welcome to EveDumps course for the CCT Data Center certification. In this course we're gonna be going through everything you need to learn in order to pass the newest Cisco, Certified Technician for Data Center and learn the related technologies.

This DCTECH exam is a completely new test and new certification, It's actually beneath the CCNA on the hierarchy, But it still has a bunch of really important knowledge. It focuses primarily on technician, Skills and the hardware and the physical things that you need to do in data center work. So why should you take the exam Data center technology isn't going anywhere? In my opinion, It's right up there with security and programmability as the best most future-oriented technologies in the network engineering space. I know that one of my biggest drivers, When I'm picking out a new area to learn, Is whether or not the technology is gonna continue to be important in the future, And data center definitely is one of those areas.

Another thing that this test has going for. It is that it focuses on hardware and hands-on skills. For me, This is a big advantage for the test, A lot of other we'll just call it like the more upper-level trainings. The higher certifications, Tend to focus on configuration and features. The fact that this test focuses on the hardware - it was one of the things that I wanted to learn, And the last thing I have here is that the exam is actually relatively cheap.

A lot of the exam prices for these certifications exams have gone through the roof recently And $125 for a Cisco test is pretty good, Especially since the training I'm putting together here is free, So feasibly you should be able to get this done pretty inexpensively. So next we are gonna. Look at the course outline that we're gonna use here. So here's the document that we have. I got this off of the Cisco Learning Network.

Cisco 300-410 Practice Questions

This is gonna, Be just kind of like an info doc about this specific test. So here you have the breakdown of what's on the test, And this is what we're gonna be using for this course blueprint. You could see for each of the sections it has. You know the percentage that it's taking it from, But we're just gonna go through the bullets one by one.

These enumerated bullets here, So you got the data center basics, A lot of just like general data center concepts here And then the second section's gonna get a lot into the hardware, So the UCS hardware components the Nexus and then the MDS switches. At the end there, And then this third section's gonna, Be a lot more about software operation. Software being USC Manager, You've got the CIMC stuff in there and then it goes into like NX-OS commands and features, And the fourth section's gonna be like what is the actual services that a technician is gonna perform, While in the data center - And it goes through a Wide variety of stuff and finishes up with troubleshooting at the end there, So here's my About Me page. I'Ve been working in networking for over 10 years. I'Ve worked for a mix of end customers and consultancies.

I am a double-CCIE in Collaboration and Route Switch. So not yet in the area of Data Center, But I am interested The reason that I did. The CCT Data Center is not for the credentials, But rather for the learning. I'Ve been studying data center technologies for years with higher-level training, But that mostly focuses on concept and features like VPC Fibre, Channel OTV, VXLAN ACI stuff.

Like that, I decided to do this certification because it focuses on the hardware and physical components of the data center And being somebody who never actually worked in a data center with my hands on a lot of this stuff. It's exactly what I needed to learn. So my goal with this is to give everybody everything t need to pass the test as well as truly understand the technology covered in the course Also. I'm probably gonna be doing this for other courses as well like the new CCNA and DevNet Associate.

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