Today's we're going to be discussing how I prep for a CCNA 200 301 certification exam, Is something that you will have to do, Whether you're in a university or in school or You'Re prepping for a technical certification or any certification for that matter. My first tip is very stupid, But it is technically true and that's study you have to put in the time if you do not put in the time to earn your certification and take the time to study. Then you're not going to make it very far. Most of the exams, If not all exams, Are going to be worded sometimes differently.

That can trip you up and if you do not understand the technologies or the topics that you are studying when you get to the exam, You may not do so. Well, A couple resources that I use is evedumps 200 301 dumps. This is an online training center is great.

My second thing that I use is the official cert guide books for ccna cisco, I'm now working on my encore exam, And I use that certification book to help me study. My third thing that I use is udemy. Udemy is also a website that you can purchase article courses off of, And these article courses range from pretty much any topic you can even do stuff, That's not technical and really any resource that you can find.

I even use youtube a lot of times youtube. Articles are great youtube, Has a lot of resources so be sure to also research on youtube some topics, But be very careful, Because sometimes you could run across someone. That is explaining the topic and t may not know it as well, And you may get misinformation so be sure you research, The article that you're looking look at the technical background of that person and also reference multiple sources. Sometimes you don't make time to study depending on your lifestyle. You could be very busy, But I I just recommend that everyone really takes the time to study.

Now. I know that seems simple, But again, Depending on your schedule, You may be married. You may have kids, You may work a full-time job or all the above, And those sometimes can get in the way of your study time, Even if it's just five minutes be sure to study - and that is my first thing that I always do to prepare for An exam, My second thing that I do to prepare for an exam is picking a date now, Whether you're going to pick a date mentally or you sit down on the calendar and say this is the day that I want to take the test one or two Of those things now for me for my ccna exam actually did set out, And I said I I think I can be prepared for both exams within six months and go take the icnd1 within three months of studying and then go take the icnd2 for the Full ccna within two to three months, And I said to both exam: I went and did it I actually passed. First try picking an exam date can sometimes benefit you and ways that it can benefit.

You is if you set that exam date. It's going to pressure. You and it's going to give you a time frame and if you put the money where the mouth is so to speak, You go ahead and cash in and pay for that exam.

It's going to force you to go ahead and take the exam on that day. Whether you're ready or not, Now you can cancel the exam if you do feel you're not ready, And that is one thing I do recommend if you get to your exam day and you honestly do not feel ready, Cancel it. There's no shame in that.

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Just reschedule it it's not that big of a deal, But if you do feel prepared - and you do think that you can be done by a certain time schedule your exam. It's going to give you motivation to finish it by a certain time frame and again, If you physically mark it down and you pay for it, That's great. Another option is mentally set a time frame for yourself mentally, Say. I think I can prepare within two months. Three months, Four months, Whatever the time frame is, But it has to be compatible with you, Don't set an unrealistic time frame for yourself, Don't say I want to complete my ccnp exam within three weeks.

That's going to be a lot of studying and you're going to be drained. Don'T do that, Set a reasonable time frame for your exam and get it done. My third thing I do when preparing for an exam is finding my weaknesses. Now you can do a couple of different things to find your weaknesses.

You can take plastics. Excuse me practice. You can plastics. Excuse me practice.

You can take practice exams, You can do labs. You can do pretty much anything, A great resource that I use to find. My weaknesses is actually a paid software called bosonic samsung. These are great.

I use it for my cnd one and two, And actually most of the time t do have some pretty good deals going on I'll, Be sure to link all of these resources down in the description check. These out also what I really like about them, Is when you are taking an exam and you're you're going through these questions, T're going to be worded almost identical and when I say almost identical, T're not going to be the same questions that are on the Exam, But t are worded very similar enough to you feel, Like you're, Taking the actual exam and most of the time, I've noticed that the actual exam from boson is a lot harder. So t are extremely great, But one thing that I'd like to point out about them that makes them so so important when you're taking the exam with boson. If you miss something, It tells you why you missed it. This is extremely beneficial, Especially when you have so many topics to cover in technical certifications, The exams when you take them. If you miss something, It will tell you where you got it wrong.

Why you got it wrong and also it gives you references to cisco official documentation and also the books? My fourth tip for how I prep for my exam is actually the week prior to your exam. Be sure that you don't over study yourself so you're going to want to make sure that you have taken the time to study that week, But you're also going to want to make sure that you don't overdo it. Mental fatigue is real and when you're doing cisco certifications or any certification like that, You will probably get burned out at some time.

I can speak for this myself. Once I completed my ccna, I told myself that I was going to jump straight into the ccnp. I actually didn't end up doing that. I took my ccna exam and I actually relapsed so to speak and I waited. I waited a pretty long time and unfortunately, Because of that I wasn't taking the time to catch up on topics. I wasn't reading over any material in the inevitable happen.

I ended up forgetting some of the stuff that I learned in the ccna and then I have to go back and refresh myself on that now. That is something you don't want to do, But a week prior to your exam be sure not to over push yourself. Don'T don't don't concentrate on.

I need to study 16 hours because I'm taking the exam next week focus on your hard hit areas stuff. That really hits you hard. So if you're struggling with the igrp study, Eigrp boson exams are also great for that, Because not only will t help, You learn from your mistakes, But t'll also tell you your weakness areas and what chapters those correlate to the book in so again, I can't Recommend them enough.

My fifth and final tip for how I study and prep for my exams is the day of it's. Stressful you're gonna have butterflies in your stomach, You're gonna. Think. Surely I'm gonna fail, No matter what I try, I'm going to fail this exam and that's normal.

That's that's human! That's part of being human you're going to think that, No matter how hard you prepped for your exam that you are going to fail for both exams, I said in the car I'm somebody that has a lot of anxiety and I thought that I was going to Die my my butterflies were turning in my stomach. It was running through my head. Well, When I fail, I'm gonna have to take it again. That was the way I was thinking and it was not positive thinking.

You need to be thinking when I pass. What is my next step so when you get there, If, Let's say you're, Taking the exam and you're going to have to go in person now, I can't vouch for the online exams that t're doing now, Because I haven't had to do that yet. But when you are taking the exam and you get there relax, I know that's hard to do here's some tips. For that I listened to music.

I found some music that I really enjoyed listening to. I played it my first time going into the exam, My icnd1 and my icnd2. My second time I made a huge mistake by studying, While I was in the car I mentally fatigued myself. I clogged my brain with stuff and by the time I got into the exam it actually made it worse. Had I had listened to music and relaxed like I did on my second exam, Even though on my second exam, I did cram a little bit when I got there. I still thought about it.

I was like . I made this mistake. The first time around I'm gonna be , Start listening to music, Relaxing so just be sure to chill relax, Breathe, Lay your seat back close your e don't fall asleep, Close your e breathe, Listen to the music focus, Don't don't sit there and focus on the exam Or anything like that focus on yourself for a moment and tell yourself everything's going to be pass or fail, I'm gonna make it the next day.

That's going to be it for this article . I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope that somebody will come across this and it will help you with your certifications, Whether it be for your ccna and pie, Whatever certification you're going for. I really hope this article is beneficial to you.

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