It's good to know that Cisco Systems did not fully abandon their design certifications when t killed off the ccda and CCDP . So let's go ahead and examine the concentration exam that is n sled. This is how design is alive and well on the enterprise track, So I've invited Ronnie with me today to be challenged by some sample exam questions from the n, Sled exam and Ronnie just found out about this about three minutes ago. So there has been absolutely no preparation prior to this event.

Yes, I talked to the folks at Cisco certification and should you fail, Which is getting two or more of these questions wrong? You are going to have your encore certification revoked. So that's. What's on the line, My card and nothing else? Well, I thought we'd pick up here and start with the exam format, So I am just absolutely done guessing at what Cisco's gonna try and do is an exam format, Because I'm tired of being wrong. I thought for sure this format would involve some kind of like scenario based questions with a whole bunch of exhibits that we got to read through and then answer multiple choice.

No, It was a 60 question, 90 minute exam experience, Passing scores, Gonna be around 8:40, But read out. T can change that at any time without telling you and the question types were what we would get in a classic written exam. There was multiple choice. Some of those being, Of course, Multiple, Correct, Multiple choice: there was drag-and-drop, Not Dungeons and Dragons, There was exhibits and that was it very straightforward and I was so upset with Ronnie, Because Ronnie was so instrumental in me.

Getting this exam taken passed, He got everything set up for me because I was running late. Coming from a two hour drive Ronnie had everything set up for me at IT Pro TV to test, And I go in there and I test it. I'Ve done in literally like 20 minutes. I was done with this test so quickly. It was hysterical and I come out to make Ronnie die laughing because he certainly will think something has gone wrong and he's gone he's at lunch.

He still was a bit surprised when he came back from his lunch and I was done, But it wasn't nearly as great as I could have shocked him all right. So I know why most of you are here. You can't wait to take a look at some sample and sled certification, Exam questions and I've got them ready for you and Roddy is going to be challenged, As we stated by the way, Just a reminder on your topic domains. Here we've got advanced, Addressing and routing solutions, We've got advanced Enterprise, Campus networks, LANs network services and automation, Notice. Automation makes its way in everywhere in the enterprise track and the design exam of ends led is no exception. So that's where you will see your questions pulled from and with no further ado.

CCNP 350-601 Questions

We get to our first example. This is an example of a multiple choice and you've. Configured ipv4 and ipv6 addresses on all network interfaces in your enterprise. What ipv6 transition mechanism are you utilizing six to four translation boundaries, Overlay or dual stack? What do you say there? Ronnie Wong, I'm gonna have to go with D. Dual stack.

Ronnie is this is a classic Ronnie? Did you experience that moment of wait a minute? It can't be this easy. This has to be a trick. Is that what you were worried about? Yes, Absolutely! That's right, Yep, And that is definitely something in these new Cisco, Next-gen cert exams that you got to read out. For I mean that's what happens to be so many times, I'm like , Wait! A minute v4 and v6 addresses on all network interfaces.

That's dual stuck, But this cannot be that easy, And in this case that question was that easy. Now another question type that you will face is the multiple choice, Multiple correct and here's, The good news. I will always tell you the number of correct answers, So t don't do that really difficult style with this, Where t say choose all that apply. Those can be brutally difficult; instead, T make it easier for us and t will always say how many are correct.

So here we go, Ronnie is up to bat again what flexible security technologies of SD access permit you to implement our bat. Yes achieves. Two. The options are ice list, VX, LAN and CTS. What do you say? Ronnie all right, So lisp, +, VX LAN are part of SD access, But t're, Not security technology.

So, Even if I didn't know that I would probably end up with ice and cts what a great job now, I've got to say that in the actual exam environment that probably make this a little tougher and that would be to give like E and F options. Cuz, As Ronnie pointed out - and it was an accident - I didn't think of this - but - if, If you simply know that Lisp + VX LAN, Aren't strictly security technologies, You're well on your way, This was the identity service engine and the Cisco trust set solution which You can implement thanks to the identity service engine. Alright, We're gonna ramp up the level of difficulty a little bit here for Ronnie, Because I'm getting a little nervous that these are too easy examine the exhibit. So this is an exhibit style question.

The hosts in the Orlando location is receiving the multicast feed directly from the Tampa router. This is an example of what approach in PIM, Sparse mode, And then we have some options and Ronnie would be looking at an exhibit in the exam environment and know the exhibit wouldn't be as pretty as my example. But it would look something similar to this.

So Ronnie a couple clues here you can see that there's a RP up there in MiamI there's this s, Comma G, Entry between Orlando and Tampa. If we go back, It says that the Orlando location is getting the multicast feed directly from the Tampa router. Any idea on this one Ronnie, I know you have not gone super deep into multicast yet, But what do you think I'm gonna go with B StarD become a G super close. My friend super super close, That's right, So the star comma G would be. What would be utilized if we went through MiamI using the rendezvous point? That's right, So that star, Comma G would be on that shared tree through the rendezvous point.

What happened here Ronnie is pretty interesting. This is something that PIM, Sparse mode can do if it notices that the path through the rendezvous point is really not optimal, It can do what's called the shortest path tree switchover. So what has occurred in this case is a shortest path. Tree switchover and we are using an Eskimo GN tree, That's a source group entry or the preferred path, And so C is correct and Ronnie. You are really really close, And that is representative of the multicast questions I mean t were.

Definitely t were. T were pretty ramped up and we're gonna wrap up this examination with a look at a dragon drop, And this one is going to challenge us in the exam where we tend to have a lot of drag and drop, Such as kind of caters itself. Well to that so down the Left, We have policing, Marking, Shaping and congestion avoidance down the right. We have buffer wre d recolor and cos Ronnie.

What do you think here? Where does policing most likely go all right, So I'm gonna say that policing may have to go with three color. You are absolutely correct. One of the trickier ones we can have three color polices and the three color indicates that it will be able to send the traffic along. It can drop the traffic.

It can remark the traffic, So a three color policer is one that has three possible, So t can carry out great work. How about marking RanI class of service? That is class of service? That matches up great with that? Those are those three bits that lay or two that you can use to indicate the priority that the frame is supposed to receive shaping is the next option. What do you think RanI buffer, That's very good shaping is the kind gentle approach and it will buffer the excess traffic to try and save it later RanI did you notice I've been using kind of a gameshow voice, Entire ? I think you were rooting for someone.

So there we go and then that of course means congestion avoidance would be read, Weighted, Random, Something! Yes, That's right, Wrap, Read you gotta, Try and say it with W that is weighted, Random early detection. If that is great that's where the interface is going to avoid congestion by sacrificing packets, And it will use a weighting value when it does those sacrifices, So that it makes sure it does not toss some important packet. So you did a great job on that drag and drop. RanI and remember everybody really just you know, Take a few extra seconds with the Dragon drops, Because you would hate to make a mistake here.

There is no partial credit. If you don't get all of those options lined up properly, You get a goose egg, Otherwise known as a zero or that question well Ronnie. So much for hopping in here to studio five with very little to no notice and helping us out, As we have given our students and our wonderful EveDumps subscribers. Sled concentration, Exam on the enterprise track in the next level, Certifications from Cisco Systems.

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