Cisco Career Certifications is a professional certification of information technology issued by Cisco Systems through certification exams. From advanced to advanced, it is divided into: Entry, Associate, Professional. , Expert and Arch3>

Cisco hardware, software and service equipment make networking possible. Since the company's founding in 1984, Cisco has been a leader in the development of IP-based networking technologies. Today, this tradition of reform and innovation continues with the industry's main products and solutions in the company's process line, core development areas of communication, and advanced technologies.

By the end of 2010, 14 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, at a time when the role of the network will go beyond infrastructure. It will be integrated into a secure platform to provide the tailored and personalised best practices that users need - that means offering new services to customers, improving company productivity or customer service.

Cisco is the leader in this new technological environment revolution—a new and powerful communications platform that provides services that combine data, voice, video, and wireless communications.

The economic climate now and in the future has created a huge demand for skilled networking talent, many of whom have had their lives changed by Cisco Career Certification.

CCIE certification is one of the most valuable certificates in the world, and it is important and necessary to activate the active state. As a belief, maintaining the active status of the CCIEZ certificate for 20 years can obtain the permanent designation of CCIE.

CCIE re-certification: within 3 years of passing the CCIE certification, you can take any CCIE written test. If it is more than three years, you need to take the CCIE LAB.

Recertification is an exam that confirms the renewal of the certificate holder's skills. After passing the recertification exam, candidates will receive a new credential and their personal information in the Cisco Career Certification Tracker will be updated.

CCNP re-certification: Before taking the CCNP exam, you must pass the CCNA exam (and the CCNA certificate cannot expire), otherwise there will be no CCNA certificate and CCNP certificate if you pass the CCNP! CCNP certification is valid for three years. To recertify, you must pass any one of the three CCNP level exams within the validity period of the certificate, or pass the existing CCIE written exam.

What is re-authentication?

  • Recertification is the confirmation of a certificate holder's skill update through an exam. After passing the recertification exam, candidates will receive a new credential and their personal information in the Cisco Career Certification Tracker will be updated.

CCNA re-certification method

  • CCNA re-certification method is to take another CCNA certification exam.

What is the role of CCNA certificate?

  • In layman's terms, enterprises need to have certain qualifications for bidding projects, such as how many CCNA certified engineers, how many CCNP certified engineers, and how many CCIE certified engineers are required. These certificates are required to be within the validity period. Companies generally pay for engineers to recertify.

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