we'll be discussing on two major things like about a Cisco and different certification track, Cisco provides like CCNA, CCNP CCIE and what are the different specializations just an overview of all those things. So in a previous section, If you remember, We have discussed some of the networking devices like switches routers, Like switches, The device which provides a centralized location to connect all your computers in the land and when you talk about routers, Provide a wired connection and then firewalls At security device which provide secure, Secure access to the Internet or some of the wise devices like IP phones and then data center devices like some servers, While little devices like access points now, This core is a leading manufacturer of all these devices. Here now here, As you are doing, Some CCNA codes we'll be getting into some basic overview of cisco cisco is a manufacturer of all these devices.

Now Cisco provides some different certification tracks or content or syllabus for different levels of certifications like because Cisco majorly divides into 3 level certifications. The first one is associate level which we call as CCNA cisco certified network associate, And we have something called professional level certifications. We called as a CCNP, Cisco, Certified network professional, And then we got some expert level certifications like we got it as CCIE, Cisco, Certified internet work expert. Now these are the three major levels of certifications we can say now there are some entry level certification, Also, Which is something very less commonly. People will go with that one, Because the people, Whoever wants their career to start in the Cisco Networking, Probably t will start with CCNA and then the highest level of certification is CCI and above that there is something called architect level certification, But there's something a little Bit rare and validation member you have but majorly most of the people go with CCNA ccnp CCIE certification.

Now these are the different levels of certification. We can say now again these certifications. Again, We have different specialization tracks like we have something called routing switching track. If I just go with some overview, We've got something called routing and switching track, And then we have some CCNA in the routing switching CCNP in rounding. Switching and cgil order, Fitting, Not outting switching, Is a specialized track, Which majorly deals with a specialization in the land where we are dealing with our switches and then a specialization on the routers.

And then you can can advance your skills from CCNA routing, Switching and CCNP routing. Switching and if you want to go into the expert level, Certifications and we can go for CCIE - is our exiting now similar way. We got from other tracks like security, We have CCNA security, CCNP security and CGI security. Now this fax majorly focuses on implementing security in your LAN, As well as in the van like how we can protect our networks from the different types of attacks in the lab or in the van like securing your routers. And you will get introduced to some of the firewall devices. Cisco is a firewall you get into more into security specialization in this chart here.

So that's what CCNA ccnp CCI security covers. Again, We got some wide specialization now here it will be major recovering about VoIP voice. Over Internet Protocol starts from associate level to expert level certification, And then we got another track light service forward track now. Ccna, Sir, Is for a CC and P series border and CC is our exporter majorly deals with the different specific technologies used by the service borders like MPLS BGP technologies, And then it deals with the kind of networks which service borders is to provide wire connections or Or maintaining some internet connection from the language, So that is the separate track dedicated for that now there are many other tracks like describing into wireless tracks again in that Wireless again, Your CCNA ccnp CCIE modalities with wireless implementation.

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If you have in the land or in the one, What kind of different wireless technologies we use and how t work and what are the different devices used to set up those kind of records? Again, We got some some new kind of new new introduction, Like data center CCNA CCNP CCIE data center. Now this tracks, This less is mostly on the some virtualization and opting and some of the UCS servers used by Cisco high-end, Unified computing systems and some of the Nexus switching kind of stuff, So majorly how a data center is going to run. And what are the different, Different kinds of devices used in the data center environment, Where we restore a huge amount of information like storage area networks? Majorly deals with that kind of specialization.

Now again we got some other slides like we got from the design track. Ccd is CC design associate design professional in ççde. We call it as design expert so majorly on on designing kind of things. Now, Apart from that the or some new tracks added in the in the Cisco like because from service port operations. Now this is more into kind, Some kind of how the administration or runs more into that and then Cisco added a new track called CC collaboration, Which includes some of the voice technology.

We added with some article and then you got from CCNA. Article is also added in the new tracks now Cisco, Keep on updating these things like there might be some new tracks coming up or there might be some older tracks removed. It all depends again, Probably all this information you will find on the Cisco website. If you, If you will get, If you get into the like to know some more information, You can always visit a Cisco website.

You can go to Cisco com2 to find update information. Now, If you have a Cisco account, You can directly login to that. You can create a Cisco account if you go to training and events here, You will find different types of certifications like if you go with any one of this. If I just click on more here, You will find some different types of trainings and certifications.

Let me go back to training in certifications here now, When I click on this here, You can find the same snapshot of the diagram and, If you click on this any one of this course like, Let me go with CCNA routing, Switching the one which we are Going to cover here you'll find some overview, Some article on introduction. What exactly is in and out engine covers it's a certification program for entry-level engineers and what is the examination code like? The current is 200 200 120 or you can write in two papers like icnd1 icnd2, And you can get from more information like self-study materials, You'll find, And if you want to get into details on on exactly what it covers, You can review the exam topics. What exactly covers, And you can click on it? You need a Cisco account to login to that to use the complete contents. Now here you can see the complete content and you can do show details to verify what exactly covers now similar. We can go into any other tracks as well like Excel, Go to CCNA, One article or whatever it is, And you can find some more information on that.

What are the different examination codes and you can use the Silver's now. Let me just quickly summarize the information here, Narciso della certifications, We have some different certifications, Different track, Cisco provides and each and every track is going to be a specialized track. Again, Amazingly, You have three different tracks: CCNA, CCNP and expert level certifications. Now, Wherever you want to start your kit either you can start with any of the entry level, Certifications or normally. This is the first track which you have to Cove it now, Even if you are planning for any security specializations, Maybe you have a plan to do some CCNA CCNP security.

Let's take an example, But you have to start with CCNA routing, Switching and certification wise. Also, This is something a PD kills it for for any of the professional level or associate level certification, And then probably you can advance your skills to the next level depending upon your interest, But this is the first track you have to cover so normally I suggest You to go with the CCNP routing, Switching in knowledge as well, Something recommended again but certification, Wise, It's not compulsory, And then you can advance your skills either to expert level certification.

After getting some experience or some in-depth knowledge on that or you can move on to any one of the strands depending upon your interest or maybe on the market demand course or if you are working for any companies may be dependent using the correct track is totally Depends upon your experience or your interest, Or it can be a market demand or based on the requirements for whatever the company you are working for. .

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