Well today we are going to start the course for the new cisco certification itself of the certification, So that it is known we are going to try to develop the yellow of the agenda that is coming. That is coming. That is coming for the certification and in this first this article we are going to report what it is about, How this new cluster of certifications is focused to understand a little better, That there is an infographic to the different ones and the types of certification we Can we can give what is written in cisco more in the part d of development? If you realize that black, And with this green part and sexy sancor, What does it mean? Is the required exam to be able to access any of these certifications and sprays, Script and provider? That comes here, For example, Between a country in which no, Let's look for us is the 300, With 300 use, As then in the short record, And for example, It would be that cord once we have, It is the first specialty we can.

You can choose any of the specialties also with different codes online. Leave it in another part of the description so that the parties can see it since the required exam is in bed in 350 continents and the specialty shims, For example, In medical exams in 300. For example, That there is advanced holding and services that is in 400 stores, 10 415 with the functions for unequal, And so we don't have six specialties of the two we can take in itself before, As we all knew. This present is that I had to take the signal and in the one arranged in the top right margin, The ssp apart also in that requirement. Now there are references, You can say: 2007 p and without any inconvenience we will start with the cut.

For the other topic is that now it is the 92nd exam to be able to be certified. As before the interview change. Now we will only have the honor, And then we have any concentration test and we continue standing so that you also keep in mind that to go through this exam.

We also have the right to be able to give them laboratories to take. It follows that it is very important to be here to test this wise man carrying, And it is indicated simply because the country in this first cluster of articles in the string 300 there is a misfortune. . We want give him the agenda.

350-401 Dumps

We are going to go better to see what he has clear more in action. He does not have here and we can see in 100 g of seeing with the six points. It is well detailed, Epix, Santo, Picks and 90 more study. Then here it is so detailed and it needs virtualization and infrastructure assange is usually the maintenance that is needed: security, , Indignant, Automation of boats as soon as it is playing on the part t are the regular program and in python click here, Details point by point: On what you need to know, We cannot download this pdf that you, I will also put the description and this link, And you can see this little bit, That each item of clothing has that she more or less always comes. This has to be purified.

It is important to be reading this part a cisco for that to see what hardly anyone in the world has anymore now. What was in the course is to try to continue like this in the official sixth grade course. If the book we go in chorus or 300 euros, So advanced people be in that line, We are going to die. I want physics around 60 dollars without investment.

Well, Not 38 dollars really impressive. The article, If it is this list, This more or less what we are going to do in the course this herb will follow the topics that come there to be able to live the exam we are going to develop it in some of these questions. The questions with the theme that follows and to be able to reinforce what has been learned, The practice is very important to reinforce it.

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