How long does it take to take the CCNA exam? Many friends who want to enter the Internet industry must be eager to try Cisco certification. At EveDumps, there are really many zero-based students. No matter what, you start from scratch. The most important thing is you. Take that first step. So how long does it take to take the 0-based CCNA exam?

First, it depends on what learning method you use. If you are self-study, you can’t be sure when you use it. The main thing depends on your personal understanding. Of course, you also need to look at your own < b>Self-learning ability and whether basic knowledge can reach the level of self-study. Although CCNA is the most basic certification in Cisco certification, for a zero-based person, in the process of self-study There are bound to be many problems. It has a lot of content and is more complicated. For example, it will be a little difficult to get in touch with these new concepts at first. For beginners, the difficulty is still relatively large.

So, if you are not very talented and strong in self-control, if conditions permit, it is recommended that you should participate in Cisco's standard training. Because as the most basic certification of Cisco, only after participating in the training can you avoid detours, experience the core ideas of the Cisco certification system, and better find your own learning methods and development directions. This is for self-study of other high-end Curriculum, the effect will be more obvious. This is also related to your pursuit of a higher level of certification in the future. Moreover, the training fee of CCNA is not expensive. If there are discount activities, it can be done within 400 yuan.

So generally in training institutions, how long does it take to 0 basic CCNA exam? Take Siberian as an example, the approximate number of days to study is 24 days, a total of 28 class hours, so you don’t need to spend too much time in a day In the study of Sibo, at the same time you can better master the basics, why not do it?

Secondly, How long does it take to take the 0-based CCNA exam This question also depends on your goal, whether it is for the NA certificate or to learn the technology; in the former case As far as your personal development is concerned, there is no gold content, and the way to memorize the question bank may be feasible. If it is the latter, I suggest you take the ccnp or ccie certificate with higher gold content.

So how long does it take to take the 0-based CCNA exam? If you study in EveDumps, you can complete it in about 1 month, and the pass rate will be guaranteed. So if you have images in this regard, you can contact us!

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