How to get CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE EI)? You must pass two exams: the qualifying exam and the lab exam.

Step 1: Pass the Written Exam Code (ENCOR 350-401)

Step 2: Pass the LAB Exam
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 The LAB exam is ongoing An 8-hour hands-on lab exam that covers complex enterprise networks and optimizations from start to finish, from design and deployment to operations.

For the changes of CCIE RS v5.0 and CCEI v1.0, what are the changes in the 2020 revision of the Cisco Certification System?

Pass the final LAB exam to get Cisco's new CCIE certificate.

Cisco has been dedicated to the Internet since 1984, and our technology solutions are so broad that, in one sentence, everything we do today is empowering global digital transformation . A secure and intelligent network is the cornerstone of digital transformation. Cisco believes that the future of the network must be an intelligent intent-based network. This network can achieve the best state through self-learning, automatic configuration, active detection, self-healing, and adjustment according to the needs of enterprise business. Provides an end-to-end, secure, fully automated network. No matter when and where, from carrier network, 4G, 5G, to campus network, to our data center; whether through mobile phone or computer, it can automate and secure network connection, and finally realize enterprise's network connection. commercial intent. This is the future of the web we're building! Cisco currently has the most comprehensive, multi-domain intent-based networking solutions in the world, bringing the future network infrastructure to the digital transformation of customers around the world.

Among Cisco's 75,000 employees worldwide, there are nearly 800 technical leaders, divided into Principal Engineers (PE), and about 600 worldwide; Distinguish> The status of these academic leaders There has always been an interesting but not exaggerated saying within Cisco: PE changed the product, DE changed the company, and Fellow changed the industry.

A The interesting thing is that everyone defines Cisco as a network hardware giant, but in fact Cisco has been promoting its own transformation. From hardware to software, from network equipment suppliers to software-defined full-intelligence networks, etc. etc. To suit our strategic direction, Ciscohas an excellent team of software engineers in addition to excellent hardware engineers.

Cisco is a 35-year-old company, There are hundreds of product lines. As a company responsible for customers, partners and investors,every year, quarterly, monthly and even daily, we are observing the changes in the market, according to customer needs and new The emergence of technology to actively adjust to ensure that Cisco remains at the forefront of the global technology field, better to provide our end customers with the best solutions on the market.

Cisco is in the In terms of product technology, there is only Cisco that cannot be imagined, and there is no such thing as unachievable Cisco, leading technological innovation. The new CCEI is Cisco's continuous use of the market to provide technological innovations for future network workers. Although the new version is hard work and many unknowns, we are not building bridges and paving the way. , why not continue to follow in the footsteps of Cisco CCEI?


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