I'm going to talk about the new ccna 200 301 exam . Actually, I just took the exam like it's been 10 days, Less than 10 days and here's my report is: what's going on so I'm going to share my experience with you and I'm trying. I will try to make it short . So before all before everything, I am a ccie certified, So here's the story. It was like a couple weeks ago, I was searching on social media for something and I noticed a lot of people.

T were talking about the new ccna exam and t were like . This exam is so hard even with like certified people. The exam is so hard. This is the second time we are taking it and I keep failing and stuff. This is harder than ccie and I was like what what the hell, How it's even possible it's harder than ccna.

So I got curious, . The story for me was like the stories. It was all out of curiosity for me, So I say: , It, Let's take the exam, So I registered and I'm going to talk about it a little and I just wanna, I just wanna, Say the new version. It's so different compared to the last version, The last version when you enter the exam, If you remember or if I don't know, If you took it or not, But the last version there were like 60 questions, All types of like questions simulation fill In the blank multiple choices fill in the blank multiple choices, Tesla, The mixture of all like all kind of questions, So . That was the case and it was.

It was deep. It was not hard, But it was deep. So when you go out of the exam it was like . I got something but with the new version, It's that's not the case. Uh, The new version, It's more than 100 questions and the duration of exam is 120 minutes. So less than less than one minute for each like each question, So that's the case and horrible, But no simulation.

I don't know why cisco is doing this, But no simulation with this exam. More than for me, It was like more more than 70 percent of it. It was multiple choices, So that's the case and I'm go.

I actually the main reason that this is the first time I'm recording something when I uploaded on youtube, Because I noticed an issue in last five years, With all the students with the people who wants to learn cisco. The wireless thing to do is to register for online classes like with all those websites like cbt nuggets or ine. These are my favorite and no offense to those t're doing a really good job, Not saying everything. That's not enough! That t're, Covering the whole all the topics, The whole subject, T're covering it and that's that's a really good thing, But t're not teaching you exam purpose.

So that's that's the main reason I'm recording this. I just want to say with the last version that was enough. You, You read the article you like you, You see! What's going on and you, You put it on practice in your lab in like if you have equipment, You just put it like just just practice in your equipment or you you, You try genius to your packet, Tracer . That was the case before now. It's different.

Those articles are not going to help you unfortunately, Bad news for you it's not going to help you and I'm sure about what I'm saying, Because I I took a lot of exams but with this one. It's different with this new ccna is different, So when I registered for the exam I was like. I have two weeks.

Cisco 350-501 Practice Questions

I have to practice for an exam. What can I do uh? Obviously, Two weeks is not enough for, Like just starting from for start from the scratch and like read everything and go just like study everything that was not the case. For me, I . I just jumped right into questions.

I was like . I have two weeks. I don't have time for anything. I I just try to solve questions.

That was the case for me and obviously it was easier for me like compared to the people who wants to start like t just entered the cisco cisco world . It was easier for me like i, I got like I'm a ccI certified, So that was that was not that hard, But . I I wanna, I wanna show the way, , That the thing with this exam is it's so different, And you need to start with the book. . 100 start with the book don't like if, If you're interested with articles and like all those online courses, Take them and just put it aside, If you need it, If like read the books, If you don't understand anything like go, Read the articles, But start With the booth get your highlight and just highlight everything every any like, If you see any important, If you see any important like information in the books, Just highlight it with this exam, I hate to say it, But with this kind of exam you have to Memorize stuff, Unfortunately - and I don't know why cisco is doing this, But no simulation and all 100 and more than 100 questions of, Do you remember this? Do you remember that t just hit you with this? T hit you with facts like what what protocol is this? What protocol is that? That was not the case before like like with the last version.

T just give you simulations like three. There were like three simulations and the questions t were deep like when you go out of exam. You were happy and, Like you were like I got something but with this.

This exam no simulations you have to memorize stuff . If you want to pass the exam, That's the case, You have to memorize stuff. It's not going to help you with your career with like in the future. If you want to get the job like in like networking or network administration or like network project management or whatever, It's not going to help you.

But if you want the certification you have to do it, You just take a book just the official, The cisco's official book just take them and start reading from the scratch just start reading and highlight stuff memorize stuff. After you finish, You need to practice. You need to practice with the questions you have to start solving the questions. That's that's the only way, In my opinion, For passing.

If you want a high like high score, You have to do this so like this is my certification like here so my passing score was 825. I got exactly 825. I was lucky my ass still burning for the 320 euros that I paid, But whatever so that was . My exam was like this.

I passed but . This is the way in my opinion. This is the way you have to study the book and practice again, I hate to I hate to say it, But don't waste your time on simulations, Don't do not waste if you have like two weeks or three weeks, Do not waste your time in. On packet, Tracer or gns3, Or whatever any any leaks simulation app that you're using do not waste your time. Just focus on the book and you're gonna make it.

If you do this, 100 you're gonna make it but with just with the articles and like like you, You're like , Let's let me read the articles and I will put it on practice within my janus3 you're, Not to make it like this. You have to memorize some stuff and analyze it: , When you're reading just try to analyze, Because the questions t're all about connections between like layers between protocols and do not miss a single thing like don't be like , I am, I don't understand . I don't know it's stp or, Like I don't stp election or whatever or administrative distance or like automation like json or stuff. I don't understand, I just skip it.

I will make it up with another topic. It's not going to be like that. Personally, In my exam, There were more than 10 questions related to administrative distance and an ipv4 site and submitting, I think, Like 10 questions about submitting. T need to like subnet networks, And you have to submit the networks and atmospheric distance . So do not miss anything.

You might see like 10 questions about wireless security, So it's gonna, Be it's not gonna help you if you skip stuff so do not skip and read the books. That's it uh! That's my suggestion and 100. If you do this, You're gonna make it so . That's it. If you have any questions, You can just comment it for me. I will answer it.

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