Before preparing for the exam, you must first clarify which level of Cisco certification you want to take. Cisco certification is divided into three levels: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. The higher the gold content, the greater the difficulty.

Of these three levels, CCIE has the highest gold content. If you are a zero-based friend and want to learn by yourself, it is recommended to choose CCNA or CCNP, because CCIE is more difficult and self-study is difficult. is difficult to pass. Therefore, before preparing for the exam, you must first decide whether you plan to study by yourself or enroll in a training class. You need to prepare a lot of content for self-study, such as study materials, tutorials, review plans, etc. You need to prepare by yourself. If you want to take the CCIE exam, you must consider how to choose a suitable training course. CCIE courses also include CCNP and CCNA, which can save the registration fee required to apply for CCNA or CCNP, even if it is zero-based, it can also help you start from scratch.

CCNA test preparation

CCNA test has a total of 1000 points, 825 points are passed, and the test time is 120 minutes. A total of 50 questions are drawn from the question bank, 45 choices, 2 experiments, and three compulsory experiments. ACL EIGRPVTP troubleshooting, among which experiments account for a large proportion of the test, even if you choose and drag the picture correctly, the experiment will not If you get two questions right, you may fail, so the experimental questions are very important, so at least 2.5 questions must be correct for three experiments. But generally speaking, it is relatively simple, and I won't go into details.

Applying for IT certification requires choosing the certification, studying for the exam, and passing it. ITCertDumps could possibly be your finest ally if you’re considering obtaining a certification. ITCertDumps supplies the CCNP 350-601 Dumps and may ensure a 100% pass rate.

CCNP exam preparation

CCNP exam requires two exams: one covers core enterprise technology, and the other is exam subjects of your choice, so in addition to choosing the exam direction In addition, you must customize the certification according to your own technical focus and choose the corresponding exam subjects. The specific corresponding subjects can be inquired on Cisco's official website. The test sites for different directions of CCNP are different. When preparing for the test, you can do it according to the test site.

CCIE Exam Preparation

In order to obtain the harsh CCIE certification, you must first pass the written test, and then you can take the laboratory test after obtaining the qualification. Only after passing the LAB experiment can you finally become a CCIE.
Therefore, the study of CCIE mainly revolves around these two aspects. In the CCIE written exam, the main learning contents include IE exam collection, deploying VPN networks, advanced routing features, deploying multicast networks, etc.; while in the CCIE Lab part, the main learning contents include TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting and DIAG (Diagnose) troubleshooting. and CFG (Configuration) configuration, which is divided into two training phases. The CCIE exam is very difficult and the certification rules are very strict. It not only needs to examine various types of theoretical knowledge, but also needs to pass the LAB exam to test the ability to actually deal with problems, and the exam content will be updated frequently.


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