How long does ccie lab produce results? Generally speaking, the results can be released on the same evening after the CCIE lab exam. If the exam time is Friday, the results may also be released on Monday morning.

One of the reasons for the high status of CCIE is the lab exam

Why we always say that CCIE is of great value, one of the most important reasons is its difficulty and professionalism. To obtain the CCIE certification, you need to pass -
1. CCIE qualification test (ie written test, 2 hours) test fee: $400
2. CCIE lab exam (ie Lab, 8 hours) Exam fee: $1,900 for the mobile test room and $1,800 for the test center.
So CCIE Lab refers to the experimental test of CCIE, and this difficult test subject is also the key factor of CCIE's high value. Compared with the pure theoretical exams of CCNA and CCNP, CCIE cannot rely solely on the question bank to be opportunistic. It requires candidates to have a solid theoretical foundation and practical skills. Obtaining the ccie certificate is undoubtedly the best recognition of the strength of a network engineer.

How to take the CCIE LAB test?

The design part of 3 hours in the morning, like the previous Diag, will give materials, answer questions according to the materials, no equipment can be accessed. Like Cisco's written test, this part cannot be returned to the previous questions, so you must be careful when choosing, make sure there is no problem and then click on the next question.
5 hours in the afternoon DOO (Deploy-Operate-Optimize), similar to the previous CFG, completes the configuration according to the needs, there is no separate TS module, and it is integrated into the DOO test together.

How to prepare for the test in the end

Seeing such a difficult test content and format, many candidates will quit. In fact, you don't need to worry too much, because for CCIE LAB, before preparing for the test, we recommend that you make a study time schedule, and students can complete the content of the schedule every day. If you are studying CCIE with zero foundation, it will take 6 months in total. If you already have the basic knowledge of CCNA and CCNP, it will take 4 months. Of course, this time is the time when candidates ensure that they study strictly in accordance with the courses planned by Sibo. For zero-based candidates, half a year of study can be exchanged for CCIE is also very worthwhile. Many candidates participating in the training are office workers, they need their own working time, and studying CCIE usually takes advantage of weekend time. Therefore, in these 6 months, candidates do not need to study CCIE all the time.


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