This article we're going to talk about Cisco recertifications in the new certification program coming down to be exact of their and so let's dig in so what we going To talk about we're going to cover that all the changes for recertifications and the in the new program and there's changes at every level know that these rules are going to take effect on February 24. 2020. That's when the new program starts, Every single certification almost is changed all the way from CCNA again up to the CCIE, And this will this be able to cover all of the levels inside here, So it's valid towards anyone at any level in any track.

Alright, So before we talk about how to recertify the individual certifications, Let's first talk about continuing education credits depending on your level of certification. You may or may not be aware of what these are, So these have actually been around for a little while at the CCIE you see CIE level. I think, Maybe about a couple of years at this point, And so t are a way that at CCI ease have been able to recertify themselves without actually having to take exams, And so by doing different activities, You can earn credits. If you earned enough credits, You can recertify as an alternative method versus taking the classic sort of exam method. The cool thing about the new program is that continuing education credits are going to be valid at every single level of the certification spectrum.

All the way from the CCNA s still up to the CCIES, So with continuing education credits, I believe in the new program you still will have to enroll in this. Let's not just automatic kind of a thing is something there's a website that you can go to. You can sign up for this and then start tracking your activities which grant you continuing education credits, And this is also would be the place where you would cash in continuing education credits. So how do you earn these credits? It's kind of three main ways that we can earn.

Credits mainly is through education, So you can attend Cisco, Live and when you attend the training sessions at Cisco LA so it's not just going to Cisco live in general. You have to go Cisco, Live and sit in on different sessions, Be the regular sort of one thousand two thousand three hundred three thousand five thousand, So level classes things like tech, Toriel's, The the ones t actually have to pay. Additionally, To go to pretty much anything that we're going sitting and learning something that will probably grant you credits and you know usually the higher the level of session.

The more credits you can gets like a, I think, Like a 1000 series exam session is one point. Two thousand two point: three thousand three points: tech, Tutorials and stuff, Even more on top of that, But this website would gives you all that information inside there. Another way you can earn credits is through attending authorized, Cisco training courses. So if you attend most courses from a Cisco learning partner, Those courses will tend to offer you points. You know, Maybe thirty points.

Maybe forty points, Maybe fifty points for different types of courses and then kind of last way that I'm aware of is through authoring exam questions. So the people who have actually write questions for you know those written na NPI e type exams. You know people can sign up to be a part of that program and if t get enrolled and actually create questions that get placed into the exams, You can get points for authoring those questions as well, And so you can use any combination of these methods.

To start accumulating these continuing education credits, So you'll find again all certification levels we'll be able to leverage these continuing education credits to recertify themselves as an alternative or in addition to taking exams, Which is usually what most people are used to in terms of recertifying, Their Certifications, So you can use it for everything, So you can 100% of your recertification. Efforts can be solely through continuing education credits at the NP and at the IE levels. You can have part of it be continuing education, Continuing education, So you'll find out that we could say maybe I'll take one exam and cash in some continuing education.

Credit might be part of your recertification efforts, Or you can completely ignore continuing education credits and still just use exams pass exams, Get recertified that way and we'll look at the deets else for every single level as we move forward to it. But as we look at these different certification levels, We're going to talk about you know how many points do you need to recertify for the the conversation of points, One continuing education, Credit equals one point towards your recertification, Something new with the new program that we've had To deal with in the current continuing education world is that there will no longer be an administrative cost to cashing in your continuing education credits and so the what CCIE is. If t wanted to use them, T had to pay some money to cash them in and recertify. That will not be the case in the new program at any level of recertification. Another nice thing with the new program is that there will no longer be limitations on how many of your credits can be derived through Cisco, Live trainings again for the people who have been in the CCIE world and have been looking at the continuing education credits for CcI you recertification, You couldn't use. All of you can get all of your credits through Cisco life.


You can get a lot of them, But you had to do something somewhere else. In addition to Cisco life in the new program, There is no camp, And so if you went hog-wild at Cisco live, You could recertify completely through attending Cisco live training sessions. If you could pull that off and different levels of resources are a little bit easier to pull it off than others, So the nice thing about continuing education credits is that it just provides more options t're there. If you want to use them, If you want ignore them, You can ignore them. There's no requirement that you use these.

That's just one more way that it might make things easier to recertify all right. So when can you start accumulating these? So if you are currently prior to the program changeover, If you're, Currently a CCIE you, You can already register in the portal and start gaining continuing education credits and those credits will translate over into the new program. So you won't lose any credits there for people who are not CCIE yet so you're, Currently a CCNA, Currently a CCNP or you will be at the time of the program changeover. You can't start accumulating continuing at education credits until February 24.

