Layers will think that Cisco Huawei certification is a profession, because everyone is talking about "Cisco Huawei certification" and not separately. In fact, it is Cisco certification and Huawei certification.

Many people may not know Cisco certification. When it comes to Huawei certification, everyone can understand two words. Yes, it is Huawei.

Huawei certification is launched by China's Huawei, and it is also an authoritative level in the industry.

It mainly includes HCNA: Huawei Certified Network Engineer, HCDA: Huawei Certified Data Communication Engineer, HCNP: Huawei Certified Network Senior Engineer, HCDP: Huawei Certified Data Communication Senior Engineer, HCIE: Huawei Certified Internet Expert and HCAr : Huawei Certified Architect, etc.

The Cisco certification was launched by Cisco-a well-known manufacturer in the global network field.

Cisco certification has CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, CCVP, CCIE (subdivided into routing and switching; voice; storage network; security; telecom operators) and other different levels , Various certifications with different content and different directions.

It is difficult to pass these certifications without professional and in-depth study and research. Regardless of whether it is Cisco certification or Huawei certification, those who learn proficiency will be rich and handsome.

What is the specific difference between the two such authoritative certifications? Which one is better? This has become a matter of great concern to students.

It is not new for the technical experts who have tested HCIE and CCIE to earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. The authority of Cisco certification is beyond doubt, and the salary is also rising.

Huawei certification relies on the rapid development momentum in China, and it has also caught up in the past few years. It has a trend of surpassing the "gold" content of Cisco certification. Of course, this kind of situation refers to domestic, if you want to develop abroad, CCIE is recommended.

Huawei certification is a relatively new certification compared to Cisco certification. Before designing the exam, Huawei carefully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the Cisco certification. Therefore, in terms of the design and difficulty of the exam, Huawei is better than Cisco. .

Candidates can gain a more in-depth and detailed technical understanding. If you want to get a Huawei certificate with back-to-back exam questions, it is impossible, because you cannot pass the interview part of the exam.

It is precisely because of too strict or even demanding high requirements that Cisco Huawei certification has become a nightmare for most IT professionals. Most people chose to give up, while a few chose to persist.

Some of them have succeeded, and some are on their way to success. Only by persisting will they see hope, right?

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the CCNP Security 300-715 SISE Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps.


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