one also stays the same.

It's called data center in the new program as well. So nothing changes you. You have a CC MP data center.

Prior, You have a CC MP. Data center after expiration remains unchanged. If you are currently working on the data center, A certification you need to pass both the DCI I and the DC UCI exams to get credit for the core exam.

So the two to one mapping there. If you pass any of the other data center exams, I think there's maybe three or four other ones. You will get a concentration, So one, No I'm mapping for every other individual exam in the data center current program.

So again, If you only have time for one exam, Make it a concentration exam, Don't do one of those too DCI I or DC youth CI and not get the other all right. So you CDP the design track. This one is going away as well. If you have achieved C CDP prior to the program change, You will get the new ccnp Enterprise certification for free. It will inherit the same expiration at your C CDP, Had now, If you're, Currently working through the C CDP.

So there's three exams in that one. If you pass both route and switch, You get credit for the enterprise core exam. If you want to get into that enterprise track, If you pass the arch exam, You will get a concentration exam so only time to pass one exam make it the arch exam, CCNP, Routing and switching this one's technically going away. It really it's being rebranded.

So in the new program, CCNP routes, Which is really just being called CCNP enterprise, So enterprise is inheriting some stuff from from the other ones, But most of what it's inheriting is from the routes which track for sure. So this will inherit. If you have the CCNP routes, Which, Before the program change, You will get, The new CCNP enterprise will inherit the same exploration that your routes, Which NP had if you're, Currently working on the routes which, If you pass both route and switch, You get the core exam Credit, If you pass t shoot, You will get a concentration exam credit only time for one exam make it t shoot security stays in the new program as well. So if you have CCNP security beforehand, You still have CCNP security. Afterwards, Expiration remains unchanged.

Here's a tougher one though so, If you're working currently on your CCNP, You can't get credit for the core exam unless you pass all for current exams and if you pass all for current exams well, Then you have the CCNP security, So you can't really get credit For the core exam, If you're only carrying about CCNP, It is helpful, Though, If you're planning on going for the CCIE security after the program change. So I actually have another article about that, Not about the security but for people trying to go for their CCIE in the new program. Every individual exam, Though, Does give you a concentration, So basically on this one, If you pass just one exam, It's really no different than if you pass two exams or three exams in terms of getting you down the road towards getting that CCNP in the new one, Because you only need one concentration exam in the new program: concentration plus the core. So since you can't get the core without getting the entire thing here, Either just limit yourself to passing one examine the current CCNP security program or try to pass them all.

Otherwise, You're just gonna kind of lose out a little bit service provider yet another one that stays the same in the new program so have it before you still have it afterwards same expiration date. If you are currently working towards your service provider certification, If you pass the service provider Corps and route exams, You will get credit for the service provider core exam in the new program. If you pass any other exam, You get a concentration so again only time for one exam make it a concentration all right. I think we're wrapping it up here: CCNP Wireless, The one near and dear to my heart, While, Unfortunately, This one's going away, It's getting absorbed into the enterprise.

So if you have a CCNP prior CCNP wireless prior to the program change, You will get the CCNP enterprise certification for free will inherit the same expiration of what your CCNP Wireless had. This is another track where you can't get credit for the core exam without just getting the entire thing. So really, The best that we can do in the wireless world is get credit towards a concentration exam and there's kind of overlap in the transitions here. Pairs map to the same concentration.

So let's take a look at this one actually in detail, Because it's a little different so for the wireless people, If you pass just design, You get enterprise Wireless design, If you PLAs just deploy, You also get Enterprise Wireless design, And then I think the same thing Is true for the last two: if you pass troubleshoot, You get the wet enterprise, Wireless implementation and secure, Also the implementation, And so, If you wanted to get two concentrations in the future, You would want to pass one of these two and then one of these two. But if all you care about is getting the CCNP just pass one exam and then just kind of be done unless you think you can get all four exams. Otherwise, If you only pass two or three, You know you don't get credit for more than really passing one, At least in terms of CCNP progress there all right wrapping things up so now you know the different ways that you can get credit for exams in the New program, You can figure out , How much time do we have between now and then how many exams can I realistically pass between now and the end? You know if it's one, What's the best one exam for me to pass, So I can get some kind of some credit in the new program if it's going to be multiple , If I can pass two exams, What's the best two exams for me to pass Or you can figure out, You know what I need to pass either one or a whole bunch of them I'll know which one to choose.

You know what makes the most sense to me is just so you don't. You know ultimately waste your efforts there and then you'll also understand how the program explorations translate over so that you'll, Just kind of know what things will be in the new program to you know like finish things up over there with that we'll say a big.

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