Are, You excited to get your ccnp 350 701 security from cisco systems. Well, You should be we'll tell you all about it in this episode of getting started with ccnp security.

That's all that's in the library, As I record this, But you never know, I taught two of the courses that are required to take and then pass exams on when it comes to the ccnp security, And I have in the studio here with me. For those of you familiar with it pro tv, You won't be surprised, My dear friend and the host of both the courses that we built here at itpro tv for the ccnp security and ronnie. As you remember, It was all about score, In fact, Don pizzette, One of the founders of it pro tv ronnie and I came in one day and he had a score candy bar on each of our desks, And I pointed out because I'm a stickler for Spelling that it's misspelled but ronnie and I did eat the candy bars promptly.

T were delicious. Yes, So let's do this ronnie, Let's walk our the students through first of all, What are those requirements? What classes are we talking about when you go to the exams page on the latest greatest you see something that t really did a good job of thinking through there is one required core exam. You don't have to take it first, But you must take it at some point in order to achieve this certification and it's 350-701 score and score of course, Stands for implementing and operating cisco security, Core technologies and thanks to don pizzat here at itpro tv I'll, Always Think of a candy bar and get hungry when I mention that title but score is your required core exam. It is your ccie written qualification exam for the lab.

If you were interested in the ccie security lab exam. So it's a two-for-one here and then you choose from a growing list of what I call electives and I just can't get it through my head to call them anything else, But t're, Officially called concentration exams. So you're gonna pick one of those now ronnie you and I looked at the list and we were looking over the list and we said well clearly the most popular concentration exam is going to be sncf.

That's securing networks with cisco firepower right, And we just knew that fire power would be the most in demand and that's the concentration exam that we are, Of course, That we put together to allow students to get through that exam ronnie. The exams are very similar to each other the s, The score concentration exam had a 102 questions on it and firepower didn't, But it was like, I think, 64 questions and t were in similar style, Similar level of difficulty just very similar. The two exams for right now we have to remember that exam formats can always change and that's why I would definitely recommend you subscribe to the youtube channel and even turn on the notifications feature, Because the second t manipulate the score or sncf exam.

An easy way for ronnie or I or both of us to educate you about that change is to create one of our critical update, Youtube episodes. So it's a really valuable reason to subscribe. I would encourage you to do that. So what we have here, Though, Is really two exams, Even though it lists three different courses, The recommended training. We actually broke it down into two courses on the it pro tv courses.

Cisco 350-401 Practice Questions

Instead, Thank you for pointing that out. That was another huge decision that ronnie and I made here.

I p s, Courses that cisco put together and we were looking at that and we were like oh my gosh. T broke out the fire power into firewalling versus intrusion prevention and then there's a tremendous amount of redundancy in those two courses, As you can only imagine so we decided oh gosh we're going to put together one many articles. We probably did about 50 or 60 articles right, Because we taught both the intrusion, Prevention capabilities, As well as the firewall capabilities in that one course, So that was a great way to do it all right.

Let's talk about the getting ready for the exam as well. We had to go into pearson view essentially register there and you have to make sure you have the exam number itself, Because it's not going to tell you what the name of the exam is going to be. But you want to take one exam at a time and of course right now, If you do so, You'll probably take it underneath the at home. At some point, So you'll have to follow those guidance and actually be able to take an exam from home, And I believe, Anthony actually has another youtube article that actually talks about what we can do to make sure that we're all prepared in our environment for taking The exam from home, I've, Finally gotten over ronnie you'll, Be happy to know because ronnie's, Like my he's my therapist, I I mean oh, My gosh.

Did I not like that at first testing at home, Like it, It's just super stressful. You know, I'm always stressed that I'm going to do something wrong and t're going to kick me out of the test right, And it did happen to me. My my united states driver's license had expired, And so I'm sitting there all ready to get my butt kicked by the data center core exam from cisco systems and t're. Like sorry, No test for you soup, NazI reference from the hit show seinfeld .

So no test for you, So that was not a fun night but notice that would have happened to me at the testing center. But you know what I've been freaked out about it. Testing at home is no matter how many times I've told my 18 year old daughter, Don't enter this room.

She's gonna forget and walk into the room behind me the minute t see someone on camera behind you. T fail you now I'm getting off into a tangent of how to test at home, But I won't do that. Just know that once you get the hang of it now, I'm hooked on it and I'm testing at home, Like it seems like every week and loving it.

So all right, Ronnie, So excellent, T're gonna head up here to pearson view you can see. I'Ve gone to the pearson view site. T just go four test takers schedule, An exam t'll type in cisco right here to be brought to the cisco systems home page. If you will of this website, T'll sign in over here with their cisco credentials and t're off and running, Ah t're, Not cisco credentials, T're t're, Not your ciscocom credentials, T're the pearson of youtube, T're, The pearson view system so these exams are tough.

T are definitely not as I'm working with the data center track right now at it pro tv, And that is by far the data center core the toughest of all these new exams. I'Ve encountered yet, But these aren't too too bad. But what do you think ronnie and I do for you in our score and sncf classes here at itprotv? We give you the tools that you need to be successful and we talk about the level of knowledge. You need topic by topic as we are going through.

Now why might you want the ccnp security? Well, The ccnp security is hyper, Focused for the most part on cisco solutions for securing your enterprise network and t're one of the biggest players in that space. So it's an excellent certification when you know that you're going to be working with things like adaptive, Security appliances, Fire power devices, Stealth read devices,Brella software, Amp, The advanced malware protection, Cisco is building a massive portfolio of security products and if you feel you're going To be working with those, This is a very valuable certification for you. If you're going to be going to work at an exclusively juniper shop.

Well, It's just not a value to you really right like if there is no cisco gear in your enterprise. I don't necessarily recommend these classes, But I will say, Though, Ronnie right in fairness, The score exam it really. It did have just a ton of general security, Cyber security content. So there is that aspect to it.

Well, We sure are thrilled that you joined us for this, How to get started with the ccnp security, And if you have questions for ronnie or I about this, You have the comments area below this article. So by all means, Let us know if we can answer any questions for you on this lofty pursuit of the ccnp security and ronnie. I suppose it's more important than ever, Because there's no more ccna security.

Now that you have known about the fact, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable Cisco 350-401 Practice Questions provider like that of the EveDumps.


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