In this article you're going to learn and you're going to find out to take your comptia network plus or your cisco, Ccna certification, Or maybe both and the way that I'm going to do. That I'm going to give you a few things for you to think about, I'm going to give you some options and obviously I'm going to go through some scenarios as well, And I'm going to tell you what would I do me if I have to go through My iet career all over again now that I know better this way. You are the one that decides what's the best option for you, Based on where you are right now and obviously based on you getting a good job an id sooner than later and a job is gonna pay.

You really well now the other thing that you're gonna learn in this article is about this one section and the resume, And that's a section of education and certifications. You know, I'm gonna tell you one thing that you better not do and that's basically what most people end up doing, But you will know better once you go through the entire article and what not to do on that one section - and this is not because I Think I know better but based on the advice and conversations that I had with it, Recruiters id account managers and id engineers and what do t think when t look at that one section and your resume. So this is obviously something that you don't want to miss. So this is what I'm going to ask you for you to go through the entire article for you to take notes and obviously, If any questions throughout the article make sure you go on the comments, And I will make sure that I get back to you.

So, Let's get right into this topic about which one is better and by the way no don't take both and I get it. I know many people may say you know why not you know just get your g tia, Never floss and then go and get your cisco ccna. No don't go based on what most people tell you to do. This is what I'm going to give you a few things for you to think about and for you to decide now really quick. As you know, If you want to get your cam tia, Never plus that's 348.

So for some people that maybe that's not a big deal for me back then going through my ieg career. That was a big deal, Because I didn't have that much money. I didn't have that many resources, And what would you take two when you only need one right? It doesn't make sense now compared to the cisco ccna. That's only 300 now combined both that's about 650 dollars, Not good. You might as well just take that one that you need now the difference between these two network plus.

Obviously, That's like the big picture of networking. You know how devices communicate to one another and for you to again get a big picture of you know. What's networking and the other thing that that network class you know teach you is about the business side of it, You know an ied and that's good now compared to the cisco ccna. This one is obviously more focused on cisco equipment. You know and how devices communicate to one another, But in a higher level and how you're gonna manage them, How you're gonna set them up, How you're gonna configure them troubleshoot and all those good things right again, Something for you to have in mind, But but I'm Gonna go through some questions in the next few minutes.

Questions for you to think about, And that's based on. Do you have a degree, Yes or no, Because depending on and that you may have to take you know both, Maybe one, Maybe the network class. Maybe that's the cna, But that's something that we're gonna go through now.

Are you new in iet, Because I know many people go and get some of the it replications out there, Even though t are new - and I t well, Are you one of them or not? Now are you are in your early 20s late, 20s under 30s 40s, Because, That matters? How old are you and you will know why in just a minute now the other one? Are you looking to get an entry-level job at 19 and I know you're, Probably thinking well come on, I'm new jorge. I really I'm looking in to get an id terrification. You know, Probably that's the reason why you know I'm going through this you're going through this article, And I know you're, Probably thinking that in order for you to start at your rib, And I think it obviously makes sense what many people say you need to get An entry-level job, You know that's how most start but don't be like most people, Because no, You do not need an entry-level job in order for you to start your it career. So have that in mind, Because I'm going to go through some scenarios based on this and I had a students, T were able to get their first job in 19 and that first job and I t was not an entry level job.

This is why I really need you for you to listen and for you to really process everything that I'm gonna go through from this point on now. Let's talk about that resume right, So here we have the education section and you probably see you know the high school, The bachelors, And now we have that certification, Section right and we have a few. We have the a plus, Never plus and the cisco system, And you probably you look at it and you'll, Be like oh, , . I don't see anything wrong with this.

Well, There are. There is a few things wrong with these two sections and I'm gonna go through that because I know you probably be like I was like. I don't see anything wrong with this until this guy and actually recluded to me, Look ! This is how you play the game, And this is what you need to do based on the resume, And this is bad.

