The Internet industry is changing rapidly. In order to allow Cisco-certified network engineers to update their knowledge and skills in a timely manner, Cisco certification is valid. Friends who have passed Cisco certification need to complete re-certification to ensure that their certificates are valid. At the same time, this also proves that he understands the new technology of the Internet industry and keeps his own technology new at all times.

How long is the Cisco certification valid for? How do network engineers need to recertify?

The validity period of CCIE test scores

CCIE has two validity periods, one is the validity period of the test scores, and the other is the validity period of the certificate. Let's take a look at the validity period of the test results:
CCIE needs to pass the written test and the laboratory test twice before it can be obtained. The validity period of the CCIE written test is 36 months. After you pass the CCIE written test, you must ensure that you are in the 36 Take the CCIE lab exam at least once within a month. If you fail the written exam, you need to take the exam again at an interval of 15 days, but you must pass the lab exam within 3 years, otherwise the CCIE written exam result will be invalid, and you will have to take the exam again.
The CCIE lab test is valid for 2 years, that is, after passing the CCIE written test + CCIE Lab test, after successfully obtaining the ccie certificate number, you must re-certify the CCIE written test in any direction within 2 years. You will be reminded to activate your certificate by email a few months before the expiration date. If there is no re-certification within 2 years, the CCIE certificate in the third year will be in an inactive state, then if you want to activate the CCIE certificate at this time, you only need to retake the CCIE written test in any direction, which will be introduced later.

Certificate Validity

The CCIE certificate is valid for three years, which means that after three years, the Cisco certification in your hands will expire. Recertification must be completed by registering and passing the appropriate Cisco recertification exam, although there is now an additional option for individuals to recertify by completing study activities and earning Continuing Education points within three years. If you don't know your certification status, you can also check your certification status by visiting the Cisco Career Certification Tracker through Cisco's official website.

CCIE re-certification

CCIE can choose to pass any one of the expert-level certification exams, any one of the CCIE lab exams, any of the three professional optional exams, and one Completion of the technical core exam and passing one of the optional exams for any specialization, or passing one technical core exam and earning 40 CE credits, passing any two specialization concentration exams and earning 40 CE credits, passing Recertification is completed by earning 80 CE credits or earning 120 CE credits on the concentration exam in any one major.


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