All right, You're reading cisco encore, But what should you be excited about? As we begin cisco encore find out next right here on it pro tv you're, Reading it pro tv all right? That's right! We'Re going to jump into well! Some of the different course topics that we'll be covering right here on our cisco encore show and here to help us is going to be mr anthony segura anthony welcome to the show. How are you doing thanks doing great ronnie, And you know you and I were looking at encore? We were looking at the official blueprint from cisco systems and the first thing ronnie and I needed to decide was: will we stick in the basic order that cisco put all these topics and you and I quickly decided you know what kudos cisco? You did a great job, It's in a like common sense order. It really is this: the the order that actually is laid out is great because it actually builds on whatever knowledge you may have actually obtained at the ccna level. For those of you that actually have done that or your related knowledge, It builds on everything that we need.

So by the end of the episode, We actually do move from well relatively easy topics, All the way to very difficult topics as well. So before we begin anthony , Let's make sure that we understand everybody. That's actually trying to do this course.

You should get a copy of the exam objectives from cisco itself. So you, If you go there and you do a search for exam 350-401, Just in your favorite search engine that will bring you to that particular topic and all you have to do is click on exam topics and then you'll see that there's a little link there And you can download that in a pdf format, If you want to, And that will actually give you kind of the blueprints that we'll be using as well so anthony in terms of laying it out. We know that we have six different topics that we'll be covering. So anthony what are those topics and which one are you really excited about ? In fact, Let's ronnie, If let's run through all six of them, If you don't mind, And and talk about what we're super excited about in each of the different section areas, We start out with some architecture and some design discussions, In fact, One of my articles that that that has had a lot of views is my .

This one goes out to the ccda. You know there is no longer a ccda and that's so sad, But we are going to be looking at some really important design topics right here in encore in many of the other, Shows that ronnie and I are going to put together for you. So when you talk about the architecture, The section one one of the things that I'm most excited about in that section is discussing some of the newer topologies like we always had the hierarchical model of the hierarchical cisco, The access layer, It's the three-tier model. But now we have things like spine leaf, Wow spine leaf. That's I haven't heard that before.

So I'm really excited about some of those new technologies, Even in the design area that we're going to discuss how about you in section one there's. No doubt one of the things that we want to talk about. Of course, Even in our design is the idea of redundancy, Something that maybe at ccna level or, If you're, Actually new to this, You might not think about the necessity of redundancy or high availability.

It's that topic that I'm really excited about, Because I think it finally introduces us to something: that's a real world concept that we always have to think about when it comes down to it. So things like the first top redundancy protocols using hsrp and vrp. I think that's actually one of the more exciting topics as well, Because I think it gives that real world impact that we might not think about if we're only learning about this from a book at times. All right now there's a bunch of other topics here, But we want to just kind of give you an overview of the ones that we're kind of super excited about as well so anthony.

What's our second section, So the second major section ronnie is virtualization. No don't adjust adjust your television set. This is not a vmware course with adam here at it pro tv. This is cisco .

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We have a virtualization section, And one of my favorite topics in this area is the network. Virtualization technologies like vxlan vxlan, Is another one of those tech areas of cisco, Where I think a lot of students are like. Could someone explain this to me in simple language? Vxlan is often described like it can do everything it's the ginsu knife for us. It solves every problem you've ever had so we're going to be taking a look at these overlay technologies as t're called in cisco's network virtualization, And that's one of the areas I'm excited about for sure and ronnie.

How about you in virtualization? Well, When it comes down to it, I'm kind of the meat and potatoes guy right. I really like the beginning of the virtualization technologies, Understanding the working of hypervisors understand the difference between layer, The the layer, One layer, Two type or type one type, Two hypervisors understanding. The virtualization techniques that made that and tell you the truth and that's one, The very fun things at the beginning of my teaching career that I really did kind of get involved into.

So I like those topics - and I like the very fact that we're gonna be reviewing it because it's so valuable for someone that doesn't have experience to be able to gain experience and how to actually structure systems like that. So in that topic, That's what I'm really looking forward to as well. That's awesome all right so anthony. What's our third topic that we'll be covering so the third major section is the infrastructure section, So this is kind of classically what you would expect to be here right.

