In this article we'll be seeing some free cyber security courses that are offered by cisco and all the courses which we'll be seeing in this. Article are self-paced online courses, So you can complete it whenever you have free time and you can just take these courses at the comfort of your home.

So before we see what are those courses and how you can enroll in it? If you haven't subscribed to our channel, Let kindly do that. First, Click on the subscribe button and the bell icon. That appears after that, So you will get a notification whenever I upload a article like this, And you can also join our telegram channel and follow us on instagram and facebook.

I'll give you all. The link in description do check it out and visit answersqcom website. If you want to know more about free online courses offers that are running in different e-learning websites, Job updates, Internships workshops and other online events. So you have a lot of useful resources of that and answer skew website so make use of it, And I just want to tell you something about coursera here.

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What a lot of people are doing is . T are going for individual programs, So t are paying somewhere between 3000 to 6000 rupees per month for one particular program which t choose. It might be a course or a specialization, But that's a lot of money for one particular program. So what you can do instead is you can go for their monthly plan and pay just 436 per month and get access to the entire coursera platform.

See here, You will get access to all the courses. Guided projects: specializations professional certification, Pro programs, Everything in coursera at this rate, With this offer with this monthly subscription - I mean so make use of it. If you want to learn anything in coursera, Go with their monthly plan and save a lot of money and develop your skills, And if you want to support me in any way, You can just make use of my link, Which I have given in description and take This course this monthly offer. So now let us move on and see the free cyber security courses that are offered by cisco one by one. First, One is introduction to cyber security, So this is a basic level course.

If you want to understand the fundamentals of cyber security, You can take this course, And this is a free course. You can see here. It's a free of course program. You do not have to purchase or pay for anything, And this is a six hour course, And it is an estimated time, But you can complete it before six hours or you can take it up to 10 hours. So that is why these are self-paced online courses.

Cisco 200-301 Practice Questions

You can complete at your own pace and, As I said, This is a beginner level course, And these are the different topics which will be covered. Cyber security administration threat analysis system safeguards, Network defense, And then you learn about some resources which can help you get cyber security, Related jobs as well, And finally, After completing all these things in this program, You will get this course batch introduction to cyber security from Cisco networking academy, As well so after completing the program you can get the batch, As I said, And if you just want to know what you'll be learning in each of these sections, You can just scroll down, You can see here t have given what you'll Be learning by section wise, Like what you'll be learning in section one, Two: three, So you can just go through it if you want so this is the first course introduction to cyber security. Next one is cyber security essentials, So this is a long course. It's given as a beginner level course, But what I believe is maybe you will be learning a bit more advanced topic in this program, So first take this one here.

First, Take this introduction to cyber security course and then move on to this cyber security essentials. If you want to take these programs and for this course, You have 30 hours content, And this is also your free course you do not have to pay for anything. Let's take a look at what are the topics that will be covered, So cyber security literacy is the first one and then you learn about data defense, Network protection, Product expertise and then few more topics are given here. Like security response, Data breach analysis, Asset protection, Cyber security policies and procedures, And then, Finally, After completing all these topics, You can get this course badge for cyber security essentials course and again, If you just want to know what you'll be learning in each of these section, You can just scroll down and see that, So this is the second one. Cyber security essentials third course is networking essentials.

So this is a 70 hours course, And this is also a free of cost program. So you do not have to pay for anything that you are seeing in this article and it's a beginner level course and you'll be learning about networking basics. Networking protocol basics, Network, Services, Basics, Home networking and then you'll be learning about cisco networking as well and after completing this course.

You can get this networking essentials course badge from cisco. So this is the third one in the list, Networking essentials. So these are the three free courses that are offered by cisco for learning cyber security and now to enroll.

In this course, We need a account in this platform . So, First just click on this icon and then you'll be landing on this page here and here, If you already have account, You already know how to take the courses. This is for people who are coming to this platform for the first time.

So just click on sign up and once you click on sign up here, You will be landing on this page why you can create your account in this platform, Using your google account or if you have a cisco netacad account. You can use that as well and fill in the details. If you do not want to use either your google or rent account account just fill in your details here and then just click on this create account. So let me just log in to my account and catch up after that. So now I have logged into my account.

You can see here answers queue once you log into your account. What you have to do is you have to click on this get started button. Just click on it, So that's it now we have enrolled in this course introduction to cyber security and on the left side you can see all the course contents. You can go through it, One by one and after completing all the course content.

You have to take assessment as well and after completing the assessment successfully, You can get a batch for this particular course from cisco. So to get that batch. What you have to do is you can just click on my learning here and then you'll be moving on to this page, And in this page you can see all the courses in which you have enrolled in so far and if you just move on to the Completed tab here you can see the courses which you have completed and, If you scroll down in the achievement section under a water tab, You'll be able to get the batches for the courses which you have completed. So this is how you need to get the badge after completing the course in this platform. So I hope you will find this article useful if you want to get more updates about free online courses subscribe to answers, Q and press the bell icon so that you will get a notification whenever I upload a article like this, And you can also join our Telegram channel and follow us on instagram and facebook.

I'll give you all. The link in description do check it out.

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