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This book is the first actually written by a CCIE proctor so I was really interested more in the comments and de-briefs rather than the actual questions, eigrp interview questions ccie as there is real ambiguity with some of the wording in the lab.The layout is great, firstly the equipment list, diagrams & instructions then the scenario. eigrp interview questions ccie

What is the CCIE Colla LAB Exam Certification?

CCIE Colla LAB certifications are valid for 24 months. To maintain active status, every 24-months candidates have the flexibility and option to recertify it before the CCIE Colla LAB certification expiration date.

Also the practical part available is pretty tight, eigrp interview questions ccie basically even u spent a money for that u still need to buy more of his products. Its like buying car without the wheels and windows. But as I rated - its good eigrp interview questions ccie