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There are other minor mistakes, do not remember clearly, about a total of six or seven

Pre-match with the usual place is different:

1. SW3 / SW4 / R15 / R16 ospf no pre-allocation, remember to declare vlan, the beginning of a leak caused by the back of R101 has been unable to obtain IP;

R101 mac address with the usual difference, go go and confirm go R15 dhcp pool configuration

2. SW1 / R11 / R12 ospf pre-configured with a good but to check router-id, and some do not

3. AS65001 part of the mpls ip open, mpls ldp router-id lo0 all to own allocation

4. SW10 / SW11 has added vlan 100,101 acquiescence gns3 ccie voice lab

My strategy for passing the CCNP: and of course study study study Lab Lab and then study & Lab some more. gns3 ccie voice lab

What is the CCIE Colla LAB Exam Certification?

CCIE Colla LAB certifications are valid for 24 months. To maintain active status, every 24-months candidates have the flexibility and option to recertify it before the CCIE Colla LAB certification expiration date.