This is switching and routing and topics like that . You know one of my favorite areas in here is border gateway protocol and for some of my friends out there, My peers, People that I've taught with or students that I've had for a long time, I'm sure you're thinking bgp anthony really. This was one of the areas when I was studying for my ccie that petrified me, This and multicast were just absolutely frightening to me and I've really learned to not only master those technologies, But now I love them. I went a full 180 degrees on that, So bgp in this section is going to be awesome, Ronnie, What's one of your favorite topics in this area. So, As I looked at the actual exam blueprints itself, Is the idea of ospf getting into it and more in depth and that layer of actually understanding all of those different things that we have to about it and the way that it actually works? That is a topic that I think is super well super deep more than I actually realized.

So, The more that I got into it, The more stuff that I realized that you could actually end up, Seeing and doing with it and then run learning a little bit more about things like redistribution. All that was actually kind of key to me, Really getting more involved and desiring to get my ccnp as well. Ronnie had picked rip right, You know, And I said dude just kidding rip is not in encore. Thank goodness so section four ronnie is network assurance assurance, .

So when we start talking about the idea of network assurance right, This is all the stuff that we want to make sure that we have access to being able to to understand monitoring . All the different things, And so andy in this particular topic, Is using those basic tools, Easy enough to actually think that there are tools out there. But when you start examining how much information you can get just from a router and some of the tools that are available, That to me is exciting because that's when I really started saying everything that we do has a consequence and we can see those things and Those actions happen, So that's probably one of the topics that I'm really excited about one of the things that fascinates me in the network assurance area with cisco systems is t provide now today an incredible number of tools that we can use to ensure the network Is performing the way we need it to and tools that can troubleshoot a sick network, But that actually kind of becomes a problem for us ronnie, Because now we have this incredible number of tools. Now it's a challenge which tool should we use so now? Not only do we have to know how to use all these tools, But it's like , What tools should we use right now? Should we do a show command? Should we debug should we trace? Should we do ipsla, Should we use some graphical user interface tool in dna center? So there's a lot of great material that we're going to look at in the network assurance section and ronnie's classic roddy's all about. Let's do some show commands and - and I agree with ronnie there's just so much you can do with the classic tool set, But we'll look at some of the more advanced tools too.

, My goodness, Security's not important today. Is it ronnie ? Who would have guessed that security would be as big as it is, And I don't see it actually going away. So I'm glad that this is a major topic inside of the actual encore show that we're doing - and here I like to to spend the time thinking about the idea of device access security so anthony. I always think that everybody wants to secure servers.

Everyone wants secure access to, Of course, Their files. Sometimes the idea of just securing access to the devices themselves is one of things we might overlook, Because it's so simple to do, And it's also so simple to overlook. So when we spend time and take a look at aaa, These are concepts I again bring from my ccna and go man. That was a harder topic for me to understand.

So I like getting in that and actually being able to hopefully go, Do a deeper dive on that . So we will be taking a look at again. The classics like aaa and device hardening in the security section, But we'll also be stepping it up and taking a deep look at some of the newer security technologies.

One of the technologies that I can't wait to talk to you about is trust sec, So trust sec is something that we are really seeing emphasize from cisco systems and we will deep dive it. And we will do demonstrations of trustsec in action so that you really get it. You could turn to a peer, That's never heard of trustsec and you could teach it to them. It's going to be one of our goals for you well ronnie. The section number six wraps it all up and it is automation, You're, Right, Automation, So in automation, Right.

This is probably the topic that, If you've come from the the background once again of the former ccna right, The older model - you didn't get a lot of this, So this is something that we're definitely going to need to dive into more and there's a lot of New technologies that are the buzzwords that are coming out, Ansible right docker, You hear all these different things so in understanding those types of orchestration tools, That's going to get you better prepared for the industry, So I'm excited about us actually doing a deep dive on that. And again, Our approach is going to be for you to get this. What a novel idea right after we teach it to you, You'll understand it, But and and something else that ronnie and I are going to be doing - is we're going to be demonstrating stuff. So, Let's we're going to fire up ansible and we're going to use ansible to do automation, We're not just going to talk about it with you, But ronnie.

You know, Automation and programmability have been emphasized so much by cisco. We almost become numb to it and we, Like don't even believe it's real and we're gonna, Make that real and we're gonna see just how you can leverage programmability and network automation to make your lives simpler, All right, Well anthony. Again for joining me. As we've also now gotten a good taste and a good overview of some of the different topics that we'll be covering as well as a lot more, So we just covered a few different topics, But there are many for us in this entire show. So you want to stick around for that, But signing off for it pro tv, I'm your host, Ronnie wong and I'm anthony sakura stay tuned right here for more of your ccnp encore show thank you for reading it pro tv, You

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