With the reform of Cisco's certification system, the direction of Cisco's CCIE examination has also changed. In addition to adjustments to the additions, mergers and cancellations of various subjects, the test methods and test content have also been changed accordingly. It is a big change in more than two decades.

Among them, the biggest concern is the cancellation of the RS routing and switching direction that has been popular for more than two decades, and the introduction of the new direction EI enterprise infrastructure direction. RS CCIE has always been the first choice for most network engineers to obtain CCIE. Because routing and switching are the basis for network engineers to enter the industry, some zero-based novices think that CCIE is routing and switching, and they do not understand the benefits and advantages of other directions at the initial stage of entry.

Now that the RS is gone, what should I do? The CCIE for quick card registration is gone. Can I still use EI CCIE? Is the test good? Can I? Did you get a job after taking the exam?

Can you brush it? It’s easy to apply for a card, and EI can do it.

Can I do it? If you don’t have confidence, you can’t do anything. If you think you can do it, you can do it. Don’t worry if you have IE-LAB.

Can you find a job after completing the exam? It's easy to find. You get a lot of job opportunities when you get certification, not to mention new directions and new technologies, but to get high-quality jobs, you must study hard and have a solid theoretical foundation. Only copy homework and fail the interview, and the certificate will become meaningless.

What is CCIE EI? Is CCIE certification one of the directions? I haven't heard it before. I believe many network engineers will have such doubts. If you don't know CCIE EI, then you must know CCIE RS. The routing and switching direction of CCIE must be familiar to everyone. This CCIE EI is an upgraded version of the CCIE RS direction in the Cisco certification.

In June 2019, Cisco officially announced that it will release a new certification system starting on February 24, 2020. After the revision, the EI certification of the CCIE enterprise architecture will start to take the new CCIE in 2020.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure) is a new certification system architecture released by Cisco in the future to replace the certification name of CCIERS. Just look at the name and you think this certification is tailored for enterprises. In fact, before RS Yes, but after reading the outline, you may feel that the content involved in RS was not too comprehensive before. In addition, Cisco respects its own new technology. It is normal to delete some things. In the latest outline, the previous RS in the In the network infrastructure, commonly used technologies in campus (switch management, layer 2 protocol, vlan technology, STP, EtherChannel technology, etc.), routing concepts, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, multicast, these protocols frequently tested by RS before. Infrastructure accounts for 30% of the latest CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. After all, this is the foundation and core content of the exam. In terms of transmission technology and solutions, the content of MPLS is still retained. After all, it is also the core focus. In terms of infrastructure security and services, there are switch security (vacl, DHCPSnopping, dynamic ARP monitoring, etc.), system management (with SNMP point SSh Etc.), service quality, network services (FHRP, DHCP, PAT and other technologies) are still reserved.

The above content accounts for 60% of the CCIEEI's total outline content. These are all reserved before the RS. So what is the remaining 40%?

The technology that Cisco has accumulated for 6 years has finally changed in exchange for a new direction of development. You can see in the EI outline

There are 25% software-defined infrastructure, and 15% infrastructure automation and programmability. We don’t know the specific content. For the new certification, EveDumps has already begun to prepare.

But in the previous article, we also know that there will be 60% of RS content, after all, it is an upgraded version, so everyone can learn before the arrival of the new syllabus, and lay a good foundation for the RS content to welcome the new Certification system.

In general, CCIE EI is an upgrade in the direction of advanced routing and switching, and is an important part of the new Cisco certification system.

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