you want to work in IT and you can't decide if you want to go Cisco or Microsoft, Which is better stay tuned everybody. It's Cisco versus Microsoft, And this might be a very difficult question to a lot of you out there because you're trying to decide. Do I go down the Cisco path.

Do I start going down the Microsoft path and here's like the differences, You know, Cisco is obviously very network based and Microsoft is going to be very server based so Cisco you're going to be a network admin network engineer things like that: the Microsoft side that'll get You kind of into you know, System administration system, Engineer that type of thing, If that's kind of the two paths, As you see them, And that's kind of what you're trying to decide which path you want to go down and which certifications you should take or you're. Looking at school and t offer you know, Cisco, Certifications and Europe, You know and other choices, Microsoft, Certifications, Which is better. Today, I'm going to tell you, In my humble opinion, Which one is better and why so the answer I'm going to give you is something that I have thought about for a very very long time. I have been doing these articles for you for almost three years now I've worked in IT for 15 or so years.

Something like that. A long time. I'Ve been around the block, I've seen all of the different aspects of IT, And I am here to tell you that cisco is the route to take get Cisco certifications. If you are, You know tied between the two of them go cisco.

If you are still leaning more towards the server side of things, I would still tell you to go into school and get your Cisco certifications, Get your schooling in everything, Cisco, Related and here's. Why everything that you could possibly learn, Earn and want to know about the server side of things you will learn when you actually get out in the IP field? Those are all things that you can learn on your own free time. You can study them on your own.

You can build a server at home. You can go even download, Virtualbox and virtualize a server and learn how that works. You can sign up for IT Pro TV. Don'T forget to use that coupon code, ITC q30 get 30% off.

Sorry had to do it, But there are many ways to learn the server side of things. So, If you're looking to be a server administrator, Anything along that road, I would still, I honestly would steer away from that and go towards the Cisco route, Because you're going to be much more valuable, Much more valuable, Learning, The Cisco side of things and again, Here's. Why I say that part of it when you get out into the IT world and you are cisco certified? You know networking right. You know networking. Like the back of your hand, You are very employable for that and you will get jobs from that.

That's like part of that whole thing: cisco everybody likes that cisco stuff who shinies right, But when you want to be a system administrator - and you learn all this stuff on your own, You learn about the systems or you know a lot of times. I say you start off in helpdesk and you learn a vast majority of things about IT. You will be more valuable to a company.

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A system administrator who knows networking who can basically fill more gaps is more valuable than just a regular system, Administrator or just a regular network administrator. So you can go to school, Get your network credentials and get your you know, Cisco, Certifications! You can also get. You know your MCS, A your MCSE. You can do that in your free time and it's a lot easier. I think, In my opinion, To learn the Microsoft server side of things than it is to learn.

The networking side of networking is a little bit more difficult and that stuff you need to be a little hands-on, But you can also learn a lot if you are looking like, I said to go to school, It's going to be your route like, I said much More employable, Which is always a good thing, And you become more of something somebody that somebody is going to want to employ. If you are still trying to get into that system administrator portion of IT, You know you could still become a system admin and that's the great thing about IT. There is nothing stopping you from being, Basically, Whatever type of role you want to go into once you actually get your foot in the door, So you're more than likely going to start off as helpdesk, No matter what degrees and certifications that you have, Because that's going To be your best way to get your foot in the door and get experience and that's what everybody wants to see and then from there you just spiral to do whatever you want to do. You can literally just go out and do whatever you want from there, Because opportunities start opening up once you have experience and once you have certifications behind you and you know degrees behind you doors just open literally, T just start opening what t experience. So that's something to just keep in mind. This is my opinion, Don't take it literal for facts and you know take it to the bank and say that you know this is the the honest truth or whatever by any means.

I believe this to be true. I believe that this would be the best route for anybody to take nowadays. I believe that literally would get you further in today's world than anywhere else than then doing anything else because, Like I said you learn all this, You can learn all that server stuff Microsoft stuff on your own, Much much easier than the Cisco stuff. So I hope this kind of answers or helps answer shine, Some direction your way and making that decision, If not hit me up in the comments below more than happy to answer whatever I can for you.

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