So what it is, Is it's continuing education credits. The thing you want to do is if you, Google, Cisco, Continuing education. You'll have a list that probably hits on something like this cisco, Continuing education program, Click that and it's going to take you to a site that looks like this, And this is where you're going to learn all about cisco's continuing education program and how to get re-certified Without taking an exam , So it tells you uh: well, If you're an associate or a specialist or a professional or a ccie or a ccde, A design expert, It tells you. This is how many ce credits that you need to recertify.

So this is the column. If you want to recertify using continuing education only this is how many credits you need. If you want to recertify using a combination of ce's plus exams, Then you'll want to do this over here.

But if you're like me, You're going to try to figure out any way to get re-certified without taking an exam. Now, Of course, You learn a ton when you prepare for those exams and so not trying to diminish the value of the pursuit of learning and preparing for those exams. You'Re still going to need to do that to stay sharp in your profession, But man when it comes down to the wire and I got to get recertified and I'm running out of time. I'm looking for any way possible to get re-certified and with the least amount of effort if I've got to get it done for to get my credentials for another three years.

It is nice that cisco has standardized on three years now across the board, Especially for you, Experts out there. I think that used to be two years. Now I'm going to use myself as an example, I needed to recertify a couple pro level certs, So I needed to get 80 continuing education credits when I got those 80 credits and I'll tell you how I did that in a moment I recertified both of My pro level search in the enterprise track, As well as the service provider track, And it also recertified my ccna that was below my seat, My two ccnps. So let's go back over here to this website and if you continue going down it tells you various things about getting going and recertifying with continuing education.

if you go further down, Tells you that there's eligible courses, There's items that you can author, As well as cisco, Live opportunities. All of these three things give you continuing education. If you go into the eligible courses, There's a portal here that shows you classes from cisco or their learning partners that you can go through to get some ces.

That way, You can also author items for some of their tests that t offer, Which actually sounds kind of cool, Just to be involved in authoring test material for these different levels of of tests. And so you can also get credits that way and here's how many t give you. If you want to learn more about that click here and then also cisco live off you an opportunity to get some continuing education credits as well. Some of these hands-on labs, Some of the devnet workshops and so you'll have to look through that to see if that's a way to gain some credits, Also for you all right, So the. The next thing I wanted to show you is, If you click on the portal here, For the eligible courses, It takes you to a site that looks like this ceciscocom, So that's continuingeducationciscocom, And so, When you're at this website, You can see the certificates that you have. You know the certifications that you've gotten and here's the ones that I've gotten, And it also has a item catalog here.

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So I want you to click on this item catalog when you click on that it'll. Take you to a website that looks like this, And these are a lot of the courses that and look there's pages of them. Here's page one page, Two page three page four and here's the credits that you can get for each one of these courses all right now. Some of these courses are free.

I think t might be free to customers. I can just tell you that the access that I have through my cco account - or I really don't remember how I logged into this. I think it might be my cco account, But when I log in some of these courses are free - and t I'm pretty sure, Are the ones that are delivered via this cisco, Digital learning, This book icon, And so when you click on them, You can learn More about how to take those all right I'll, I can tell you that I took one of a few of them that were worth six credits each and then I took one that was worth two credits each and then I think I took one that was Worth 12, So you'll have to dig into some of these other pages, Find the ones that you want to take, I'm pretty sure, There's a a quiz or an exam at the end of it right there online right up when you're taking it, You can take a Quiz, You might even be able to retake the quiz. If you don't get a passing grade, And so it's all right there you can get those credits right away. I think I did a few of them in one night and accumulated a bunch of continuing educat continuing education credits like that now after you take some of these courses, T give you a certificate and there's a certificate id that you're going to want to copy Or keep keep that certificate because in the bottom I think there's a certificate id whenever you complete that you get that certificate id you're going to need to go to the submit items tab right here and when you get to the submit items tab it's going to Look like this: it's going to look like this, So when you submit these items, You're going to need to fill in the appropriate information - and I think this is where you're going to need that certificate id now that got me about 30, Something continuing education credits and You might recall that I needed 80 to recertify my pro level certs, So I came across you know another one of those options through those training courses that are in that portal - something I was interested in - was learning a little bit more about devnet And so I looked at this devnet course and I found that t were offering it 50 off and .

You have a month to complete the course, And so it's either 99 or it's one, Cisco learning credit. So if you have access to cisco learning credits, I had a couple and I needed to spend them because t only last so long and t expire. So I used one cisco learning credit I bought this course.

You know - and I took my time for a little while, But you only have about a month to complete it. I think you can extend it - maybe not sure, But you'll have to look into that. Maybe with another learning credit you might be able to extend it.

So and then you need to take, I think, There's chapter quizzes or an exam at the end of it, But I think again, I think you can retake that exam and it's online . You can retake it if you don't pass it, And so that gave me, I think it was 48 credits. Is it in here somewhere sure is right. There look at that by completing this course.

You get 48 continuing education credits all right so that that's a pretty good deal right there and so between the. I think. It's 32 credits that I got for free on the learning portal and the 48 that I bought with one cisco learning credit which is 99.

I was able to get 80 credits and re-certify two pro certs and a ccna, So considering that that the exams themselves are a few hundred dollars. You know I only spent 99 bucks and that was a pretty good deal. Then, After a while, You can go to the cisco certification tracking system certmetricscom, And you can see that you have officially gotten recertified and the new expiration date is 2024 for those certifications that got recertified through the continuing education program. So I think it's a really great deal, I'm so glad cisco.

Did it and also juniper's, Been doing this, For, I think, A few years before cisco started doing it, I'm going to do another article look for another article later, If you're interested or if you need to re-certify your juniper, Certs and I'll talk about how to Do continuing education to get re-certified for those also . I hope that tech talk was helpful.

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