Welcome to Network Dojo! I'm Jeff Rensink, and in this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the essential aspects of Cisco's CCNP Enterprise Core Exam (350-401), commonly referred to as the Encore exam. Whether you're considering this certification for career advancement, re-certification, or aiming for the expert-level CCIE track, this overview will provide you with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Understanding the Encore Exam's Versatility

At its core, the Encore exam is a professional-level certification assessment. However, it holds unique significance beyond this classification. Here's why you should care about it:

CCNP Enterprise Certification: Achieving CCNP Enterprise certification requires passing two exams, and the Encore exam is one of them. It's a mandatory step toward this esteemed certification.

CCIE Qualification: If you aspire to take the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure or CCIE Enterprise Wireless lab exam, the Encore exam is the qualifying written test. It paves the way for scheduling the lab exam, marking a significant milestone in your journey.

Re-certification Tool: For individuals holding existing certifications, the Encore exam can serve as a potent re-certification tool. Scoring well on this exam can earn you 80 points, significantly contributing to re-certifying CCNA, CCNP, or even 80 out of the required 120 points for CCIE re-certification.

Key Details About the Encore Exam

Let's dive into some crucial details about the Encore exam:

Proctored Exam: The Encore exam is a proctored assessment, ensuring integrity in the certification process. You can choose to take it at a physical location or opt for the online proctored certification process.

Cost: The exam fee is $400 USD, which is consistent worldwide.

Duration: Candidates are allotted two hours to complete the exam.

Question Count: Cisco doesn't specify the exact number of questions, but it typically falls within the range of 100 to 105 questions.

Passing Score: While the passing score is not publicly disclosed, it's commonly estimated to be around 825 based on various sources.

Certification Validity: Once you pass the Encore exam, it remains valid for three years. During this period, you can utilize it to attain the CCNP Enterprise certification or schedule the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure or CCIE Enterprise Wireless lab exams.

Question Format: The Encore exam features non-interactive questions, meaning you won't be configuring or simulating network scenarios. The questions typically include multiple-choice (single and multiple answers) and drag-and-drop formats.

Exam Blueprint

To excel in the Encore exam, it's essential to understand its blueprint. Cisco provides a detailed outline of the topics covered in the exam. You can find this blueprint on the Cisco Learning Network website, specifically under the CCNP Enterprise certification section.

In our upcoming articles, we'll delve deeper into the various domains outlined in the blueprint, providing you with insights and tips to prepare effectively for each section.

Stay tuned as we navigate through the intricacies of the Encore exam, demystify its contents, and equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed.

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Exploring the Encore Exam Blueprint

As we continue our journey into understanding Cisco's CCNP Enterprise Core Exam (350-401), let's focus on a critical aspect: the exam blueprint. Delving into this blueprint is akin to holding a map to success in your hands. It provides a clear guide to the topics and skills you need to master.

Blueprint Breakdown

To access the Encore exam blueprint, you can visit the official Cisco Learning Network website and navigate to the CCNP Enterprise certification section. Once you're there, you'll find a treasure trove of information. Here's a closer look at what you'll discover:

Blueprint Sections: The blueprint divides the exam content into six overarching sections. These sections are not just random topics; they are meticulously designed to cover essential aspects of enterprise networking.

Weightings: Cisco assigns specific weightings to each section, indicating the relative importance of that section in the overall exam. Understanding these weightings can help you allocate your study time effectively. For example, if automation has a higher weighting, you'll want to dedicate more time to mastering this area.

Topics: Within each section, you'll find a list of individual topics. These topics delve into the specifics of what you'll be tested on. While we won't go through each topic here, it's essential to explore them in detail to grasp the breadth of knowledge required.

Cracking the Blueprint Code

Now, let's decipher some patterns within the blueprint that can provide insights into what to expect on the exam day.

Verbs Matter: As you peruse the blueprint, you'll notice that each topic begins with a verb. These verbs set the tone for what's expected of you in that particular section. For instance, "explain," "analyze," "differentiate," "configure," and "troubleshoot" are common verbs you'll encounter. These verbs reveal whether you need to possess general knowledge (explain, analyze) or hands-on skills (configure, troubleshoot) for that topic.

Configurations and Verifications: When you encounter verbs like "configure" and "verify," it's a clear indication that you'll be dealing with configurations and their verification. While you won't be configuring actual devices in the exam, you should be prepared to understand, analyze, and interpret configurations presented in the questions.

Problem Solving: The "troubleshoot" verb signals that you'll face scenarios where you need to identify issues and provide solutions. This often involves diagnosing network problems, so be ready to apply your troubleshooting skills.

Insights from My Exam Experience

I took the Encore exam in August 2021, which means I have some fresh insights to share. Here are some key observations:

Even Distribution: Cisco did a commendable job of distributing questions across the blueprint sections based on the weightings. You can expect to see a reasonably accurate percentage of questions in each high-level section.

Coverage of Topics: Within each section, Cisco ensured that there were questions addressing most of the individual topics. You won't find a lopsided distribution of questions, meaning nearly every topic in the blueprint gets its fair share of attention.

Ample Time: Time management isn't likely to be a concern for most test-takers. With a generous 220 minutes and a relatively low number of questions (around 100 to 105), you'll have over a minute per question on average. Since you won't be configuring devices, some questions will be quick to answer, balancing out those that require more analysis.

Common Issues: Like many Cisco exams, the Encore exam isn't without its flaws. Some questions could be improved for clarity and precision. However, this is a common occurrence in certification exams, and test-takers should be prepared for it.

As we delve deeper into preparing for the Encore exam, keep these insights in mind. Understanding the blueprint is your roadmap to success, and it's essential to adapt your study strategy accordingly.

