You know the ccnp 350 701 security is a huge commitment of time of resources of energy, And so before you dive into this, It's a good idea to kind of understand. What is this ccnp security all about? The goal of cisco is to help prepare people to become Cisco engineers ultimately and to master security services, Knowing how to choose the right appliance. The right solution, The right software to be able to troubleshoot things like firewalls, VPN intrusion, Detection systems, Intrusion prevention systems, As well as integrate solutions into their own networking environment, The right solution for their organization and their customers. Now there are some prerequisites for ccnp security which, By the way, Used to be known as ccnP. Those prerequisites are rather stringent.

You have to already have obtained the CCNA security which you can get by passing the iims exam. You can also have a valid existing, A ccs p certification, And that will get you there as well. You always want to make sure that you go to cisco's website to make sure that you look at the the most recent information about prerequisites and recertification. Now the ccnp security path is going to go for exams, There's 642 637 simply called secure and basically you're. Securing routers and switches.

You'Ve also got 642 617, Which is firewall and that's pretty self-explanatory. It's really the adaptive security appliance and all the features that go along with that there's also 642 647 and that's VPN, Which is basically virtual private networks in all the the many ways to deliver that solution in an organization then there's 640 26 27, Which is IPS Tricia prevention systems version 7. A lot of people ask me: you know if I'm going to go on this path. What should I take? First, There's no real cut and right answer for that for most people a good place to start.

Is this secure certification exam? It's a good place to start. If you cannot do that because of your schedule or there's the availability, But I would suggest jumping into the IPS and taking that one, Because it's a different operating system altogether. It's basically embedded linux and it's it starts with a a very fundamental look at IPS. That's another good place to start some of the questions that come up. You know how I find the right training for this. What is the best training solution? I want to recommend that you find a cisco certified instructor, Preferably somebody who's kind of been with this track from the beginning, Went through the train, The trainer program and, And I'm one of those instructors there's only a handful of us in North America.

CCNA 200-301 Exam Questions

Also. Are you being trained on the right hardware and software, For example? Are you using a integrated services, Router generation, 2 or g2, With at least, Let's say a 2921 platform with iOS 15? If you're, Not, You won't be well prepared for the exam or for some of the newer feature, If 'ok elements out there that cisco are providing security. Also, Do you have the right additional security licenses that you need on those routers and on those a sa appliances, And what about your sensor? Well, Probably at least a 4240 with the IPS iOS or operating system of 70? Also, Does your adaptive security appliance? Have the right version now the newest one is 83, But your examination will test you on 82.

So you want an a sa with 82 and preferably you want to have an AIP, SSM module installed and even better be to have a couple of them. So you can look at active, Active failover. We provide all of those things here in our courses and in our labs and all of the environments that you're going to be dealing with here with our training and also the last thing I want to focus on is: are you getting that right? Perfect combination of real-world preparation to prepare you for your IT career as well as certification, Preparation for the exam.

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