It's not like a huge mistake, But it's bad. You can make this better and I'm going to show you how and that's what I'm going to go through at the end of the article, So kantia network class, If you have a degree or you are working on getting a bachelor's degree related to it. No, You do not need your kantia network class because obviously you're already learning about networking so no need for you to get your camtia network class, And I see many people t even though t have an associate's a bachelor's degree. T end up getting some of that.

Come tia tropications, One of them network class. Don'T do that. I do not care what other people may advise you to do. Don'T do that. I always go based on results. I always go based on facts and I have many students. T had a bachelor's degree.

T end up getting a good job at 19, Not an entry-level job without that network plus. So no need for this one when you have a degree or working on one now. What about? If you are new - and ninety do you know jorge I'm totally new like when you come to me and you ask you know how devices communicate what's an ip address you know like. I have no idea, I'm like that guy, That's completely new! Now, That's you. I will tell you this now for you to take that captia network plus, But study that topics study the content.

CCNP 300-715 Questions

That's exactly what I tell my students. Look if you're completely new, Let's take two to three weeks and let's go through this content, Let's go through and how the big picture you know on networking how devices really communicate to one another. You know what's an ip address: what's a mac address, What's a router, A layer, 2 switch a liga, 3 switch a server, A firewall, And all these other things related to networking. Yes, Take two three weeks for you to study the content, But not for you to take the exam. You do not need it and I get it.

I know you're, Probably thinking because that was me if I'm gonna take a few weeks to study the content. Why not just to get my network class because now you're gonna have to add another few weeks for you to be fully ready to take the exam number one and number two. You have to pay 348 dollars and you do not need to pay that in order for you to get your first job an idea for you to get your network plus. That's no need to now.

What about? If you are in your 40s 30s, Maybe in your 20s, Do you need it? Well, If you want an entry-level job - and I t yes take it, If you want an entry-level japan id take it now just keep in mind that an entry-level job is going to pay you about 40 to 55, 000, 40 to 55 000. Now, For many people t are in their 30s 40s. Obviously t have bills, T have to pay.

T probably already have a job not related to it. Obviously, But maybe like an job, T're, Probably earning 40. 50. 60. 000.

Now, If you go, Let's say that's you and you get your capital net worth plus you're gonna, Look into an entry level position and you're gonna probably get paid less off compared to how much are you earning right now and that's not good. Imagine a student come to me and say you know jorge, And that happens by the way I'm already earning 60 000. Obviously nothing to do with it, But I see everyone saying you know you need to get your comp tia traffications. You know and you have to get an entry-level job and I look at those entry-level jobs. T pay 40.

50. 000. Maybe some of them, Like you, Know, 60, But I'm already earning that much or I don't want to get paid less. So I don't know what to do, Because again, You are listening to the wrong people now, If you don't want to pay a job, T pay you this much. Then that means don't get an entry-level job and again and again you it's not necessary.

It's not required for you to start your iet career with an entry-level job. You can go on my youtube. Channel and you're gonna see a ton of articles and I teach you that and how to get a good job in ied, Not an entry-level job, And I get it. I know there are a lot of people that go and do that, But don't be like most people. This is the time for you to be.

Like you know, I'm gonna go through my it career in a way that I'm gonna completely differentiate myself from everyone else by doing the right things and not based on what everyone else is doing now. If you don't want an entry-level job, Then don't take that cup. Tia network plus, So this is the only time and the only time that I will advise someone to take it. If you are in your early 20s, You probably don't have that many bills to pay.

You probably live with your parents right and you want to like jorge like money. It's not like a big deal right now, Because I'm 21, I'm 22, Not a big deal. Yet you know, So that's fine, Get your comptia never plus and get your entry level job. I had two students so far: 18 year old, I'm like you want to go through this and get an entry level job. No, And one of them right now end up getting a good job in iet, Not an entry-level job. It it support engineer, Not an entry-level job 27 an hour and I get it it's not like 60k.