As I speak right now, Those don't count another thing to note about credits. T are valid for up to three years from whence t were earned, And so again, If you go, If you, If you're a CCIE right now, You you're already accumulating your credits. If you went to Cisco live three years ago, Those credits are no longer valid, So it's from when you did the act that gave you the credit so like attending Cisco, Live attending a training course authoring. Those certification exam questions, T're good for three years, But if you don't use them in three years, T're lost. Also, When you do cash in continuing education credits to recertify you it's going to recertify, You know your certifications, Those credits are excess credits are then lost, And so let's say you are in the new program.

You'Re CCNP will find out. It cost 80 points to recertify. Your CCNP, If you gained a hundred credits, You know, Maybe you attended two training courses each of the more worth 50, So 50 plus 50. 100. You turn them in you only needed 80, But those extra 20 from what t said at Cisco live will go away. So you'll research, But then you start from a bank of zero for your next recertification period, At least that's what the way it was explained.

If we can believe the way that it was explained so, Ok, Now we can understand what continuing education credits are. It will make sense, As I start talking about all the different levels, So let's work our way from bottom to top CCNA recertification. If you are a CCNA in the new program, You can recertify either through continuing education credits or through passing exams. If you want to use continuing education credits, It takes 30, And this is over three years right, Because every certification is valid for three years. So you have three to get 30 points, Not too hard.

You can get 30 points by taking almost any Cisco authorized. Training course you can get 30 points in one year if you really went after it at Cisco lives. So it's pretty easy to recertify, Because again we got three years to do this so really easy to use continuing education credits for this. But you can also pass exams and recertify CCNA and it's kind of the same deal is what we were used to with the old program.

Pretty much any associate or higher level exam will recertify you. So you pass another CCNA exam, So you just retake the CCNA exam two or three years later, Boom recertified anything higher professional level, Concentration, Exam technology, Core exam, CCIE lab exam. Basically, It pass almost anything. Your CCNA is recertified. So when you get your CCNA its valid for three years from the date that you pass, The CCNA exam, You can recertify at any time within those three years.

Once you re certify, Your new expiration date is three years from the date of recertification, And so let's say I get my CCNA January 1. 2025 definitely way into the new program, So my my expiration would be January. 1. 2028. If I recertify one year later, My new recertification date, If I certified 2025, I recertified in 26, My new expiration date would be 29 so 3 years from the date of my recertification.

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If you do not recertify within that three-year time period, You lose your CCNA and you have to retake and repass the CCNA exam to get it back. So let's go a quick example here. You pass your CCNA on January 1, 2021.

So into the new program. Your expiration date would be January. 1, 2024. You recertify on August 20th, 2022, So really only about halfway through your certification cycle and now your new certification expiration date is August, 20, 2025, So, 3 years past the date of recertification we're not adding three years to the end of your original dates away.

We don't take our original date of January 1, 2024 and just add three years to make it 20 27 nope three years from the date of actual recertification and this process here we're just gonna repeat this over and over at every single level. So you'll get used to this pretty fast, Alright. So the next level that we have is something called a specialist you can it sort of in between a CCNA and a CCNP. You can pass sort of a CCNP level exam in isolation and you would get something called a specialist badge, And so that is a certification unto itself.

It has an expiration date. So, Let's talk about that, If you get a specialist certification, It's valid for three years, You have you need to achieve forty points to recertify, Either through using continuing education credits or by passing an exam. That's worth 40 plus points, And so here it's either/or, Because we there's no exam that we can pass. That gives us fewer than 40 points. Lower level certification exams aren't going to help us out here.

So I can't have like a take a CCNA exam and have that help me recertify, My specialist patch, That doesn't count so for t, Continued education credits or pass any one, Professional concentration exam, Which was an exam that would give you a specialist certification, Any any of Them doesn't have to be the same. One pass one technology core exam of any track, Doesn't matter which one or pass any CCIE lab exam any one of those three things would also recertify your specialist certification so like pretty much every single cert, It's valid for three years from the date that you passed. The the final exam that you need and in this case is just one exam one cert, So you pass your exam three years from that date is when it would expire. You can recertify at any time within those three years when you recertify your new date is three years from the date of recertification, And if you don't recertify in time, You lose your specialist cert. So let's say that you've got a specialist cert, Bypassing your en w LSD exam, Which is a wireless design, Professional level exam.

You pass it January, 1, 2021, Making expiration date. 20 January 20-24 you recertify in August 20, 2022. Your new date expiration, Is August, 20, 2025.

So same spiel all right up to the CCNP level. With this one now we're upping the points up to 80 points. Now that we need to recertify again, You could use continuing education credits for all 80 of those points. If you want, You could use just exams to recertify, But now we're starting to get into the scenario where you might have to take more than one exam to recertify your C C and P certification.

