I'm going to cover some Cisco certification updates recently for five days before On June 10th, There is a major change in the Cisco certifications, Probably I'm going to walk through with those updates here. So the basic updates includes like the changes. So all the changes, Whatever I'm going to discuss that comes into effect. You can still go with the existing certification programs, So I'll also talk about the migration as well.

So all the certification tracks and the levels are being affected because in general, Normally from Cisco, If there are any updates normally the updates will be coming on specific tracks. Like let's say we are talking about security, Let's say CCIE security. We may have some version 3 and there is an change to version 4. So whatever the updates that is going to impact only that particular track again, We have a CCNP security. Maybe a new paper is added, And maybe one of the old paper has been you know, Removed and with the new topics or basically you know, A few few topics will be added like like recently, The routing switching version changed from 50 to 51, So adding some Additional concepts so basically like those are the like minor changes, But the current cisco certification track has a major change and almost all the levels are being affected, Which means there is a change in all the all the tracks not only specific to individual tracks.

So again the main certifications remains the same. You still have the three levels of certifications like CCNA, Ccnp and CCI. You still have the same certification levels associate professional and expert level certifications. So so one more change is the seasonal level.

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The different tracks has been removed. It means now we used to originally have you know these are the tracks what we have till before February 24, So we normally have a track for routing switching cloud data centers securities - that is part of wireless design, So these all tracks are going to expire so Which means now, You will have only one seasonal track, And that is just CCNA. So I'll talk more on specifically contains what it's going to cover later on, So there's only one CCNA so which means, When you say CCNA, That's that justice is unit. So, No more routing, Switching or no more security.

So even you don't have a CCNA security exam now, So it's just decision it and of course you have a CCNA dermnet associate that is developers basically on a software development side. So I'll be talking more on that subtitling in so that is one of the major change, So there is no more CC specializations so, Which means, If you want to go with the security specializations, You can directly jump into the ccnp security where you don't need to Have any kind of prerequisite exams like we used to have CCNA security? That is no more required, So you are going to jump in directly to the CCNP security exams or any other. You know CCNP sorry, Spawner or CCNP datacenter like now, So that is one more one, More change. So the tracks, As I said, The tracks are being consolidated at the CCNP in the CCIE level.

So if you are looking for cicada specialization, You can directly jump into the ccnp security and then CCIE security. So there's no more CCNA level. Specializations again, One more change entry level see CNTs is no more it's going to retire so, Which means now you will know you. Will you don't need to really write like 101 zero there's a cc in the exam? So that's that's going to expire now.

The main reason is like CCNA is the basic level where everyone starts with, And even before that we have CC E and E, And in today's network you know everyone prefers to start with a CCNA. Basically, So there is no more entry-level certifications and this is going to retire after February and one more change. The recertification validity is going to be three years now. This is for all the certifications, Including CCIE as well like previously, We used to have three years of validity for CCNA CCNP certifications, And then you have two years every two years you have to write a written exam to recertify yourself for the CCIE, But now it's It's three years for all the certifications, So these are some of the major updates what you generally find in the availab date, I'll just talk more on individual options like what are the changes you have in the CCO name and what are the changes you have in The security track in the CCNP level or different tracks like service border or routing, Switching again, There's no routing switching track again.

So so again, One more major change is you don't have a routing, Switching tracks so basically routing switching. We consider this as a base track. Like we start with CCNA routing, Switching CCNP routing, Switching so there's no more routing switching track, We have a CCNA and then you move on to the enterprise ccnp again at the expert level you will have now. This CCNP Enterprise is going to cover infrastructure, The network infrastructure and the pass infrastructure on LAN, 1 and also some wireless and then, When you're moving to CCI again, You have a CCI in enterprise infrastructures for its specifically to wide network as well as Wireless. So you have in CCIE program here, So this is one major change, So there is no more adopting switching track again. So that's completely no replace with this enterprise infrastructure track.

Rest again, You will see the same thing. So which means now you have CCNA, So you'll have a CCNA, And then there are five CCNP level specializations you have CCNP Enterprise for white and wireless collaboration is same for wise VoIP or article data center is still the same means papers have been updated. So again, There are changes here, The papers. Still I'm going to talk more on that later. So now you have fine specializations, CCNP, Certifications, So total fine, So one collaboration data center security and service for ER and at the CCI level again you have six specializations again.

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