Before the exam:

I am not specialized in the network industry. I contacted the network from 2018 to the on-site operation and maintenance desktop of a state-owned enterprise. I slowly started to contact the switch. In fact, I am very interested in the code. , I have always felt that network engineers are particularly awesome, using code to make the entire enterprise network run stably and provide a comfortable working environment. I am very longing for it.

I applied for classes on February 19, 2020. I have been studying until September, 2020. I kept learning every day and handing in homework. I finally finished all the courses from NA to IE. However, there has been no version, coupled with various uncertainties, the course of net work has been shelved.

At the time, I thought about it this way, because I didn’t specialize in this business and didn’t have any foundation, and I rarely touched the real machine. So I decided to continue to practice repeatedly after I had confirmed the environment. Ask for leave to prepare for the exam.

But in the process, if I encounter a typing error, "For example, the loopback port address of Rxx causes the IPv6 destination address to be unreachable, and the mpls troubleshooting command was forgotten at the time." I found myself unable to solve these problems, especially the sentence: "The most important thing is to look at the routing first, to see the routing direction of each area, and to know how the routing goes, then you can know what you should do."

After knocking on the version for less than two weeks, I probably added more than a dozen errors before and after. Every time I was really bald and I wanted to curse, but I did After more than a week, I found that I understood the routing distribution in the topology, and the troubleshooting ability in the version was greatly improved. If you have a weak foundation like me, I suggest that you can summarize all the show commands related to the phenomenon, and insist on reading all the phenomena in each version practice to form a memory, even if there is a problem in the exam, the phenomenon is different from when you practiced. It can be quickly sorted out.

SDN and automation are just one word, practice. In fact, the whole test preparation process is summarized. The one who is not good at the basics like me is practice. I have typed 103 times in the traditional part, about 45 times in SDN, and 40 times in automated practice. After asking for leave, during the day, I was watching the version video and doing EVE. In the evening, I started to knock on the tradition. The first two hours, slowly one and a half hours, the last 50 minutes, and the others every three hours. When I first remembered the order, I had to type it three times in three hours to break down a lot of my homework on the table. Later, I was afraid that the teacher looked at too many homework, so I just resumed it after the verification.

If you want to be less nervous during the afternoon of the exam, I suggest you form muscle memory, record your mistakes, especially the repeated ones, and eliminate them, and then you will gradually become your own unique Everyone who has experienced preparation for the exam understands that all the things you practice are your own. If others can't take it, you will remember it for the rest of your life. This is the only way to become a CCIE!

When we took the exam, the examiner’s original words said: “The exam is divided into a design part in the morning and a doo implementation part in the afternoon. Hours, these two hours are not counted in the afternoon, so if you don’t want to hand in the paper after the morning part, don’t click the END EXAM button to end the morning part of the exam.” This sentence means that the examiner clearly implies , You can allocate the time in the morning freely, which means you can hit the whiteboard. Of course, when the examiner is by your side, you shouldn’t be blatantly knocking. Isn’t it fun to find the examiner? The examiner has the right to directly deny your right to take the exam and cannot appeal. Please be careful. Please be more docile and docile during the exam. good. The examiner has been sitting at the end as if watching a small video, and reminded me and Le Ming that if we think there is a sound, we can put on the earphones provided by the examination room to eliminate the noise... well, return to the exam.

Now it’s a little easier, the Design is finished, and it’s time to start our most skilled implementation part. Well, when I did 1.2 requirement, when SW102, my mind was directly no spanning tree VLAN 2001. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I felt cold from head to toe at the time. Fortunately, I was mentally prepared. I looked at the original configuration from the sw101show configuration and found that the pre-configuration was restored after the spanning tree vlan 2001 was configured, okay? All this immediately, I was not nervous at all. I knocked on all the whiteboards in the morning, but in the afternoon I did it all by TAB, which was very fast. Checking is done during the process. After completing a question, show the configuration and compare the whiteboard, and then show the phenomenon, check the whiteboard check phenomenon. Checking the configuration is equivalent to having read it three times. After confirming a requirement, I will Write done on the whiteboard and save all the device configurations that have been moved to confirm that they have been checked. So after finishing 1.16, it went smoothly. All hosts got the addresses and pinged All route-map, prefix-list, BGP neighbors, BGP VPNV4 V6 neighbors, EIGRP neighbors, and OSPF neighbors were checked and confirmed to be correct, and then watched. Branch routing, after confirming that there is no mysterious, save all devices with peace of mind. This is the fourth inspection.

In the automation part, the requirements clearly point out that if you want to complete it on HOST31, don’t try to waste time on other HOST. HOST31 is connected to R31.

In addition, as a reminder, the objective questions that require 1.14/2.6/3.3 can be confirmed repeatedly. There is no such thing as the situation that the question in the morning will be gone. The specific situation is uncle Da. I will tell you again when I am about to take the exam.

After the test:

After the test, I felt that I was nervous enough during the test. After I came out, I would wait for the results to be more nervous. I heard that if the morning questions were wrong The results will come out soon. I am like a young girl waiting for her first love boyfriend, afraid of him not coming, and afraid of him coming in disorder! After attending Uncle Da's public class, I received an email from cisco at 10:30 in the evening. The most thief is that he does not report the result in the email. He will remind you that the test result has been updated. Please check it from the web. My hands were shaking when I opened the webpage. I don’t know why 5G was so slow that day. The webpage loading was so slow. The moment I finally saw the pass, I felt like I really wanted to cry and laugh. I was very excited, so I just gave it to me. The whole word will not be typed anymore. In the past 8 weeks, I basically didn't sleep once or twice for more than 6 hours. At that moment, I really wanted to lie down on the ground and just fall asleep! At this moment, all the efforts were made to achieve a positive result.

I can get the CCIE certificate because of the joint efforts of a group of people. This is not something I can do alone. I sincerely thank you all, friends who have not yet taken the exam, welcome to practice with me if you have any questions. I hope that the process of preparing for the exam is inherited, whether it is feelings, or inherited. Everyone can contribute selflessly in the church. Others have strengthened themselves at the same time. I think these are valuable assets. When you encounter problems that you cannot solve by yourself, you need to communicate with your friends more and understand different ideas and solutions to make rapid progress.

There is no way to go in vain in life, every step counts! I wish you all get your CCIE number as soon as possible. Through your efforts, the big family of Gan Yitang will get better and better!

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.------William James

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