So a professional concentration level exam is worth 40 points each. So you could pass two of those 40 plus 40 80. You got here, 80 points. A technology. Core exam is worth 80, So you could just pass one exam if it was a technology core exam and that would recertify your entire CCNP or any CCIE lab would also recertify this as well, And we could also do a combination. So you know again one of those professional concentrations ands worth 40 points with so we'll use 40 points from one of those exams and then we could do 40.

Continuing education credits. Add those together. We get our 80 points, So we can start mixing together. Continuing education plus exams as yet another alternative or another option, To get us to that recertification, Total, So a very flexible program for sure in this new program, As with everything else, Once you initially get your CCNP, It's valid from three years from the date that you've Completed the final exam, So every CCNP takes two exams that you have to pass a core exam plus a concentration exam. You can take them in either order that you want, And so, Whichever exam you take.

Second, From the date, You pass that that's when you got your NP 3 years from that is what your expiration date. You can recertify it at any time within those three years, Once you recertify new expiration, Dates three years from the date of recertification. If you do not recertifying time, You lose your CCNP same deal, Consistency right or we're seeing consistent message across every single level of certification, So slightly different one.

Let's add a little flavor to this one. We still get our ccnp, So in this case enterprise on January 1, 2021. Our expiration is January 1, 2020. For three years. Let's say that that year you attend in June, Cisco live. You earn 23 continuing education credits next year.

You come back. Cisco live again, Earn 20 continuing to create credits, We got 43 continued education credits and then at some point you pass a professional concentration exam. I guess at some point meeting August 20, 20, 22, And you do whatever paperwork that you need to do to cash in those continuing education credits and you're new to CCNP. Expiration date is going to be August. 20. 2025.

So you renewed with a combination of continuing education plus a certification exam. Unfortunately, Those three extra credits are evidently going to be forfeit and you start from zero. You now have three more years to start collecting more continuing education credits or passing more exams all right. All the way to the top CCIE recertification here we need 120 points to get this again. You can do it all through continuing education credits, You can do it all through exams, But exams are different levels of points, So we might need to take multiple exams to do this.

So professional concentration exams. Forty points each. You could take three of those in recertify technology. Core exam is worth 80 points.

You could take that plus a concentration exam. Getting your 120 points there you could pass any CCIE lab exam would recertify any other CCIE that you currently held or one expert level certification exam. That is a expert level written exam and the only one of those left in the new program is the ççde.

The design expert written exam is still going to be around so if you pass that design written expert level exam, That would count and only take one exam at that point. So, Unless you're, Getting new c c, IES or new expert level, Certifications from the exam route, You're gonna have to take at least two exams, Assuming one of them as a core exam, Otherwise potentially up to three exams. If you only wanted to use exams to recertify, But again, We can combine continuing education and exams together. So we could say ADC at credits plus one professional concentration is am 40c credits plus two concentration exams are 40 secrets, Plus one technology core exam. As long as we get up to that 120 you're good to go CCIE valid for three years, No more suspended status. If people are familiar with the CCI you world were after two years of active, It would be one year of suspended and then you would lose it that's gone.

So it's just a straight three years of active, Which again is consistent with every other level of certification. That we have so every level certification, Three years active you need to recertify within those three years. You can recertify at any time once you re certify. Your new expiration date is three years from the date of recertification, Again, Consistency across the levels and if you don't recertify in time, You lose your CCIE.

So again, No more suspended status, Three years of active, But if you don't recertify in three years, It's gone. Final example: here you get a January 1 2021. Your expiration dates January 1, 20, 22 for Cisco live, Get 30 credits. You ten at an authorized training course, In March of 2020, Worth 50 C credits, 20, 22, So you've, Gotten 80 continued education credits.

You pass a professional concentration, Exam worth: 40, 30 plus 50 plus 40 hundred twenty. You do. The paperwork boom you've renewed your CCIE and now renewed it on August 20, 2020 to your new expiration date, August 20. 2025.

So hopefully that was pretty clear for everyone. But if you want more information, I have other articles on my youtube channel about this new program. I talked about the program in general, I talked about specifically the enterprise, The CCI Enterprise, Wireless and people who are considering going for that versus the existing wireless CCIE, So check those out.

I got good information if you want stuff straight from Cisco. Here are a couple of URLs: obviously you can't click on it, But if you, Google, Cisco recertification policy, You'll find the recertification policy information out there. If you, Google, Assist with continuing education credits, Sorry continuing education, You can get to the continuing education program site, Which is going to give you information all about those continuing education credits and how you earn things and all that great stuff. So don't take my word for it.

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