Here's the question she said: how long do you think it would take to prepare for the season icnd1 two to three months? That's a great question: there's two ways approach that one: if you have experience your approach will be totally different than someone that's brand new to IT or networking. So, Let's start with the person as brand new to IT.

The first thing you want to do is print out the Cisco exam topics. I got a link in the description on where you can print these out, But what this does is it tells you everything. That's on the exam moving forward, This CCNA book by Thailand. It's a complete study guide for the icnd1 and icnd2.

I got a link in the description on how you can purchase it, But what I want to do for this article is a giveaway continue reading the article and I'm going to tell you how you can win a free copy of this Thailand eBook. I'm only going to give away one copy, So hopefully, If you're the lucky winner, This book helps us. You can go CCNA, , So this book is broken down in the soup. Rice, Like I said, Icnd1 and icnd2, The icnd1 portion has 14 chapters and about 580 pages the way the books broken down.

Is you have the chapter information t're, Not the end of the chapter. You have a lab and also overview questions. So what I would do is take, Maybe one or two days to read the chapter and then after that I will focus on the lab and also make note cards or the review questions. And once you had that information down move forward to the next chapter candle on your note cards in your lives and learning the next chapter, That's the way I would approach it.

So if you spent let's say four days on the 14 chapters, That's about 56 days which to me is about two months now. Let's combine articles into that. I use EveDumpsand I believe the icnd1 portion or EveDumpsis about six to eight hours. Don'T quote me on that, But let's just start there. If it's 68 68 hours not spend a whole day reading all six to eight hours of articles, I would at least break each article up into one day ensuring that you obtain all of the information before you move on to the next article.

400-007 Exam Dumps

So that's about six to eight days. We combine that, With the 56 days from the books now we're at about 64 days, Making sure that you're learning you still need about a week to study for the exam. So during that week, What should you be doing? You should be looking at your note cards.

You should be liveing the information and you should also be going over your exam topics to make sure that you know everything under each section. Once you have all that done. You'Re answering every question that you have on your note card. Even when you read articles - and t tell you something - live it up for yourself if you've never seen a broadcast or break out the switches and create a broadcast or if you never went past infinity on RIT go past infinity on risk.

In other words, Go past. Fifteen hops on rip and see what happens, Make sure you dive in into this information to have a deep and thorough understanding having a strong foundation of the entire OS. Our model subnetting. Well, Just everything.

That's in networking will make you more valuable in the long run, Because I know money is for a lot of. You is to go. But besides that, If you desire to be that network engineer that senior engineer or one data architect, Trust me as an architect, You need to be able to have a strong foundation of what goes into a network. Let's keep our settings give away.

What I want you to do to win the tile and ebook is hashtag your career goal. So if your career goal is to be a network engineer, Has that network engineer, But your career goal is be a system administrator has test this Administrator and tell me what you think about this article I'm going to give away one copy. So once this article reaches, Let's say 75 likes, I will pick a winner and I will marry you.

This is your neighbor free of charge, Good luck on the contest now for you that are in the field and you desire to get a DNA. If you have 1, 2 3 years, Let's say have networking experience if you're working on, Let's say DTP, Multiple switches, Your configuring routes, Doing ETI, GRP or OSPF, Or even rip in your networks, You're working on administrative distances, Your troubleshooting and up links and all that good Stuff for you, You may be able to take 30 to 45 days to prepare for your CCNA 30 days, Just to go over the information and, Let's say a week to 15 days, Just to cram for the test, Because trust me, We are cramming for tests. A lot of that information you may not obtain, But . I still go over my note cards just because you never know when our interview comes and you got to be prepared for it set up our sums it up in the comment section below know what to do to get a free copy of the CCNA book.

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