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How do I do that? I clicked shoot and the computer shut and that's what happened but hold on a second though I'm playing online and the guy I shot, Isn't just in the game he's actually playing a game somewhere far away from me. How did my bullet get all the way to him actually come here with me, Real, Quick? so that bullet has to fly over this Ethernet cable.

All the way down here come on. Let's go down here! You notice my wall jack here. What let's go? It goes into my idea to my network stuff here in my rack: come through my walls to my switch to my router and firewall, Then to my modem. Where does that go come on? Well, It was my 1885 robots and then , The Internet.

You probably saw that coming right, Like Chuck, We play online on the internet when we play call of duty with other people, But what happens after that, When I fire that bullet? Where else does it go? I'Ve already shown you how it goes through your entire network. This is what you have right now, If you're playing call of duty online. This is your local area network, But what happens when we go outside your home to the van or the wide area network? Let's see and the internet will just be more routers, Just someone else's routers hip-hopping across great distances, And that's all the internet really is just a bunch of routers connected. But of course it's not just routers you'll have switches here, Firewalls just all kinds of stuff.

In all these different networks, But the cool thing is: is that in the blink of an eye as fast as you could fire a bullet in Call of Duty, That's how fast things are going across all these routers until finally, Your bullet flies all the way to The call of duty servers but hold on not finally not yet because your bullet has intended to call of duty, But now call duty has to send your bullet to the guy who's about to get a shot. So again, We go back up to the internet, BAM back to the router, And this could be another path hopping from router to router, To router until it finally arrives at my brother's house, Because he is the one I shot and it will hit his modem. S router, His switch travel through his Ethernet cable to is ps4 and he gets shot crap now. Why did I show you this? Why? Why would I show you how a bullet can travel across the Internet? Well, I did it as a test.

What I'm hoping is, If you saw this, You would go wow. I want to know more about how that works. I want to do something like that. If that was you, This course is for you, The CCNA is for you, Because what I just showed you is what you'll be learning in the CCNA networking how networks work.

Now, If you look at this, The networking we have now is pretty complex, But the goal is the same as it was 20. 30. 40 years ago.

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I want my computer to talk to another computer. I want to share data with that computer. I want to hang out that's that's all we want to do and that's how networks came about it was one computer saying . I have all this data I want to share with another computer and I can't do that right now without a lot of effort.

So you know what let's figure out a way to connect ourselves and that's where networking was born. We can still do this by the way you can use an Ethernet crossover cable just to connect two computers together, But mark he wanted to talk to mark over. Here was left out in the cold, Oh mark, So income switches and a switch will allow us to connect more than one computer together doesn't have to be. A computer can be a printer by the way.

Just so you know I'm glossing over this there's a lot more involved broadcast domains, MAC addresses VLANs, All kinds of stuff with switching so just know. This is just the tip of the iceberg, But if you like this you'll, Like the other stuff too now this is a network and a switch facilitates that all these computers are connected together. Their internet work together and t are having a blast talking to each other playing games whatever now, A switch can only handle so much before there are too many computers. Talking too many things talking a lot once and he's like. I can't I can't do this.

So what do we do? Well, We get another switch, Easy enough right so easy and we connect more computers and t have a blast or having a good time. Yes and the more computers I draw the O'War stay, Get you probably can even tell their computers anymore. Well, I should probably label my switches right and, Let's just call them switches, So you know what's going on now.

What we have here is essentially two networks. Let's call this network one and network -. We got a problem, Though. What if Bob over here, Wants to play a game with mark but t're not connected together? How do we solve that problem? Well, That's where routers come in routers, I'm not gonna draw one. I'm just gonna bring a router will help these two networks talk.

That's what routers do t help network to talk to each other, So we connect our switch up to our router bam bam and a high level view extremely high level view of how this one might work is Bob's like . I want to talk to mark so he says: mark are you here and everyone's like no Mark's, Not here so Bob's like huh? Well, Maybe he's over here. So he goes to the router says: router is Mark anywhere. Do you know about mark and the routers like ? I think I might know where he is BAM.

