I want to talk about Cisco, New certification that t just came Out with usually kind of like a DevOps type of thing, You know where you are learning, But not working and you're learning about some type of development - and you know people are confused. People were confused even with these certifications that t are putting out there with comptia a+ cisco. You know microsoft and that's why we are in there to, Like you, Know, Jobs culture. You should be on the target and do not get confused with these new certifications, And this excitement that people are putting out there. I am happy about that because it's a new thing.

People need to be updating. Their content to you know, Meet the standard these days and in the future, But don't worry about it right now. If you're going for that entry-level position that helped us position, You don't have to do anything with this. You probably will know about it, Because you need to be working with that certain person that is going to get these certification and get the jobs in the future. You may be working with them, But that's totally different thing that what you are you're doing in this platform and you're learning and your target should be helped us. You know entry-level positions, T don't do this type of stuff.

Now, I'm not discouraging you to not learn. I'm basically telling our members to not get confused, Because there are a lot of people that are complaining about. I was doing CCNA right now. I just passed mine. So what is that? What does that mean? You know this new certification just came out.

Cisco is really going hard on this, And what does that mean? You know what what will happen to my value of the certification, So this is where I want to tell our members that do not get confused with this type of you know excitement. I know it's good, You can learn about it, But you know you should be focused on what you need to learn. If you want to become the hottest person, You want to land that in two level, Job directory office, 365, Troubleshooting imaging you know, Learning about operating systems, Learning a little bit about cloud technology, Virtualizations real-world skills and that's what we do in our platform. So keep keep. Focusing on this keep focusing on your path that we have given to you and if you later, On going into the networking side, Of course, We are going to hit this area also later on.

Not now it just came out, So we will also touch up these different areas. That Cisco's are Cisco is getting you know getting focused on, But remember this is just Cisco, That's their product. You know t're going to try to sell everything. T'Re gonna say everything is covered by Cisco, Which is not true.

Cisco CCNP 300-510 Dumps

You know there are other vendors that we work together. You know we work everything together and that's what we do in our platform when you take our courses you're not only focusing on Cisco you're, Not only focusing on Microsoft, You're, Focusing on everything whatever requires for us to fix these issues, It doesn't matter what technology we Need to fix it, We need to find solutions and that's what we do in our courses. So that's what I wanted to make this quick article for our members to forget about that right now. Watch the articles and everything get excited and all that and stuff, But don't put your mind into it because it would.

This will be a worse thing for you to just oh there's a definite there. Is this certification available out there right now, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna start making this money and that's not gonna happen. You know, And t just came out with it, So forget about that new one. Just look at it, You know know what what's going on, Keep yourself up to date, But if you're focusing on landing the job again, You should be focusing on the courses that we have given you in the learning path.

That's if you're, Following our courses of real-world courses, Of course, If you're following some other certifications, Then great you can also do that. You can ask us questions and again you can. I just wanted to show that share this articles before, Because I was getting some messages. This new certification out there should I be doing that? no, You know that's not even close to help this.

It's not even close to entry-level jobs in IT. Let's develop me a networking mixture of things that that's what t want to do now. So if you want to learn more about you or hear more about this, I can make the article on the screen to explain more. Let me know what you think.

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