Welcome to our first course in ccnp 350 401 enterprise. Today we will start our first lesson with ccnp, Cisco enterprise or in core code number 350-401. This course will be complete in english language.

I have two cisco international certificates: it's ccna, Routing, Switching and also ccnp enterprise. My name is abdul mead and we will start this course. We will go ahead with every details, Step by steps. I have to say english language is not my native language, But I will try my best to clear everything, Very short, Very clear, To understand everyone better.

So when we sort our asses courses in the course, We have to choose or select a great reference. Our reference for studying this course will be cisco book, Ccnp cisco. How we can find this book. You can find this book from internet from different websites like . You can find it also from amazon.

You just write ccnp enterprise core or angular, 350. 401. You can order this book and we will go ahead with this book, A step by sip or you can find it from internet from another website and you can buy it. So I have already this book in my very online account it's for my private studying. So this is my book, The first lesson of this book that hears us description. How you can learn this book and our book will be from here.

Will we start with forwarding it's packet forwarding? We will start our lesson with the packet forwarding. That will be our first lesson in ccnp like this, We will go ahead. What we will learn on packet forwarding, What is on the book? We will go ahead step by step.

Please don't escape any state, Please don't miss any escape. If you learn this course, You will be 100 percent success in your ccnp and ccie enterprise core exam. Please study this book also step by steps. If the details of this boxes special, The keys that you will see on this book, It's it's very important to study these keys on this box.

As I said, Our first lesson will be with packet forwarding here it's a chapter, One packet forwarding and here's. This all descriptions and here's some ques here is some question that do you know about this, For example, For running of network traffic from layer to perspective uses what information layer to its mac address data link, Layer, Use destination, Mac address or like this. What type of network device helps reduce the size of collision? It's clear switch really like this.

CCNP 350-801 Questions

You can see this some question here and we will start with foundation topic network device communication. You you have already studied on ccna or scI model application presentation, Session transport network detailing physical. We will discuss again short about all of them and like this we will go ahead and step by step and here's topics. You must also sell.

All of these. I will describe every important thing, Every important lesson on this book very clearly, Very short, And I hope to enjoy everyone. It's like this. You need one almost one hour to study this sport pack it for one day everything is described on this box, For example for chapter one.

How long time I need yes chapter, One packet forwarding! This is three seconds and 15 minutes you need for all of them. Here, It's like how many minutes here or here like this, We will go ahead. Friends, I will all the time record the articles very short five to ten minutes. If sometimes our license will be very large. Our discussion will be continue.

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