Mark is over here and now mark and Bob can talk to each other. So where does the internet come in? Well, This might be just one section of the Internet, So put them down here and we might have another router with another situation and by situation I mean another switch with a bunch of computers who just want to hang out with people and talk and play games And we connect these two routers together and the Internet is just this times a thousand. Now again, I've got to say this. If you were to pop the hood on the internet and look inside it's pretty complex, Like there's a lot of stuff going on so keep in mind, What I'm saying here is very high-level, But that should be exciting to you.

Like wow. I can't wait to learn more about how all this works and we'll definitely cover that. So we looked at our switch and we looked at a router. What about this guy? What's a firewall doing? Well, Simply he's protecting! You he's protecting your network now. As you may know, There are some bad people out there, Some bad dudes that want to attack your network that want to steal your information.

These hackers are constantly trying to find ways to steal your stuff and, While t'll try to get into your network, A good firewall will keep them out now again with networking, Routers and switches. We want to connect people, Connect, Computers, Connect devices, Smartphones and smart lights and all kinds of stuff, And that's a normally good. But then there's bad things and that's where a firewall comes in a firewalls job is to block anything that shouldn't come through or go out and only allow the good stuff. Now I'm hoping at this point, Some of you are probably going well Chuck.

I don't connect anything to a switch in my house, There's no cables anywhere. What are you talking about? Well, You're right for the most part, Most of things we use in our networks have no cables. That's why part of the CCNA you'll learn about Wireless, But where does it come in? Well, Here's how you would do it. Let's take Cameron's network, For example. I know that he has what's called a wireless access point often referred to as a whap, And this device is designed to I cast the network over airwaves airwaves at your phone can connect to now again many of you and your home network probably have one device That has a access point, Modem, Firewall, Router and switch and one device, Which is pretty amazing, Which might cause you to wonder.

Well, Why does Chuck and his brother have separate devices for all these functions? Well, First of all we're geeks a second. We do that because we are network engineers, And this is what you'll see when you walk into a company, Because a company t won't have one device that does all this companies will typically have a lot more people. A lot more things on their networks still need bigger switches, Bigger firewalls, Bigger routers, More access points, So t just need more and t need more features. If you're curious about what I have in my home networking, What my brother has I've got links below now again.

This will be a free CCNA course, CCNA being the cisco certified network associate, It is one of them, Probably the main IT certification you'll want to get on your path to becoming a network engineer. What's a network engineer? Well, What I just showed you the whole Call of Duty thing: bullets floating through space and go and getting to my brother across the internet. A network engineer makes all that stuff work. T design things like that.

T make sure those things stay up, That's their job and the CCNA will begin to teach you about those technologies. Understand them build them, How t work, And we looked at a few of those devices right now. Switches, Routers, Firewalls wireless access points will later look at network controllers and we're servers coming to play when we saw the Call of Duty server right, But will look a bit deeper into well really, What is a server and how does that affect our networks so free? What are you getting? I got to make sure you get your money's worth, So I will be doing one article a week, And this will be a complete course covering every topic in the CCNA now. A large reason I can do this for free is because of my sponsor boson boson software. If you've readed me before you know, I talk about them a lot.

T are by far the best labbing and practice exam software out there for CCNA and CCNP no joke, And t have other stuff too, But CCNA CCNP is what I've used them for and t're fantastic. That being said, I will be using them as my lab demonstration and I will be throwing up practice exam questions throughout these articles. Now real, Quick boson is having a sale right now, 25% off it's their summer sale. So if you wanna get boson now is the time I've got links below now, If you have questions this is my first article just getting started so I'll, Probably end up answering a lot of your questions, And you know I've been talking about the CCNA for A very long time on my youtube channel, So I probably have answered your question already if you look back through my articles, Otherwise I'm here to help leave a comment below. If you have any questions about this, It can be about .

How long is it gonna? Take to study for the CCNA, Will it help me get a job? Is this even worth it? I mean I've explored that I I had the CCNA. I got it to become a network engineer. It served me pretty well. I am stoked like legit excited to start this course. I can honestly say the CCNA changed.

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