so you want to get your ccnp 350 401 enterprise, But you're not exactly sure how to get started. Well, Let me help you out here so, As you actually take a look at it, The great thing is, You no longer have to earn your ccna to get to a ccnp, So you already have some networking knowledge. If you choose to, You can jump right into a ccnp track and then you're off and ready to go.

The ccnp enterprise is by far the most popular ccnp level, Certifications out there. That's a cisco certified professional level exam, And this is probably the one that most people are going to want to jump into. Let's take a look at my screen and let's make sure that we understand the tracks that we see so, If you're actually pursuing this, Even though we do have entry level and we do have the associate level, You do not have to begin there and that's what I was trying to emphasize: if you choose to, You, Can jump right into the professional level certification if you choose now by doing the professional level certification, There's actually two different exams that you'll have to take. One is a core exam and then the other one is going to be some type of concentration exam.

So we're going to be looking specifically at the idea of the ccnp enterprise. But there are different ones. That will also lead to different other ccnps.

For you and then two specialist cpc professional level exams that are also out there for you to earn professional level certifications so on the enterprise track. This is the one that is most aligned to the nature of actually doing the networking that you probably did learn in your ccna and focusing in on really routing and switching and enterprise level, Routing and switching as well. So when you start to take a look at that, One remember that there's going to be a core exam. So if I select ccnp enterprise here that can take me into well. This view and you'll see that everybody has to take this on core exam, And that is for the enterprise core technologies that you actually be taking a look at, And so this particular exam is something that you want to make sure you get the details behind and When you select that one, You can actually then see, Of course, The different topics that are covered: everything from architecture to virtualization, Networking infrastructure, As well as assurance, Security and, Of course, In the end here, Automation, Which is still the wave of the future for us.

So those are the core technologies that of course well cisco, As well as the rest of the industry, Expects you to have at least the working knowledge of and be conversant in, The different topics that we're talking about. Now. I recommend, Of course, As you start with this, You want to download a copy of this for your study, So that way you know that you're actually studying the correct topics.

Now, Once you've picked once you actually have selected that you're going to go through that and do the study that you need to and then register for the exam we'll talk about the registration in just a moment together. Now, Once you do, That here is where you can go into the concentration for the ccnp enterprise. There is this 300-410 or sometimes you actually hear it called a narcy, The implementing cisco enterprise, Advanced routings and services. This one is a highly technical exam and much more focused in the technologies that we'll be talking about, And what that means is more implementation, A lot more hands-on knowledge that you have to have to be able to sit for this exam as well.

Cisco 300-810 Practice Questions

So when you actually take both of those and you actually earn both them, You don't have to take them at the same time. You can take one and then, Of course, Once you finish studying for that one, You can also come and download the exam topics. For this one as well - and you actually see where t focus in on layer 2 vpn technologies for nrc, As well as infrastructure, Security and infrastructure services, This one I'm not going to lie to you. It is a challenging exam and actually expects you to have a whole lot deeper knowledge into that exam. So you want to take some time and some energy and make sure you focus in on that now in terms of getting started.

Well, How do you actually choose to do that once you have the exam objectives on hand, You, Of course, Will need some type of resources, Whether it's actually buying some type of study, Guide and textbook to help you out or you can do like what we have Here at it, Pro tv is through it pro tv over on the left hand side. Here we have our courses that you can go to and then you can of course, Select the cisco which I've got to find here, The cisco section and from there you have all the topics that you'll need notice that we have the inner. We have the enterprise encore, As well as the one for design and here's the one for narcy. These are courses that anthony square and I have actually developed to actually help you to get through those topics, But you also want to be able to take advantage of things like practice, Tests that are also out there and available still the same categories as you come Through you'll see, Here's encore and here's also a narcy for you as well that you can take advantage of, And of course, There are some virtual labs now these labs, Depending on whether or not our partner, Has actually lined it up well right now we still have The older the iteration before, But these should also help you to get some hands-on knowledge as you work through the topics that you actually find inside the ccnp enterprise. So make sure you take advantage of that, Because the hands-on is actually where you're going to actually get a lot of the questions, Especially in that nrc exam as well. Now, Once you feel prepared that you're ready to take the exam make sure you go to.

Of course, Peterson view and in pearson view you're going to register for those exams, So you'll need those exam numbers and you'll schedule for an exam as a test taker. And then you actually see ready, Set and test you'll type in cisco systems. And, Of course, From that point that will lead you to the vendor page and you'll sign in.

If you already have a previous account, If you do not you'll create a new account and once you do, That, You'll need, Of course, The exam name that you're actually taking, As well as the exam number and you'll go through there and you'll register for each one And you're actually still doing this. As far as the at the time of the recording of this article, You may still be able to take this from home, But as of course, As time progresses, You may actually end up taking in a test taking center as well and so you'll end up paying. For those exams too, So you'll register for that at your particular time. You'll also, Of course, Have to pay for those exams and then you'll be ready to continue to move forward, As you actually succeed and pass those exams, And once you actually pass the encore, As well as the nrc exam that will earn you the ccnp enterprise.

Now that is not the end for you, If you actually choose to. Of course, There is an expert level certification, But at least in getting started in the ccnp enterprise. Those are kind of the steps that will actually help you out and we actually showed you some of the resources that you can do as well right here. So take advantage of them and we'll see you in the future. .

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