We know this is the ccnp 350 401 enterprise core exam. I'Ve got my score report and I've got a full review for you right here. So that's right, Everybody! It's the 350-401 exam! You can expect about 102 questions.

So, Right away when I started the exam, I'm like oh whoa, 100 questions and then I thought oh wait a minute. This is the new ccie written qualification step for the enterprise ccie. So I'm like well that kind of makes sense. It is like a ccie written exam and the great news is there's a hundred and two questions. You'Ve got two hours and I didn't have any problem with time.

I I had probably 50 minutes to spare, So the questions are not going to take you a lot of time. There were many questions that I didn't know the answer to, And you know what to do when that occurs. You just do your educated guess and then move on to the question next question.

I was able to pass this exam with plenty of educated guests type opportunities, And let me just stress that that was because there were many of the topics that I have not yet prepped at all ronnie and I ronnie wong and I are teaching this encore At itpro tv and obviously the sections that we've taught I knew inside and out as far as the exam went, But for those topics that we haven't taught yet I didn't bother studying them like a fool before walking in the exam, But there was still plenty that I knew enough to pass this exam, So I'd like to emphasize that too. I don't think you're going to have time problems, And I would say that this is an easier test than many that I've seen from cisco systems. So, If you're, Studying with something like the it pro tv materials - and you are, You know, Taking your notes on our articles and you're you're, Really concentrating as you read those and reading some maybe multiple times if you're struggling with that topic, You're gonna be just fine. This is not a very difficult exam at all.

In my opinion, There were no simulations makes sense that there wouldn't be simulations if you have 102 questions and you've got two hours to solve those questions that you'd be in a lot of trouble. If there was a bunch of simulations there were drag and drop and there were your multiple choice and there were multiple choice and there were your choose, Multiple, Multiple choice, So you know the choose two choose three: t never did the tricky approach of choose all that Apply something else I would say about this exam was the fact that it was very adherent. It followed the blueprint, The exam objectives overall, Very well, So I was happy to see that there was one area.

CCNP 350-401 Questions

That was a surprise for me and that was vlan trunking protocol, So that wasn't explicitly called out in the exam objectives. But I was glad I knew vlan trunking protocol because I got a couple of questions on that which would have been very difficult. If I didn't know vtp inside and out, So we will be creating articles for you on vlan trunking protocol, As that was the big surprise topic out of the list of topics. But, As I said, I was very impressed with how well it stuck to the objectives by the way the passing score is required.

Passing score for right now is an 825. I do expect that to change so that'll, Probably creep up as more people run in and pass this exam like. I did on the first day right so whenever we say the number of questions with an exam - and we say the required passing score - understand that that could and will most likely change. One thing I'd like to suggest that if anyone from cisco is reading this article I'd like to suggest one word, Grammarly I've been seeing this more and more with cisco exams, And it's really annoying.

There are some grammatical issues with questions come on. You know just give grammarly licenses to your question authors. Please doesn't instill a lot of confidence when there's grammatical errors in the question like glaring ones that anyone should have caught so cisco.

Please subscribe to grammarly so . What else did I want to tell you about this exam? I'm just looking over my score report. It was interesting how many questions I would get on one topic right. So really, You know, Do your due diligence with studying, Because when you learn something like json right, When you learn how json is constructed and the syntax that you need for json, You could get potentially four or five of your hundred questions right.

So I keep I kept running into areas where boy I'm glad. I know that about ospf, Because it just helped me solve three questions. Glad I know that about json.

Just help me solve four questions. You know, So it's it's really interesting. How t're pulling you know randomly from this big pool of questions that I'm sure t have and you could have the luck of the draw where you get three or four that just require you to know one thing, And you know you get you get all that credit, The bad flip side of that, Of course, Is that if you don't know that topic, You really get punished so do due diligence do better than I did in studying and really study all the topics you don't want to be in the situation like me, Where you know I'm just like well geez, I just had to guess at quite a few of these questions, But as a ccie route switch, Which I am you know, I better pass this without studying. I guess, Since really the newest area, For us traditional route, Switch on this thing.

The the biggest new area is wireless, So sure enough, That's where I caught myself like ooh. I didn't know that an access point, A wireless lan controller - could do that. Let me do a best guess here, So I hope this review has been helpful to you, The encore exam, Nothing to fear and for those of you that are interested again, I mentioned it.

Ronnie wong and I are just creating articles that I'm so incredibly proud of and as you might guess, We will leave no stir stone unturned, Including vtp or any of the other. There was a couple of other like odds and ends that I was surprised t were testing on, But we'll make sure we have you covered in our encore show at itprotv thanks for joining me in this youtube. Article and I'll be back for more exam reviews of these new next level, Certification exams from cisco systems.

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