Yet but 18 year old, 27, An hour it took four months and then a good job, Not an entry-level job, And that makes a huge difference. The first job that you get in your iet career, Because entry-level jobs, Don't help you that much and I don't care what other people may say all you need the foundation and like bs, T have no idea exactly what that is, And don't you want a hyping. Japanese sooner than later, Well, That's not going to help with an entry-level job so again get your comp tia network plus. If you don't care about getting an entry-level job, Maybe because you are in your early 20s, You don't have that many bills to pay. It doesn't matter how much money you're going to end up learning earning in the next six months in the next year right so now under resume.

Let's take a look at that, So here let's go on an education. Do you see anything wrong with that? You probably no, I don't see anything wrong with that. What about in the next section certifications? Do you see anything wrong with that? Ah, No, I don't see anything wrong with that and that's probably how I have my resume. . So what's wrong! Well, Let's get back here a high school diploma high school diploma.

Do you need to put that you have a high school diploma when you have a bachelor's degree like? Are you kidding like really? Are you kidding me right now? Do you need to put your high school diploma when you have your bachelor's degree? Obviously not because if you have your bachelor's degree, That means that you have a high school diploma or you obd. So that's no need and that's one line. T do totally waste it, Because let me tell you something I have learned throughout my years.

It matters that what you have on that resume. You have what we call real estate there, That you can use in a way that you can sell and position yourself and right here, You're completely wasting a line and something that's not needed. Now we go here right, The same thing and a plus and never plus. That's no need for you to have them.

If you already have your cisco cna and many people want to brag about. , I have three four. You know six id certifications.

Well, I have a lot too, But the last few years, My last few jobs I never listed all of the it traffications I had. I knew better because someone told me I recruited don't do that like that's something, That's not that it's not gonna help you that much and really think about this jorge, And he that's the one he told me. Will you put you have a high school diploma when you already have a bachelor's and your resume and I'm like, But no well, That's the same thing here.

What would you put you have your network plus when you already have your cisco ccna again, You are wasting a line. Now this is not just one or two. There are many it recruiters. That said, When we look at this comptia certifications, We right away. Think of entry-level positions, So right here you are wasting two lines of real estate on your resume.

So you see these two can be combined and you having this no need for you to. In this case, Let's say a high school diploma right and no need for you to have any of that. Come theatrifications if you're gonna go for after a higher position, And this is why I tell my students. There is no need, And I do not care if you're completely new. I do not care if you don't have a bachelor's degree, An associate's, Not even a high school diploma. It doesn't matter there is a unique way and how to go through your iet career and for you to be able to get a good job at 90 in the next four months and making sure that that job is not an entry-level job.

But a good job. And I see that will pay you well and a job. That's gonna really help you for you to become more valuable to the it market that way, You're able to move up to an engineer level position. Sooner than later, You see so county and elbow plus need it. No, You do not need it, You don't go after the cisco ccna, And this is obviously obviously if and only if you are new 19. Yes, Go through the content of the network plus go through the topics, Get the big picture about networking, But then right away get into the cisco ccna and I have a article you can go in that description.

I have a article about the four jobs you can get when you get your cisco ccna, Even though that you are new in 19, So I really hope this helped and if you have any questions, Go in the comments and I make sure to get back to You and I get it once again. I know that many people are giving you some advice, Some guidance on what you do, What not to do, What to focus on what not to focus on, And I get it. I know the most inside the it community give you the advice of. If you are new, Get your cam tia a-plus, You come tia, Never plus, And I did that.

That's exactly how I started my iet career because I didn't know any better, But you see now that I have a high paying job and I see now that I have many students to get a good job and I did their first job, Not an entry-level job. Obviously, I'm here to tell you that you have better ways and how to get a good job, An idea without entry-level id traffications, Because it's not just based on the money that time. Why not just get a job in the next four months compared to many people.

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