so I think people get into networking because really, If one big reason and want to make more money, Though right like that's, Why you, While you get a job to make money? So that's there's a big question. That begs the question: how much money could you or can you make and networking is it good? Can you make good money, Networking you can so how much can you expect to make as a network engineer now, I have to say this and I know people just hate it when I say this, But it depends, It depends on a lot of factors Of where you live, It depends on how long you've been doing it and it isn't what certifications you have, And it really depends on how well you marketed yourself it's gonna range depending on where you are, And I know people hate that answer, But it's just It's just how it is right, But I can tell you for me: I'm in a hot market, Dallas cost livings pretty good me it's not like the hottest market, But it's a really good nut market for IT. I can vouch for that.

At least. How much did I make when I first started out so when I was a junior network admin I made about forty five thousand a year and I think I was underpaid for what I did because I at the company I was I started out in the helpdesk. I moved up to junior network admin and then I I moved up to the primary admin and at that time I was making about 50. I learned a lot and took care of a lot of things and the, And t realized that so t gave me a raise shortly, A third a fifty five thousand a year.

I was kind of stuck there for a bit. I was working hard. I was killing it, But I wasn't getting a race. So when it comes to how much in network engineer makes it's complicated, Because a network engineer who stays at one place for a long time, It's gonna make a lot less money than someone who will market themself.

I wanted to get more experience another company, My current company, Just the opportunities weren't there, So I I got the job offer and I and I told my company I was leaving and t made me an offer. T gave me more money to t matched it. So I was making a 70k a year, Which is awesome, May 4.

I never. Let me tell you something I never imagined I would make that much money. I thought, Maybe like later in my career, Like when I was in my 40s I'd - be making that much. But here I was 25 years old and I was making 70 K a year within six months.

I was getting kind of antsy again and I got kind of cold out here. Kept cold head grab my sweater, I was getting kind of antsy again, So I looked around the job and actually that was the year later. That was a year later, Not six months and I got another job offer and this one was 490 K a year and I brought that to my company and t t matched me again. So here I was 26 27. I forget how old it was.

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I was making 90000 a year as a network engineer, And then I moved to another company within a year and I was making a hundred thousand and that's that's kind of progression. So far. I won't go into more about what I make now, But that was all within a time span of five to six years, Starting from junior helpdesk engineer going all the way up to senior network engineer and making $100000 that's how much you can possibly make. If you really hustle and you really work hard and you and you market yourself correctly, I know I can't say your experience will be just like mine. What I can say is I've met many others who have had the exact same experience, If not a better experience than what I'm telling you right now, It's completely possible to completely rock it and and your network engineering career and make a ton of money now, Like I said it's gonna vary based on where you are and how much time you're willing to invest.

Like I mean cuz, You have to and I'll go into more of how you can market yourself and how to really get a good offer from a company and and but I'll, Tell you this engineers who are stagnant, Who stay in one place. T don't make as much because the company t have you and t're t're gonna, Give you incremental raises every year if that base near performance. But the real money comes in when you make a change when you move to different company which is harder on you right, But it totally worth it. I can. I can tell you that from experience now, I'm at the point in my career, Where I could make a lot more if I wanted to - and I've gotten job offers that pay me more but t're not what I want out of life.

It's not the kind of work style. I want my kind of work-life balance. I honestly, I never thought I would have that choice in my life, I'm so blessed to be in my position and you will be to network engineering has treated me good and it will you too, If you really try hard get in there hustle, If you contribute To the community, If you give back as much as you're given and you're gonna have a good time. Trust me so really, How much can a network engineer make it's up to you? It depends on what you want.

You depends on how hard you're gonna work. It depends on really how much you want to make it's like for me. I'm fine right where I'm at what I want is more freedom, More work-life balance for you, You may just want to get as much money as you can and you'll make. It trust me that your goal again, I can't vouch for you and your your specific situation, But I can vouch for mine and many others.

I'Ve seen there is a possibility for a lot of money for you, But anyways, That's my two cents. I hope that's encouraging. For you, If you're currently striving towards becoming network engineer and you're working on your CCNA, You need some kind of like carrot to look at to chase after. I hope that incentive will tell you what you need to do. Anyways, That's about it again.

This is part of the ten days of network Chuck, Giving stuff away for free thing. I'm giving away five of david' bambbles packet, Tracer CCNA Labs, Actually hold on a second Chuck, Five, Only five courses. I think we can do a little better than that. Today I mean it's like day: seven already, It's time to ramp it up. Christmas is here, So no we're not doing five today, We're gonna do ten and not just ten -.

The packet tracer courses now we're gonna bundle this. So, In addition to the packet tracer courses I'll be giving away the icnd1 and icnd2 course from David bumble, So that's gonna be there and you know what to sweeten the pot a little bit more. I'm gonna throw in the Python for network engineers course as well. So I think that's pretty good right now. We can do better than that.

Let's go ahead and throw in the gene s3 course as well, Because you, Like I mean you're gonna - have to do gns3 after you're done with your CCNA right. So that's we're! Gonna do so ten winners today, You're gonna get the packet tracer course, The IC and v1 and icnd2 a CCNA course the Python course and the gns3 course that's gonna be awesome, So any ways to enter there's a link below click.

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