In our upcoming articles, we'll explore specific topics within the blueprint, offering guidance and tips to help you prepare effectively.

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Navigating the Encore Exam: A Deeper Dive

In our exploration of Cisco's CCNP Enterprise Core Exam (350-401), we've previously delved into understanding the blueprint and decoding its intricacies. Now, let's journey further into the exam experience and tackle some thought-provoking aspects.

The Challenge of Interpretation

As we immerse ourselves in the exam's content, one aspect becomes apparent—the importance of interpretation. Sometimes, the depth of your knowledge can lead to nuanced perspectives. It's not uncommon to encounter questions where you find yourself thinking, "Well, they could have provided a bit more context for me to make an accurate choice."

In most cases, you can deduce what the question intends to assess, and you'll likely make the correct choice. Yet, occasionally, you'll come across questions that leave you pondering whether they could have been phrased better. This highlights the fine balance between testing knowledge and crafting questions that truly evaluate a candidate's grasp of the subject matter.

Contemplating the Automation Section

Section six of the Encore exam blueprint focuses on automation—a topic that sparks contemplation. It delves into areas such as Python scripts, JSON encoding, YANG APIs, and more. While these topics undeniably hold relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of networking, the question of their prominence on the exam arises.

The networking field has witnessed an increasing reliance on automation, with tools often simplifying complex tasks. Many network engineers find themselves utilizing pre-built automation solutions integrated into the tools they use daily. Crafting Python scripts or making specific API calls might not be a common part of their routine.

It's a testament to Cisco's strategic push towards automation skills across various certification tracks. While these skills certainly hold value, their prominence within the Encore exam blueprint might raise questions for some test-takers. The balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application remains a subject of debate.

Unveiling the Mystery of Repetition

Another intriguing aspect of the exam experience is the occasional repetition of questions on seemingly minor topics. You might encounter multiple questions on a specific subject that appears less critical compared to others. This redundancy might leave you wondering about the significance of these topics in the grand scheme of being a network engineer.

It's important to remember that question selection is a meticulous process, and the exam aims to assess a wide spectrum of knowledge. While some topics may appear more minor, they contribute to the comprehensive evaluation of your expertise. These seemingly repetitive questions could serve as subtle checkpoints to ensure your proficiency in a particular area.

Your perception of question importance might vary, but rest assured that these minor topics won't be the deciding factor in your exam outcome. Adequate preparation across the broader and more substantial subjects remains paramount.

Deciphering the 825 Score

The Encore exam utilizes an unusual scoring range, spanning from 300 to 1000. While this range might seem perplexing, what truly matters to test-takers is the percentage of correct answers required to pass. Based on my personal experience and insights, a low 70% correct rate appears to be a reasonable threshold for a passing score.

So, what does this mean in practical terms? It means that, in my experience, scoring slightly above 70% correct answers allowed me to pass the exam comfortably. This information can serve as a valuable reference point as you prepare for your own exam.

The exam presents numerous questions supported by diagrams, configurations, and verification outputs. Being adept at analyzing these resources is crucial to your success. Diagrams, while not overly complex, depict network topologies and routing protocols, and you'll often encounter configurations and verification outputs that demand interpretation.

In conclusion, while the Encore exam may pose some intriguing questions and challenges, a well-rounded understanding of the blueprint, a grasp of key concepts, and the ability to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios will stand you in good stead. Prepare diligently, hone your analytical skills, and embrace the nuances of the exam for a successful outcome.

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The Power of Hands-On Learning

As we delve deeper into the Encore exam, it's essential to recognize the value of hands-on experience. Approximately 50 to 60 percent of the questions you'll encounter can be significantly improved with practical familiarity. While it's possible to rely solely on theoretical knowledge gained from blogs and reading materials, there's a distinct advantage to rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on with the technologies covered in the exam.

Engaging with the subjects through practical application not only enhances your ability to answer questions effectively but also contributes to a richer learning experience. When you configure, verify, and work with real-world scenarios, you not only understand the concepts better but also develop a level of intuition about how things should work. This intuition is invaluable when facing questions that require critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.

So, while hands-on practice isn't an absolute necessity, it can be a game-changer in your preparation. It solidifies your understanding, making it easier to recall information during the exam and analyze scenarios effectively. Practical experience reinforces theoretical knowledge and ensures that you're well-equipped to tackle the diverse range of questions the Encore exam can throw at you.

Network Dojo: Your Study Companion

If you're considering taking the plunge and preparing for the CCNP Enterprise Core Exam, Network Dojo is here to support you on your journey. Our resources are designed to provide you with a comprehensive study experience, all in one place. No need to scour multiple sources for materials; we've got you covered.

Our offerings include a robust blog series that meticulously covers all the essential topics you need to master. These blogs serve as your guide through the intricacies of the exam blueprint. Additionally, we provide quizzes to reinforce your knowledge and gauge your progress.

For those seeking hands-on practice, we offer a workbook that guides you through practical exercises. This hands-on experience can be instrumental in reinforcing your understanding of key concepts and technologies.

To ensure that you make the most of these resources, we provide a structured study plan. You won't have to navigate your exam preparation journey alone; our plan will guide you on how to utilize the materials effectively.

And if you're looking for a sense of community, we have a dedicated chat server where you can connect with fellow learners. Whether you need answers to questions, study partners, or simply want to be part of a community of individuals sharing your goals, our chat server offers a supportive environment.

As we embark on this journey together, we extend our best wishes to you. If you're aiming for success in the CCNP Enterprise Core Exam, know that Network Dojo is here to assist you every step of the way. Good luck in your endeavors!


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