CCIE certification has a validity period. Is the CCIE certification valid for life for 10 times? The Internet industry is changing very fast. In order to allow CCIE to track new technologies in real time and maintain the Internet technology level of experts who hold ccie certificates, Cisco has to re-certify every two years since passing the CCIE certification.

< p> When candidates pass the CCIE written and laboratory exams, they must remember to re-certify. If re-authentication is not performed, the corresponding rights granted by cisco will be lost.

CCIE certification is divided into three states: active, suspended, and inactive

1. If you have not re-certified for more than two years, your CCIE status will become suspended, which means that your CCIE number is temporarily suspended, and you need to re-certify this year.
2. In the suspended state, you can reactivate your CCIE number by taking any CCIE written test, that is, It is said that within 3 years of passing the CCIE certification, the re-certification can be completed by taking any CCIE written test.
3. If you still haven't re-certified, then your CCIE status will become inactive from the fourth year. If you want to activate this CCIE number in the future, you need to take the LAB exam again. It will increase the time cost and economic cost.

CCIE Recertification Exam Failure

CCIE and CCDE Professionals who fail the qualifying or lab exam by the recertification deadline will be placed on hold and they will of employers will also be informed of this.
CCIE and CCDE professionals who are on hold will have one year to pass required exams or lab exams before their expert-level certification permanently expires.
The lapsed CCIE and CCDE professional will lose all benefits and must pass the CCIE Written and Lab Exam or CCDE Written and Practical Exam again.
Acquiring or recertifying CCIE, CCDE or CCAr will automatically extend the validity of your entry level, engineer, senior engineer, other expert level certification or specialization certification to the expiration date of the most recent CCIE, CCDE or CCAr certification obtained.

What's the matter with lifetime validity

Of course, it's not always this troublesome.
After you pass CCIE, to the 10th year, you will become CCIE Emeritus (but you can actually not apply to become CCIE Emeritus).
Some virtual benefits will not be mentioned. The biggest and only substantial benefit is that there is no need for endless re-certification. Instead, the status of CCIE Emeritus can be maintained by paying an annual fee every year.
There will be no need for endless exams in the future, and the cost of maintaining a valid CCIE status is also much lower (the CCIE written test for one subject is now $400, while the CCIE Emeritus status only requires an annual fee of $85, 170 for two years USD, much lower than the $400 for re-authentication).

How to get lifetime validity

When you become CCIE 9th year and 9th month, Cisco will send you an email telling you that you can apply to become CCIE Emeritus .
The email will notify you: The system shows that you have met the purchase conditions of Emeritus. You can purchase your Emeritus by logging in to the candidate location system: . The amount is $85, and each purchase is valid for one year. After purchase, your CCIE will no longer be in the 'Active' state, but will represent the 'Emeritus' state of a senior network engineer. You can re-certify your CCIE at any time by taking any CCIE written exam to enter the 'Active' state.
Follow the prompts to pay the fee.


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