We are going to cover exactly who a CCNA is what t're worth to companies and some different careers which stem from having a CCNA certification. Let's first talk about what exactly the four letters CCNA can mean when t're put on your resume to be CCNA certified means you have an advanced knowledge in computer networking.

This knowledge includes the abilities to install configure, Operate and troubleshoot networks of 100 or smaller routers and network security are also addressed in the material because of a vast amount of information. A CCNA must be an expert in a network plus certification, Or at least the certification course is highly recommended, As a prerequisite to give you a strong base in the terminology and concepts of networking having CCNA certified on your resume, Will put you bound and leaps ahead Of a competitor who does not have it it's all about showcasing your skills on paper being CCNA certified may get you a chance for an interview that you wouldn't have had without it. Even if you are an extremely positioned computer networker, So you've decided this interests you, But how should you pursue it? First, You sign up for a bootcamp which can provide you all of the knowledge. You need to pass this exam by taking a certification training course.

You are ensured that you are learning only information that is relevant to material on the exam by authorized professional. This exam is provided by Cisco and the exam itself is proctored by Pearson. Vue. The exams number is six four: zero, Eight zero two. It is a 90-minute exam consisting of 45 to 55 questions. Once you have passed, The six four zero eight zero.

Two you are setting and choosing which career path you'd like to go down. There are tons of choices and opportunities for C CMAs. A lot may choose to go on to achieve more advanced certifications, While many may choose enter the job force has helped us support and field administrators when choosing what's has to go down after becoming certified. You naturally want to think about the monetary outcome. What is going to get you the most bang for your buck, Just having the CCNA credential could get you a salary increase of up to 20 percent.

If you are an entry-level network associate, You can enter the field at as low as thirty thousand dollars with the ability to make over one thousand dollars. Once experience has been gained. The average salary of someone currently in the field and holding this certification is eighty-seven thousand seven hundred ninety dollars, As in any industry, Salary, Is greatly influenced by the cost of living in the air you reside in.

We can use Georgia and New York State as an example of this. It is generally much cheaper to live in Georgia when compared to New York. This is seen in the average salary of CCA's living in these regions in Georgia. The salary ranges from thirty-eight thousand five hundred two hundred twelve thousand six hundred in New York salary started about forty four thousand and increased to about one hundred twenty three thousand.

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This is about a ten thousand dollar difference between states. The United States Army provides the lowest compensation for C CMAs, Starting at just thirty thousand dollars. Cisco Systems.

Inc is known to be one of the highest paying companies when working there RCC needs to make upwards of almost one hundred eighteen thousand dollars. Your salary will only continue to grow as you gain further credentials and experience in your chosen field. Speaking of career fields, Now the perfect time to further discuss some job types that may interest you, The first and maybe most used by CCNA professionals, Is the role of IP network administrator. As the network administrator, You are responsible for backing up network and making sure security systems are managed correctly. You also provide user supports members of an office in the areas of email systems and internet access.

Basically, You are the person who makes sure our company's computers are up and running correctly, And then people are using them are able to efficiently navigate their computer. Another career path you can choose to delve into is that of assistance. Engineer as a systems engineer, You will design and implement computer systems, Their software and their network. This can include defining very complex system requirements, Determining systems, Specifications and ensuring that system, Hardware and software are compatible and able to work well with each other.

The average salary of assistance engineer is eighty-eight thousand, Which is why I was listed by C CNN moneycom as the number one best job in America based on paid quality of life and growth potential similar to a systems engineer network engineers are responsible for installing, Maintaining and Supporting computer communication networks within an organization between separate organizations, Their goal is to ensure the smooth operation of communication networks in order to provide maximum performance and availability for their users. These users can include staff clients, Customers as well as suppliers on any given day. T can do anything from setting up new accounts to ensuring the IP computer equipment is up to par with state set standards and guidelines. As leadership is a strong asset of yours, You might want to set your sights on one day becoming an IT director. An IT director is hired to provide leadership, Vision and management to the IT department.

T can work with anyone from judges to office staff to make sure all IT needs are met. T serve on various committees on behalf of the IT department and act as a primary contact point with vendor an IT director is the mentor and spokesperson of the department, An IT director typically makes about $130000 a year. This continues to rise all the way up to a reported 180 mm many times. This does require a four-year college degree, But it is also attainable by hard work and showing commitment and dedication to a company.

There are so many more jobs and certifications that a CCNA can lead you into way too many to list in just one short presentation. By becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate, You are really investing in the future as an IT professional. You can increase your skills. A lot by taking the step if this is something that does interest you, We would love to help get you started at renée's. We offer elite subject matter experts in classes that are 70% hands-on and allow you to actually experiment and work with the same equipment like routers that you would be working with in the field.

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