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Question 1 

What protocol allows an engineer to back up 20 network router configurations globally while using the copy function?





 Correct Answer: D

 Question 2

 What are the two differences between optical-fiber cabling and copper cabling? (Choose two.)

 A. The data can pass through the cladding.

 B. A BNC connector is used for fiber connections.

 C. Fiber connects to physical interfaces using RJ-45 connections.

 D. Light is transmitted through the core of the fiber.

 E. The glass core component is encased in a cladding.

 Correct Answer: DE

 Question 3

Which two actions are performed by the Weighted Random Early Detection mechanism? (Choose two.)

 A. It can mitigate congestion by preventing the queue from filling up.

 B. It supports protocol discovery.

 C. It drops lower-priority packets before it drops higher-priority packets.

 D. It can identify different flows with a high level of granularity.

 E. It guarantees the delivery of high-priority packets.

 Correct Answer: AC

Question 4

 A Cisco lP phone receives untagged data traffic from an attached PC. Which action is taken by the phone?

 A. lt tags the traffic with the native VLAN.

 B. It tags the traffic with the default LAN.

 C. It allows the traffic to pass through unchanged.

 D. It drops the traffic

 Correct Answer: C


Question 5

 What event has occurred if a router sends a notice level message to a Syslog server?

 A. A TCP connection has been torn down.

 B. A certificate has expired.

 C. An ICMP connection has been built.

 D. An interface line has changed status.

 Correct Answer: D

 Question 6

 Two command sequences must be configured on a switch to establish a Layer 3 EtherChannel with an open-standard protocol? (Choose two.)

 A. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1

 channel-group 10 mode active

 B. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1

 channel-group ten-mode auto

 C. interface port-channel 10


 switchport mode trunk

 D. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1

 channel-group 10 mode on

 E. interface port-channel 10

 no switchport IP address

 Correct Answer: AE

 Question 7

A network engineer must create a diagram of a multivendor network. Which command must be configured on the Cisco devices so that the network’s topology can be mapped?

 A. Device(config)# lldp run

 B. Device(config)# cdp run

 C. Device(config-if)# cdp enable

 D. Device(config)# flow-sampler-map topology

 Correct Answer: A

 Question 8

 What is the primary purpose of a First Hop Redundancy Protocol?

 A. It allows a router to use bridge priorities to create multiple loop-free paths to a single destination.

 B. It reduces routing failures by allowing Layer 3 load balancing between OSPF neighbors with the same link metric.

 C. It reduces routing failures by allowing more than one router to represent itself as the default gateway of a network.

 D. It will enable directly connected neighbors to share configuration information.

 Correct Answer: C

 Question 9

 A User configured OSPF and advertised the Gigabit Ethernet interface in OSPF. By default, which type of OSPF network does this interface belong to?

 A. nonbroadcast

 B. point-to-multipoint

 C. point-to-point

 D. broadcast

 Correct Answer: D

Question 10

What action must be taken to assign a global unicast IPv6 address on an interface derived from the MAC address of that interface?

 A. explicitly assign a link-local address

 B. configure a stateful DHCPv6 server on the network

 C. enable SLAAC on an interface

 D. disable the EUl-64 bit process

 Correct Answer: C

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