This year, Cisco changed its certifications and really streamlined them at the associate level. You have three certifications now the ccna, Which was really streamlined and a lot of the materials were removed from the ccna and put back at the higher level. So the ccna is, Is really redesigned and, Like I said, A lot of the topics were removed and just down to the essentials that you need for the associate level, Then you have the cyber ops associate, Which is a cyber security certification and the cyber ops associates. On its own track and what's interesting, Is t're going to be releasing this cyber ops professional, So you can get the professional level certification for cyber security operations, So that's pretty cool and then another associate certification that I'm pretty interested in and the focus of these articles That I'm going to make right now is the devnet associate.

So the devnet associate deals with with network programmability network automation and virtualization. So it's pretty cool it's kind of like devops, But for networking. So it's pretty cool. Let's click on it and see a little bit more about it I'll scroll down there. It is the 200 901 dev, Asc, We'll click on that and then what I can do is scroll down and go to the exam topics. So if we look at the exam topics, You can see here that there is software development and design, Fifteen percent of the certification understanding and using apis cisco platforms and development, Which is 15 understanding using apis 20 application deployment and security, 15 infrastructure and automation, 20 and Network fundamentals: 15: now we can open these up and actually look at the various topics under each one.

So under software development design, Let's just grab a few things that stand out here. You need to learn the data formats of xml json and yaml and relate those to python data structures, So parsing the data format into python. So that's pretty interesting. You need to learn about development methods like agile development, Lean development, You need to know organizing code.

Let's say python is one of the focuses of the course into methods and functions as well as classes and modules and how that's used to organize your code. Common design patterns, Like model view controller and observer and then the advantages of version control systems like git and knowing how to use certain commands and git to clone a repository or add or remove a repository or do a commit or push or branch. A repository from one to another and merge files, Things like that branching merging things like that, So you'll need to know that stuff from the command line with git. Now, Let's we'll close that and we'll look at understanding and using apis.

So you need to know about rest apis which basically use http t're done over the web over the over the internet using http protocol and you need to know common usage patterns related to web hooks. So writing programs that will talk to other programs or writing programs that will talk to websites and things like that. So rest apis. You also need to know how to let's see here, You need to know the response codes, Http response codes.

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You need to know the basics of how http functions so that you can use rest apis. You need to know about apI authentication mechanisms like basic custom, Token and apI keys. You need to know about remote procedure, Calls along with rest, So different types of apI styles and look at this construct, A python script that calls a rest apI using the requests library.

So that's very specific. So that's interesting and that's 20 right there apis and rest apis, Then cisco platforms and development. So this is one that's very cisco centric, Because cisco has its own sdks python, Sdks that can be used to talk to cisco devices.

So you can see here, Cisco network management platforms and apis apis to talk to meraki, Cisco dna center acI all kinds of things. Let's see here, Cisco's compute management platforms, Collaboration platforms like webex teams, Webex security platforms that can have their own apis like to talk to firepower or ciscobrella or cisco threat grid. Things like that and then device level apis to use basically rest apis.

To talk to cisco, Routers and switches using ios xe or the nx os, So these are the operating systems on those cisco, Routers and switches. Also about a little bit, You need to know a little bit about devnet, Cisco devnet, Where there's all these free resources that people and things and learning tools at cisco, Devnet like that cisco devnet has its own sandbox code exchange learning labs. So all those things as well then concepts of model-driven programmability, So model-driven so model-driven programmability, Referring to yang rest, Conf and net conf in a cisco environment. Uh. Let's see here and let's see here, Construct code so write some code, Possibly here in python, To obtain a list of network devices using merakI manage spaces in webex teams and participants or obtain a list of clients and hosts seen on a network using merakI or Cisco dna center - so that's pretty interesting.

It's cisco's network, Programmability stuff very interesting, Also you've got application, Deployment and security. Let's take a look at what's here: concepts like edge computing cloud computing virtualization virtual machines describe the components for a cI cd pipeline, So continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline when you're developing applications a python unit test the contents of a docker file, Understanding, Not only virtualization, But containers like docker, Let's see here, Applying encryption, Let's see here, Security issues related to security, Protection, Encryption storage tools like firewalls, Dns, Load, Balancers and how t relate when you're deploying an application online security threats, The top oh wasp the top ten, The oau's Top ten threats, Such as cross-site scripting, Sql injections and requests forgeries you need to know it's it's a given that you must know a little bit about python to get the certification as well as linux notice. Here, There's utilize bash commands for managing files, Navigating through a directory and the file system environ knowing about environmental variables, Because you can maybe be using those in some of your scripts and identify the principles of devops practices. All right, We'll close, That we'll look at the last two sections: infrastructure and automation.

So more about automation and there's some interesting topics here as well, Such as network simulation tools like viral and pyats automation, Tools like ansible, Puppet chef and cisco nso identify the workflow being automated by a python script that uses cisco apis, Including once again aci, Meraki, Cisco dna center or resconf - and you can see here more about an ansible playbook, A bash script - that's automating, A workflow, Resconf or netconf queries. Yang models interpret a unified diff and you can see the code review process. .

So that's! This is pretty interesting and then the last section is probably the most basic. It's just on network fundamentals, It's only 15 of the certification exam and it you need to understand. Vlans mac addresses ip addresses routes, Subnet, Masks, Common networking components like switches and routers.

The difference between the management and control plane on a cisco device, Basic ip services like dhcp nat, Dns things like that common protocol, Port values, You'll need to know that ssh is on port 22 telnet port 23 http port 80, Https port 443 and so forth. Um connect connectivity issues since you're remotely managing or remotely automating. You need to know what could what hiccups could happen, And cause problems with communication like network address, Translation or ports being blocked, Or maybe there's a proxy or a vpn, Or something like that? That would need to be negotiated if you're going to be able to get through and manage those devices remotely using remote procedure calls and apis and the things that could block that and explain the impacts of network constraints on applications so the basically all of the Walls that an application has to go through to talk to a device over the internet or over the network. So that's pretty interesting, Cisco devnet. It has these different exam topics and it's a new certification from cisco .

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